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Tom: Great Report!/accommodations?/learning in everything/Fred Ouko

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Tom and All, Fantastic to read from you, and to know you arrived safely. And have met Sam and Maria already, complete with hugs!! We extend our own
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2007
      Hello Dear Tom and All,

      Fantastic to read from you, and to know you arrived safely. And have met Sam and Maria already, complete with hugs!! We extend our own to all of you there. Have you gotten the accommodations issue sorted out? I hope you are not having to be too far away.

      Your observation is so very true: that learning abounds in everything, including (and sometimes especially) the struggles and challenges. Why were you excluded from the luncheon? Because you did not register, have enough funds to pay, or other reason?

      On the issue of a meeting among you, I think now that you are hooking up with people, you all will find a spot to meet. I'm not sure that meeting at KCYP (Kibera) would be convenient or even appropriate in these circumstances, and Fred Ouko may not be going to the conference himself.

      However, for Sam especially, Fred is at kcyp2000@..., and I can try to get a phone # if need be. Tom, did Phylmon respond? Meeting at FPPS would be great in some respects, so hope he will. But perhaps right there at the conference venue would also be OK...this too will be a learning experience, haha!

      Will close with immense blessings and "uplift" of spirit, to help carry you through these next few days, and hope you get to write again...and learn a lot, haha!! Love, Janet

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      >From: tom ochuka <tomochuka@...>
      >Sent: May 28, 2007 6:25 AM
      >To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [learningfromeachother] Re: Networking for E-Learning Conference MONDAY 28
      >Dear Janet,
      > Thanks had agood bus ride to Nairobi..bieng the fisrt
      >to arrive at the venue at 7;30am..had to wait for 4hrs
      >before getting atag and aroom to participate.
      > I must say have hugged sam and Maria..who seems to so
      >happy to see me for th first time.
      > Thanks on ahigh note we are on ELEARNNG..I have
      >learnt that the lunch today am excluded and mus see
      > Indeed this is agreat learning time..
      >TOM OCHUKA.
      >--- Janet Feldman <kaippg@...> wrote:
      >> Dear Friends,
      >> Hope all of you are readying to attend the opening
      >> events of the E-Learning conference, and also that
      >> some of you will have access to email, so you may
      >> find this networking mail helpful. For those in
      >> Kenya and East Africa, you may yet meet at the East
      >> Africa Telecentre Leaders Forum.
      >> Please send a report to those of us who are only
      >> there in spirit, and have a wonderful time! All
      >> best wishes and "e-ffections", Janet (Feldman,
      >> kaippg@...)
      >> Networking for E-Learning in Africa Conference (May
      >> 28-30 Nairobi), and KenTel-hosted East Africa
      >> Telecentre Leaders Forum (EA-TLF, June 4-6, Ugunja
      >> ):
      >> From UK: (Pam McLean of CAWDnet, pam@..., says
      >> to keep a lookout for these participants)
      >> -Prof Tim Unwin (U. of London)
      >> -David Hollow (U. of London)
      >> From Italy:
      >> Maria Agnese Giraudo (a librarian working in a
      >> public research institute in Rome, member of an
      >> Italian NGO--MICHE http://www.michegermogli.org ,
      >> addressing education in Tanzania--and also working
      >> with Kenyan orgs on development projects):
      >> mariaagnesegiraudo@...
      >> From Nigeria:
      >> 'Gbenga Sesan (http://www.gbengasesan.com, African
      >> Youth ICT4D Network, Lagos Digital Village, Paradigm
      >> Initiative, AISI Youth Forum moderator):
      >> me@...
      >> From Tanzania: possible?
      >> Issa Isihaka (youth organizer linked with ARYI,
      >> GYCA, ISCA, Omidyar Network): isihaka@...
      >> From Malawi: possible?
      >> MacBain McKandawire (Exec Dir of YONECO,
      >> http://www.yoneco.org.mw, a health and development
      >> nonprofit focusing on youth and women):
      >> mhjmkandawire@...
      >> From Ghana:
      >> Kafui Prebbie (oneVillage Foundation Ghana,
      >> www.onevillagefoundation.org):
      >> kafui@...
      >> From Kenya:
      >> -Sam Kongere (Udogo Youth Group, Mbita):
      >> skongere@...
      >> -Tom Ochuka (Deaf Impact Ministry, Kisumu):
      >> tomochuka@...
      >> -Charles Ogada (Ugunja Community Resource Learning
      >> Centres, Ugunja; GRASSUP NOW partner, an ICTs/ODL
      >> consortium in W Kenya sponsored by The Commonwealth
      >> of Learning; current location for KenTel,
      >> www.ugunja.org and www.ken-tel.org ):
      >> charles.ogada@...
      >> -Cleopa Timon Otieno (Ugunja Community Resource
      >> Learning Centres and KenTel): timonson@...
      >> -Lucy Kimani (Exec Dir., Alunite Communications, a
      >> Kenyan ISP "by the people, for the people", Nairobi,
      >> and officer of the Kenyan Community Abroad in the
      >> USA): lkimani@...
      >> -Ken Chelimo (National Coordinator, KenTel Network,
      >> Nairobi): chelimoken@...
      >> -David Mutua (development specialist, CAWDnet
      >> Projects Coordinator, Nairobi,
      >> www.cawdnet-intro.blogspot.com):
      >> davenzainga@...
      >> Possibles:
      >> -George Onyango (co-founder of SIDAREC, a
      >> youth-focused development nonprofit, and
      >> nonprofit-management expert, Nairobi):
      >> geogias@...
      >> -Ken Odhiambo (Coordinator of oneVillage Foundation
      >> Kenya, and Conflict Resolution Coordinator, African
      >> Centre for Human Advocacy, Nairobi):
      >> kennedy@...
      >> -Fred Ouko (Director, Kibera Community Youth
      >> Programme, Nairobi, www.kcyp.net ):
      >> kcyp2000@...
      >> -Phylmon Odhiambo (Family Programmes Promotion
      >> Services and Community Health Awareness Puppeteers,
      >> Nairobi, and NAYA, or Network of Adolescents and
      >> Youth of Africa): phylmono@...
      >> -Francis Anyona (Exec Director, Ikonzo Musanda
      >> Self-Help Group, Busia and Nairobi, and partner,
      >> GRASSUP NOW coalition):
      >> francisanyona@...
      >> -James Ouko (Coordinator Kisumu Community Health
      >> Information Centres, WiRED Kenya/International,
      >> omondiouko@...
      >> -Wainaina Mungai (OneWorld Kenya, Made-in-Kenya
      >> Network, WSIS Youth Kenya, www.oneworld.net and
      >> www.madeinkenya.org): wainaina.mungai@...
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