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EU proposal for Public Domain thematic newtork?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Thank you to Paolo Pumilia for alerting me to the possibility of writing a proposal (due October 19, 2006) for the European Union programme eContentplus for
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2006
      Thank you to Paolo Pumilia for alerting me to the possibility of writing
      a proposal (due October 19, 2006) for the European Union programme
      eContentplus for making digital content more accessible, usable and

      I am attracted to pursue this opportunity. However, in 2005 they
      received 238 proposals and funded only 19. Also, they write, "It does
      not aim to create digital content or services. It aims to improve the
      usability and quality of existing digital content in specific contexts
      of use in order to create the conditions for the emergence of quality
      trans-European content-based services."

      What I'd like to get funded to do is to continue building our workflow
      system so that we could collect first-hand experiences and show how
      "existing digital content" can be validated in terms of them, and then
      have a path by which "technology evangelists" can grow their teams from
      a single enthusiast all the way to a giant movement, just as we have
      been discussing.

      I think I could write this as a nice proposal. And even if we don't win
      here, we might interest somebody else, such as a private company. But I
      don't think Minciu Sodas can be the lead organizer because we're running
      losses, we're small financially and my books aren't nicely organized. So
      we'd need an organization or business to be the lead organizer. Then we
      can have smaller businesses (including Helmut and ProWiki and others in
      Europe who might be interested) join in, too.

      One institution that comes to mind is WICC and we could focus on
      community currency and the "money mind".

      Another possibility might be Hewlett-Packard Bristol Labs, that would
      make us very strong, I think. And we could focus on sustainability and
      the semantic web which is along with metadata central to this programme.

      I think I'd like to apply for the "educational content" section. Yet
      this year in 2006 they will focus on formal education and NOT cover
      informal education. So that leaves us irrelevant.

      Instead, there is as Paolo notes a section on "6.1 A Thematic Network on
      public-domain and related issues". Thematic networks are funded up to
      100% for coordinating and implementing the network. Duration is up to 36
      months and 13-25 countries should be impacted and there should be .4 to
      1.0 million euros of funding.

      The Public Domain is core to our laboratory and our networks. What do we
      think of the thematic network described below? Perhaps the major goal of
      our network could be to show how the different alternatives to copyright
      are relevant in different domains. So, for example, Public Domain is
      vital for social networking. But what is good for software? What is good
      for recorded music? If we could come up with principles for realizing
      what is useful where that would be very helpful. Note that we'd probably
      be competing with one or more entries from Creative Commons. Although we
      might engage them to work together. But my suggested position would be
      that our job would be to look for suggested approaches for each kind of
      domain. And that could lead to defining rules for "our culture" and
      spreading them as broadly as possible.

      Also, I will check, perhaps Minciu Sodas could be the coordinator.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003


      > Issues and policies relating to the public domain are critical across
      > all the target areas covered by
      > the programme for facilitating the accessibility, use and exploitation
      > of digital content in general. In
      > 2006, eContentplus will fund a thematic network to examine the
      > situation in the European Union
      > and develop strategies and solutions for its Member States.
      > For the purposes of this work programme, public domain refers to
      > content that is not or no longer
      > protected by copyright, for example because it is not entitled to
      > copyright protection or the
      > copyright has been waived or has expired. Related issues that also
      > require examination include
      > material that is protected by copyright, but can be accessed and used
      > by all, e.g. through open
      > access, under Creative Commons licences or as orphan works, i.e. works
      > protected by copyright but
      > where it is impossible to identify the person entitled to exercise the
      > rights.
      > 6.1. A Thematic Network on public-domain and related issues
      > Objective:
      > A single network will be funded to spread awareness among content
      > stakeholders on the
      > importance of issues relating to the public domain for the usability
      > and accessibility of digital
      > content. It will identify the issues and develop strategies for
      > tackling them at European level.
      > Conditions:
      > In addition to the common requirements for Thematic Networks,
      > proposals should meet the
      > following conditions:

      • They should bring together experts from different backgrounds with an
      interest in the public
      domain, such as IPR experts, content owners (libraries and archives),
      representatives of the
      scientific community, end users and consumers.
      • Participants should represent the interests of actors from a
      sufficiently wide geographical area
      so as to have an impact at European level.
      Expected results:
      Digital stakeholders should understand and appreciate public domain
      issues and incorporate that
      understanding and appreciation in strategies and solutions for dealing
      with such issues at European

      Paolo Pumilia wrote:

      >A call for proposal has been issued within the econtentplus programme
      >Deadline for receipt of proposals is 19 October 2006.
      >One of the areas is
      >"a thematic network on public-domain and related issues"
      >If you are interested to make a prposal, the open culture association
      >would take part. So please let me know
      >Also, i think it would be intresting to make a proposal to produce high
      >quality documentation of open source applications, especially targeting
      >end-users in educational contexts.
      >Professionals in that sector woudl be needed, to work out a reliable plan.
      >Any suggestions about possible partners?
      >Thank you
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