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how or why accounting 2.0 involves malaria and all urgent empowerment crises

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  • christopher macrae
    peter, anyone who uses facebook and is interested in empowering healthcare or ending malaria - please consider joining this conversation Which global sectors
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2007
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      peter, anyone who uses facebook and is interested in empowering healthcare or ending malaria - please consider joining this conversation
      It will likely involve registering for the group within facebook that I am developing around how transparent, empowering and sustainable is global accounting
      Whilst writing I do urge anyone who connects on the net to consider joining facebook. It announced yesterday that it aims to be the open source internet tools space of all the social networking webs- and I believe its structure is most likely to achieve that of ones known to me or much more expert peers in ICT such as my many friends at http://24weeks.com who are debating the 24 missing structures of the internet that are needed before we can empower practical truth from community to community in the way we educate, invest, media create etc
      The two most interesting interviews soon to be published in our travel guide on crisis learning clarify how big a problem the professional middle has become in chnaging global aid and elarning down to empowering communities to rise and youth to mentor each other. Probably the greatest network for leading this transformation is being planted now in South Africa and aims to collaborate through all African cities as soon as hi-trust connections can be mapped in a way that simultaneoulsy bursts through corruption and other vested interests that have prevented open development
      chris macrae
      ps you may or may not enjoy the personal background that about 15 years ago peter and I were working at Coopers & Lyband one of the big 5 global accountants; I knew that globnal brand and media was increasing being valued sisatrously in such ways as American Idol case now appear to show; peter knew that accounting was increasingly being made into computer blackboxes instead of local up truth checking. Although halth, climate, and health as visble conseqeunces may seem to be the greatest threats to ever ending loss of transparency, we'll actually never get their while global media celebrates untruth and careless , and numbers measures do too
      there are so many links to put back in what often feels to me like a global jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces wrongly fused together- here's another missing piece in today -its raises a question of who can connect with these people assuming they are on empowerment's side so that our networks can find out what the 500 people meeting in Tanzania around paul Farmer's healthcare ideas and other ted.com initiatives network from next month on http://www.ted.com/index.php/pages/view/id/61
      From:"Emily Reynolds Pierce" < Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
      Hi Chris,    I came across your website in an internet search on Kibera.  I work for   Carolina for Kibera (CFK), an international non-profit that has been   operating in Kibera for nearly six years.  CFK is made up of a youth   sports program, a medical clinic serving 20,000 patients
       annually (in   partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,   CDC), the Binti Pamoja (Daughters United) Center for young women, and   Taka ni Pato (Trash is Cash) solid waste management program.  Our   management in Kibera is run entirely by Kenyans, and the staff and   volunteers in the U.S. work entirely on fundraising, not programming.    Salim Mohamed, CFK's Executive Director in Kibera, and one of our   Advisory Board members will be attending the TEDGlobal Conference this   year in Arusha, Tanzania.    I wanted to get in touch with you to find out more about your website.    There was so much text on it that I had trouble deciphering what   exactly it aimed to accomplish.  Who are its participants and what is   its mission?  Please do NOT post my inquiry to your website.    I look forward to hearing from you soon.    Very truly yours,  

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