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Wikis, collaborations. networking etc

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  • Pamela McLean
    Andrius recently posted about who is interested in what ref wikis etc. (My apologies for breaking the thread by not keeping the same subject line - this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2006
      Andrius recently posted about "who is interested in what" ref wikis etc.
      (My apologies for breaking the thread by not keeping the same subject
      line - this is done in haste)

      The posting below comes from SocialEdge. Some of the links may lead to
      things of interest..

      Charles Cameron's games look interesting too. I like his postings - and
      I have followed links to his games site - the games seem to and tie in
      with Andrius' interest in networks of ideas.

      There are some intriguing independent thinkers on Social Edge. I would
      like to spend more time there than I do.

      Jeff - I think you know Charles - is that right? Andrius do you know
      him - I think you should....

      If anyone finds these links lead to items of interest please share back
      with us what you learn from them.

      Wikis, VoIP, project management applications: How social entrepreneurs
      collaborate when in different locations

      Message #16 <http://www.socialedge.org/?13@@.3c49ca35/16>: Virtual
      Office Environments
      Posted by Mark Lewis on 05:48pm Sep 6, 2006 PST
      Executive Director; Strategic Business Intelligence Group

      SBIG's working on a website that should launch shortly, initially with a
      basic information access look to it, but with an installed
      infrastructure capable of supporting virtual office applicatoins like
      video conferencing and online meetings. It makes sense to build an
      online collaboration environment both for the organization's flexibility
      and in terms of enabling capacity, but also so that we can engage people
      outside our organizations in what we're working on. Eventually, I
      envision web based streaming media content, interactive smart documents
      that automatically adapt their structure, content or design as users
      needs change by scouring the web for updated information, dynamic
      meetings where white board applications embed multimedia files, web
      links, live video and even connections to other virtual office
      groups...the sky is the limit for these technologies. The larger
      problem is gaining wide organizational acceptance and facilitating an
      understanding about why we should remainon the leading edge of the
      technology even when it appears we don't always need to do so at the
      present time.

      Message #17 <http://www.socialedge.org/?13@@.3c49ca35/17>: More follow
      up thoughts
      Posted by plamb on 11:43pm Sep 6, 2006 PST
      Paul Lamb

      Dan: going back to your mention of facilitators I recently came across
      an interesting group and process for offline and online collaborations
      through meaning-filled conversations. Check out

      Charles: Great icebreaker games. Can't wait to try them out...

      Mark: good point about the challenge of gaing organization-wide
      acceptance of new collaboration tools and innovations. Getting the tools
      themselves is often the easy part. Training and integration into the
      work flow is a much harder challenge...

      Speaking of tools. Another interesting one for collaboration
      is http://www.wetpaint.com/. It is a do-it-yourself website that
      combines, blogs, wikis and social networking.

      Next I hope we can talk more about best practices and processes for
      virtual collaborations...

      But keep the questions and excellent comments coming!

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