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RE: [learningfromeachother] Peter Burgess - meet REIWA and also Asif

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  • asif.daya@trainerspod.com
    Pamela: As you may know my interest in the health care division is Malaria - so if you have any information on the ground about this esp. in Kenya, I would
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2007

      As you may know my interest in the health care division is Malaria - so if
      you have any information on the ground about this esp. in Kenya, I would
      appreciate it. I know Samwel works in that area and I will involve him in
      the Malaria grant I am applying for.

      You indicated below "top policy makers and funding agencies etc should be
      coming to our Webinars to discover what is really the situation in rural
      Africa and elsewhere." - I totally agree with you on this. This is one of
      the key ways we will get exposure and hopefully get funded. I don't think
      our work is recognized beyond our circles as much as it should be. Andrius
      has a useful network of people and the things that they do and that should
      be commended. You have your network of people and have worked a lot locally
      and through the webinar there. That should be recognized as very relevant
      work. So, I am hoping we can get the right people to visit the Webinars and
      learn what is it that we are doing or plan to do.


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      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Peter Burgess - meet REIWA and also Asif

      (was Re: [mendenyo] which of clintons hundreds of African Initiatives
      are best at empowering up?) -

      Hi Peter - this reply was written some time back but vanished into my
      drafts folder - it was intended for the list - it is too late for that
      now - but I do want you to join the Webinars so am just sending it
      personally, slightly updated.

      You have been in my thoughts recently - but my actions are lagging way
      behind my thoughts. Your posting mentioning that you are "aiming to
      build a solid portfolio of community initiatives around Africa" has
      triggered a little action ;-)

      I have been meaning to put you in touch with Caroline Ifeka and her NGO
      "REIWA" - Rural Empowerment Initiative In West Africa. www.reiwa-ng.org
      I was with her recently in River State where she is doing a project
      funded by the Australian High Commission. She made some passing comment
      about the funders positive response at discovering how far she made the
      money stretch. Given your interest in budgets and accountability I
      thought you might like more details and told her so. She's happy to give
      you more information.

      As well as financial accountability I have been thinking of you in
      connection with malaria - which has been mentioned on mendenyo and which
      I know is another strong interest of yours.

      I want to invite/persuade you to share your interests more widely
      through one or more Webinars using Elluminate. Asif Daya from
      Trainerspod has offered us the opportunity to invite people we know to
      present Webinars and I am hoping you might be interested (Please see
      Google for more info on Elluminate and Trainerspod and/or contact me on
      or offlist and I'll explain more). John Dada is already involved, and
      Prof Dick Heller, who is leader of our Health group.

      I'm involved too and have had a couple of goes at Webinars. I am
      enthusiastic about the potential of the technology and its ease of use.
      Trainerspod takes care of the techie admin side of things - and you can
      join in from home/work with your normal laptop or whatever. The
      participants can be anyone anywhere who has an Internet connection (with
      sound card) - even if its just a dial up connection. Asif gives the
      leader(s) a practice session first to get used to the feel of the things
      - and there are some good demos on the Elluminate site as well. You
      might like to check it out on May 3rd when Dick Hellar will be
      giving one (from the UK) - with contributions from John Dada at Fantsuam.

      Andrius is going to "chair" a number of Webinars - which is a way to get
      involved without having to lead a session and prepare a full
      presentation. These Webinars will be lively and interactive - inclusive,
      reaching across normal cultural barriers As we get increasingly
      competent regarding the dynamics of this kind of presentation/meeting we
      will become more confident at inviting distinguished guests to attend.
      Ultimately I think top policy makers and funding agencies etc should be
      coming to our Webinars to discover what is really the situation in
      rural Africa and elsewhere. I see it as a real chance to link top down
      and bottom up and to get more transparency and effective well informed
      action. (No more excuses for "top people" to stay in their little
      cliques / big conferences / city compounds failing to communicate with
      the people who are at the grassroots). Webinars can enable decision
      makers to learn about issues from the people who are experts because
      they are living the reality of the problems. That's my vision for it
      anyhow. I hope you will be able to get involved.


      Peter Burgess wrote:
      > Dear Colleagues
      > It is human nature to climb in any organizational structure ... and as
      > there is success, it appears that the successful naturally move UP in
      > the hierarchy.
      > But if you are trying to build something that is going to have some
      > durability, it is probably best to start from the bottom and let
      > things grow organically. The Community Centric Sustainable Development
      > (CCSD) paradigm is based on this.
      > The well known big organizations have strong headquarters operations
      > ... well known brand names, etc. To the extent that they do good work
      > it is usually in cooperation with local operations that know the local
      > conditions and make success in spite of the strategy coming from the top.
      > It is interesting to note how little information about the local
      > connections of the bigger well known organizations is is easily
      > accessible ... or accessible at all. I have had several cycles of
      > trying to get some easy cooperation with big organizations to learn
      > about the local partners, and to say the least, I have not been
      > encouraged. There are several reasons for this ... none of them good.
      > I would imagine that the large number of Clinton Global Initiative
      > connections is to do with the work that has been done in getting low
      > cost AIDS drugs into Africa ... I don't know for sure, but it fits
      > what I know.
      > I am still aiming to build a solid portfolio of community initiatives
      > around Africa ... any help with this will be very much appreciated.
      > Peter
      > On 4/19/07, *christopher macrae* <chris.macrae@ yahoo.co. uk
      > <mailto:chris.macrae@...>> wrote:
      > I expect some of you have already done this but may I just check?
      > if you go to this bookmark and search a particular country it
      > returns many intiatives funding specific types of projects that
      > appear to have connected around Clinton - eg 50+ in Kenya and 30+
      > in Tanzania
      > http://www.clintong lobalinitiative. org/NETCOMMUNITY
      > /Page.aspx?&pid=513&srcid=395
      > Do any of these initiatives actually connect with projects of
      > peoples on these lists; if so which of the cliton foundations and
      > project iniatives provide grassroots collaboration models that we
      > would most like to see more of
      > I am not sure what language you all use but I am particularly
      > interested in classifying funders into 2 lists:
      > the same old global aid down
      > versus the list I particularly want to monitor which involves
      > funders that are empowering local people to do the projects. If
      > you do look at a list relevant to your country just hearing one or
      > two examples that you feel are trying hardest for empowerment
      > would help me to search more and try and understand some of the
      > networking connections between american and other opinion leaders
      > of all of the above
      > chris macrae
      > my facebook http://www.facebook .com/profile. php?id=670257246
      > <http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670257246>
      > which online videos are doing most good for africa http://up200.
      > tv/_wsn/page12. html <http://up200.tv/_wsn/page12.html>
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