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RE: [learningfromeachother] Re: Chris Macrae meet David Mutua

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  • asif.daya@trainerspod.com
    Samwel: Great to hear from you. What form of telemedicine are you planning on using? The bottleneck is the connectivity, isn t it? Yes, I see you have done a
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      Great to hear from you. What form of telemedicine are you planning on using? The bottleneck is the connectivity, isn’t it? Yes, I see you have done a lot of cataloging in Malaria. Have you done cataloging in the disease process? Have the teams you talk about that find bottlenecks in internet connectivity thought about using Wi-Max? It works over 300 Kms. Why did you chose Mbita as a centre? I believe you are right in having a centre in rural Kenya , I assume preferably near Lake Victoria just for co-ordinating these services. For the funding I will let my colleague in the School of Medicine at UoN know of your interests and expertise in Malaria. That will be very useful. Take Care.


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      I still admire your interests and hope you keep us Up dated. I know David Mutua as a friend and partner in ICT. I met them with Derrick Odemba at the Africa source II In Uganda and since then we are having the same focus in using Information Communication Technology for Development (CT4D) our focus is the rural Kenya and internet connection can eanhance telemedicine reporting.


      I can share my technology hub reference to adventure.The only practical solution to Kenya’s Economic, social and rural technology is improving education structure and elevate it to one that shall impart practical, research based survival skills which may not be provided by the government, but a role to be played by NGOs and CBOS.  This project aims to form a resource center server/terminal for marginalized communities living in Lake Victoria region of Nyanza Province , and involve in coordinating the services of Udogo to various parts of the country as a gateway to the planned resource centers in the other regions in the country.  Some of the projects already in operation include PLWHAS inventory cataloging, community empowerment in malaria control through Christian children Fund Rusinga Island ( Kenya ) community Malaria Surveillance Team (MSTs), Arts and crafts production and community literacy knowledge finding.  The challenge faced in these programmes is that of implementing ICT component a way to bridge the digital divides.  Udogo is extending the ICT aided education to all and across borders of our district Suba.  A central resource centers can be in Mbita.  This centre will take the role of coordinating all resource centers , through this innovative.


       I hope it will of interset to you and if you succeed in getting the fund, we can explore the focus together.



      Hi David:

      I too was born in Kenya as was my father. He was born in Eldoret and I in Nairobi where I grew up. We are Indians in ancestry. I have spent most of my adult life outside Kenya – visiting every 2-3 years or so. I now live in the USA .

      We have a train dedicated to our services that we use to go to the rural areas and we provide Health Education (it’s done yearly by the local hospitals) and general education (provided by UoN). We are interested in Malaria studies and Health Care. We would also like to set up internet services to hubs that are not more than 300 Kms away. This will be part of a grant. The grant will also set up telemedicine centers and improve local hospitals to have e-medicine capabilities. This is a multi-year project. Right now the grant is with UoN waiting for completion – I completed my part and the budget. (UoN – University of Nairobi – School of Medicine ). – waiting for their section to be completed – and yes – they are slow. We already got the Provosts approval letter. They just need to add their section. I am hoping we can exchange some practical ideas and get this to fruition.

      Take Care.

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      Thanks Pam'

      Dear Chris,
      I am Kenyan by birth, living in Nairobi but with a
      passion of making a difference in the rural areas, may
      be its because have spent some years there, I was born
      in Nairobi but later moved to a rural community where
      i schooled from primary upto secondary level thus

      My passsion is how ICT's can be a tool to make life in
      the rural communities better through access to
      sustainable and globally competitve human capacity
      building initiatives (access to quality education and
      training), timely and relevant information and
      economic empowernment projects.

      I also have interest in volunteering for development. .

      Pam and I met several years ago in Nigeria when i had
      just been recruited as a VSO volunteer placed at the
      local organisation that she was supporting, since then
      we have worked together in different projects in
      Nigeria and now are working on replicating some of
      these in Kenya .

      It will be my pleasure to know you better and your



      --- Pamela McLean <pam@...> wrote:

      > Chris and David I think you should know each other
      > better.
      > Chris I have mentioned David to you offlist. He is a
      > member of this
      > group but not able to read all the emails because
      > funds are limited and
      > therefore time online is similarly limited. However
      > I think it would be
      > useful for you two to chat a bit to discover
      > overlapping interests -
      > and for other people to get to know David better as
      > well.
      > David I encourage you to write something here of
      > what you are trying to
      > do - and who else you link with in this network.
      > People here are interested in what is happening in
      > Kenya - and here in
      > Andrius' lab people care about what you are trying
      > to do and how they
      > can help and encourage you. Please use this space
      > to "think out loud" .
      > Pam

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    • asif.daya@trainerspod.com
      I worked with him with the World Bank on the Diaspora planning with Prince - he is very knowledgeable:
      Message 2 of 8 , May 4, 2007

        I worked with him with the World Bank on the Diaspora planning with Prince – he is very knowledgeable:





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