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Samwel and Andrius chat about endeavors, webinars, literacy, malaria

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    I share also with our Minciu Sodas laboratory s new group The Optimal Life. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theoptimallife/ Andrius ... Samwel Kongere and I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      I share also with our Minciu Sodas laboratory's new group The Optimal
      Life. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theoptimallife/ Andrius

      Samwel Kongere and I chatted today about his endeavors and how they
      relate to his deepest value ("Motivation through sacrifice") and his
      investigatory question ("How can i change our people's mind set to
      knowledge based approach?"). He is working on five endeavors and, in
      order of his personal interest, they are Literacy, ICT, Africa regional
      network, Malaria prevention, Community websites. So in our work with him
      we will try to focus especially on literacy and learning and see how the
      others can flow from that.

      Asif, I confirm that we will present a webinar on June 7th. Samwel will
      try to lead this from Tanzania and if he succeeds then I imagine this
      would be a great chance to meet our Tanzanian team. The subject will be
      what role literacy and learning might have in all of our many projects.
      I will help him structure it as a "meeting" like we did last time.

      Asif Daya, Jenny Watt, yes, thank you for organizing the webinars.
      Please know that I and our Minciu Sodas laboratory would be glad to
      organize one webinar per month. The dates can be fluid as far as we are
      concerned, but if you like July 19th (Pamela McLean), August 30th (if
      available), November 1st, December 13th. We will try to find an African
      leader for each one (such as Fred Kayiwa in Uganda, or Ken Owino or Tom
      Ochuka in Kenya, or Wendi Losha Bernadette in Cameroon, and others as
      available). And we will proceed with my help (or Pam's or Sasha's...)
      much as we did last time. And please be sure to organize these so that
      the content is in the Public Domain because that is essential for our
      lab's participation. Let's think how we might make these materials
      available in a wide variety of formats so they are reused.

      Pamela McLean, Yes, let us do weekly Skype calls and chat sessions.
      Fridays are a fine day for me, but I can only until just before 4:00 pm
      London time this Friday. So why don't we try it from 3:00pm to 4:00pm
      this Friday and others might stay longer if they like? Our chat website
      is: http://www.worknets.org/chat/ We've had quite a few wonderful chats
      already. I encourage us to enter any time and you can see at all of our
      websites http://www.ms.lt http://www.worknets.org
      http://www.myfoodstory.info the most recent line from the chat room.

      Chris Macrae, thank you for your wonderful letter on your investigations
      and endeavors!
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/learningfromeachother/message/520 You can
      see that you are quite prominent at our Endeavor page:
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Endeavors So far you have 10 endeavors!
      but Franz Nahrada has the most (15!), and Samwel Kongere has 6, Marcin
      Jakubowski 5, Ken Owino 3, Tom Ochuka 3, Fred Kayiwa 2, Fred Obala 2,
      Jeff Buderer 2, Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz 2, Roy Lent 2. It is good for
      a person to have many endeavors because it means that they are
      "working-in-parallel" with themselves and others, and likewise
      "learning-in-parallel", and they are integrating themselves in a
      well-rounded way, and are open to getting help from a wide variety of
      people and are relevant to them. Such people are also able to work at a
      more steady pace because they are able to look for solutions that are
      deeper and they are making progress on many levels.

      I will engage each of us to make sure that our endeavors are linked to
      our own personal accountability for our personal growth as centered in
      our own deepest values and our own investigatory questions. My chat with
      Samwel shows what I mean. It's rather simple but insists on clarity of
      purpose. Sasha Mrkailo and I are garnering our endeavors from our
      archive of letters and we're tagging them, too, as we go along. This
      helps us not forget our newcomers. But I want to make sure to chat with
      all of our leaders, including Markus Petz, Janet Feldman, Pamela McLean,
      Maria Agnese Giraudo, John Rogers, Benoit Couture, Jeff Buderer, Joy
      Tang, Steve Bosserman, James Ferguson, Greg Wolff, Tom Wayburn, Eluned
      Hurn, Richard Nelson, George Christian Jeyaraj, Christine Ax, Synnove
      Mathe, Shahrez Khan, Awne Abozant and to connect with potential leaders
      such as Marcin Jakubowski, Nancy Glock-Gruenich, Edward Cherlin, Terry
      Mace, Steve Bonzak. Please write about your endeavors - what you would
      like to accomplish or work on in the coming year? and how that relates
      to your deepest value in life, and to your investigatory questions (what
      you don't know but would like to know?)

      This will let us know how we might effectively apply our resources. We
      have participants with our money (typically 100 USD) on-the-ground
      awaiting instructions in Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda,
      India, Palestine, Serbia and Lithuania. We will be able to have many
      people work in small ways to help us on many projects. I want us to be
      serving our laboratory's most mature thinkers because later when we find
      new clients we will know what we care about and so will be able to meet
      them halfway regarding that. Otherwise we are lost!

      Oh yes, I will write about my own endeavors. And I encourage us to think
      about God's endeavors, too. How do we imagine them?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      20120 Andrius: Good morning! I am around and will be working on my
      philosophy and then on the recent changes in our wiki and our endeavors.
      28448 [System]: arsc_user_enter~~Samwel~~Free For All
      28459 Samwel: Hi Andrius
      28516 Samwel: i have been offline and trying to catch up with the dicussion
      30594 [System]: arsc_user_enter~~Andrius~~Free For All
      30609 [Andrius]: Hi Samwel I am showing my father how we use this chat
      30856 Samwel: I will be back in minutes
      32970 Andrius: Hi Samwel
      32987 Andrius: Here is my message: Excellent letters!
      32990 Samwel: You are with your Dad still great!
      32999 Andrius: And I have a lot of thoughts for coordinating our work.
      33006 Andrius: Also, I should be able to provide a video camera for use
      by those in your regional network.
      33012 Andrius: I imagine two months or so at a time in Rusinga Island,
      Nairobi, Kisumu and so on.
      33019 Andrius: Maybe we can have Agnese bring it to you.
      33025 Andrius: I can use the money that I need to spend on Video Bridges
      33032 Samwel: I see
      33037 Andrius: I need to think more about this but it is an idea I am
      thinking about.
      33045 Samwel: You think as me
      33047 Andrius: I need to spend 4000 euros for the Video Bridge project
      33056 Andrius: and I think that the video camera would cost 400 euros
      33057 Samwel: You can make Mari abring it
      33077 Andrius: and also good digital cameras that do short videos would
      cost 200 euros
      33088 Samwel: Oh it is cheap their then
      33096 Andrius: The video cameras for 400 euros can record directly onto
      DVD disks
      33105 Andrius: and so the disks can be easily copied with computers
      33106 Samwel: Here about 1000$
      33108 Andrius: and mailed
      33115 Samwel: yes
      33123 Andrius: Yes it would be good to think what you could do.
      33135 Andrius: For example, I could provide your network with a video
      33145 Andrius: and then you could all agree to help us with some kind of
      33146 Samwel: Idid one for a center here and it was good
      33152 Andrius: good!
      33170 Andrius: Yes please keep us posted on how you plan to spend your
      33181 Samwel: I think we were trying to bring our mind to shoe stories
      33183 Andrius: And then we can contribute our ideas how we might coordinate
      33199 Andrius: yes but first I want to make a plan for our endeavors
      33207 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Endeavors
      33208 Samwel: ok
      33214 Andrius: perhaps you can write about all of your endeavors
      33218 Andrius: and also other people in Kenya
      33229 Andrius: including your colleagues on Rusinga Island
      33232 Samwel: Like the porjects and alleh
      33240 Andrius: If we list all the endeavors then we can overlap them all.
      33248 Andrius: And be very effective.
      33259 Samwel: i see
      33263 Andrius: Also it is very important to keep thinking about our
      Investigatory Questions
      33273 Andrius: because that is how we know which Endeavors are very
      33279 Andrius: And our Deepest Values too.
      33296 Andrius: Because it is very easy for people to make a lot of noise
      about projects
      33296 Samwel: I can see your undersatnding
      33305 Samwel: yes
      33310 Andrius: but not connect that with what we can learn
      33313 Andrius: or what we care about.
      33326 Andrius: Maybe there is some of this problem in the earlier
      Malaria project
      33331 Andrius: and we want to avoid this you know.
      33331 Samwel: how do you see my hopefulfs?
      33345 Andrius: What do you mean?
      33356 Samwel: What I hope to do
      33370 Andrius: I think you are a brilliant leader
      33378 Andrius: and so it is very important that you focus deeply
      33380 Samwel: I m doing afocus tech, Malaria and school
      33386 Andrius: on what you think is important in life.
      33391 Andrius: yes your letter was excellent
      33401 Samwel: which one
      33401 Andrius: and I think very important to share with the group
      33404 Andrius: today's
      33412 Samwel: ok
      33437 Andrius: for our culture it is very important that we keep writing
      openly through the groups
      33441 Andrius: so that we think openly
      33446 Andrius: and people can join us in their thinking
      33452 Andrius: and we design for that possibility.
      33516 Samwel: yes you have used this to bring me up I thank you
      33561 Samwel: on the Webinar you looked great with your presentation
      33572 Samwel: you only got my breath
      33596 Samwel: What do you want us to present on Seventh
      33607 Andrius: Yes you should lead the webinar on the sevent
      33621 Andrius: and I think it should be a "meeting" to coordinate activity
      33626 Andrius: on some subject that you care about.
      33644 Andrius: So your deepest value is still, the same, yes?
      33661 Andrius: And what are the questions that you are currently
      exploring or want to explore?
      33663 Samwel: yes I have not cahnged yet
      33757 Andrius: and your questions?
      33772 Andrius: that is very important for you to be an effective leader
      33784 Andrius: what is it that you want to learn? and how do you want to
      33828 Samwel: Yes I want to lear some business mangement and project
      33877 Samwel: And content mangement are the two topics but you positio
      makes me rethink who you are?
      33885 Andrius: what do you not know about these things? why do you want
      to learn these things?
      33929 Samwel: The way you manage the lab is fantastic, what do i need to
      know to work like that or some what ?
      33997 Samwel: How can I become a technology expert when using WiFi and
      34010 Andrius: and what would you like to manage?
      34029 Samwel: The started projects here
      34086 Andrius: why are business management, project writing, content
      management important to you?
      34089 Samwel: Technology net work, school and Data analysis
      34125 Samwel: yes, These are the components to change my life
      34137 Andrius: how would you like to change your life?
      34171 Samwel: in knowledge based as I am sending a letter our cause of
      34199 Samwel: Contributing as achnge agent
      34244 Andrius: what kind of change would you like to make?
      34323 Samwel: we must change our mind based on being in the third world
      but upgrade our life to first world , eh?
      34373 Samwel: because the world is becoming very competitive
      34408 Samwel: ...and if you don,t compete with knowledge based then you
      are left aside
      34482 Andrius: yes but some few people in the first world are wondering
      how to make the world less competitive and include everybody without
      competition, or with a friendly competition
      34523 Andrius: so it's important that you have a very clear and precise
      question about this!
      34528 Samwel: yes friendly competion is good if there is sahring
      34543 Samwel: like/
      34586 Samwel: How can i change our people mind set to knowledge based?
      34612 Andrius: yes and what do you mean by that? why is that important
      to you?
      34671 Samwel: It motivates me and keep wanting to do more to improve the
      34694 Andrius: how do you think knowledge helps people?
      34702 Andrius: or a knowledge based approach?
      34757 Samwel: it brings change as you will phsychological understanding
      and say that I cannot study and live the same live
      34793 Samwel: i mean life
      34806 Andrius: so a knowledge based approach encourages people to ever
      change their lives?
      34824 Samwel: Knowledge expands thinking and capacity to build
      34831 Andrius: very good idea
      34870 Andrius: So how would you state your question, what are you asking
      yourself and trying to learn?
      34881 Samwel: Even when our fish catch goes low here the learned have
      taken some activities to support not fishing alone
      34901 Andrius: yes they adapt
      34916 Andrius: and even think ahead and keep growing
      34923 Samwel: do you think i can still cahnge this VHow can i change our
      people mind set to knowledge based
      34940 Andrius: I think it would help if you made it more clear what you
      34946 Andrius: and why it is important to you
      34955 Andrius: because then we can work effectively with you.
      34967 Andrius: Your ideas above are very helpful.
      34978 Samwel: for now I have been thinking baout it but can cahnge it later
      34980 Andrius: But how can you state that so people at our lab can
      understand what you mean
      34993 Andrius: ok we can write that as you like
      35040 Samwel: Let me put it this way! How can i change our people's mind
      set to knowledge based approach?
      35047 Andrius: yes
      35060 Samwel: use this for now
      35092 Samwel: I ma also making a mail concerning this
      35093 Andrius: yes and I have now put it here:
      35100 Andrius: and I think I understand what you mean
      35103 Samwel: ok
      35118 Andrius: And now if you have time it would be good to make a list
      of your "endeavors"
      35122 Andrius: what are you trying to accomplish?
      35149 Samwel: do get me right?
      35177 Andrius: I think so
      35279 Samwel: ok Andrius i think you will buy the vedeo camera and
      digital camera, and do you think a microphone and headphone can be possible
      35311 Samwel: for your suggestion?
      35313 Andrius: do you need those or can you buy them locally?
      35347 Andrius: and also I need to calculate your bonus (for My Food
      Story) and send that to you
      35351 Samwel: no here everything is damn expensive
      35355 Andrius: ok!
      35387 Samwel: You can do your work, I don't have to push you
      35390 Andrius: ok so let's have that in mind and make a plan what kind
      of work you and your team could do
      35413 Samwel: in several areas
      35416 Andrius: but I want to ask because you are here, about your
      endeavors, what do you wish to accomplish? can we chat about that?
      35449 Andrius: Also, can I send you a personal check in US dollars for
      you to cash at your bank, that would be best
      35504 Samwel: yes it will do can you send before I leave home on 25th May
      35547 Andrius: ok
      35569 Andrius: I will send later this week and I will use the address on
      your emails
      35579 Samwel: yes
      35591 Samwel: that will be the bonus?
      35596 Andrius: yes
      35610 Andrius: but I forget how much I have already sent so I need to
      calculate the amount and let you know
      35625 Samwel: ok
      35660 Andrius: so lets consider different areas where you want to
      accomplish something
      35662 Andrius: and make a list
      35682 Andrius: and then connect it with helping change people's minds
      for a knowledge based approach
      35738 Andrius: for example, what would you like to accomplish regarding
      35764 Samwel: Kenya has had a history of marginalization of tribes and
      communities and the situation has not greatly improved since. Much of
      Nyanza province remains poor and many live below the one-dollar and
      famine that usually threatens lives year by year.
      35797 Samwel: Majority of Kenyans poor are faced with many constraints
      such as lack of knowledge and skills, lack of credit, lack of
      information and knowledge about what to produce and how to produce to
      earn more money, HIV/Aids, Malaria, insecurity and poor yields, this is
      also an attribute to illiteracy. This has resulted into lack of food,
      few productive assets and low yields, lack of essential services, la
      35856 Andrius: this kind of information is very helpful
      35883 Samwel: You see I would want Malaria intervention and actual
      control of Larvae at the breeding sites
      35890 Andrius: how would you like to respond?
      35942 Samwel: We had came to a situation where the MST are convasant
      with Mosquitoes and breeding sites
      36003 Andrius: oh that is good
      36007 Samwel: so the response is to get help of scientists to get
      harmless chemicals which can destroy larvaes and leave other insects
      36007 Andrius: and what are the next steps?
      36017 Andrius: do you know what such chemicals are?
      36022 Andrius: or do you need to find out?
      36045 Andrius: can you do experiments on this?
      36105 Samwel: the resource people are trained to handle sprays in houses
      as PSC pyrethrum spray catch
      36112 Andrius: also are there ways that you can use the breedings sites
      so that they are no longer attractive to mosquitoes, perhaps grow fish?
      36143 Samwel: yes the information can be got from ICIPe
      36150 Andrius: what is the website?
      36215 Samwel: yes that is the next option and all time, most of the
      breeding sites are artificial about 80%
      36238 Andrius: that is interesting
      36257 Samwel: You know does many activitivies and we only posted at the
      Malaria journal
      36262 Samwel: before
      36282 Andrius: So let us formulate this as an endeavor for Malaria
      36291 Samwel: yes
      36307 Andrius: and how does a knowledge based approach relate here?
      36311 Samwel: if it can be understood if you tuned it
      36318 Andrius: and changing people's mindsets?
      36382 Samwel: Having a framework for strategies designed to take action
      and to meet the specific needs of under served community members, which
      can become the backbone of a new model framework of international
      education liberation on a global sharing through information advocacy.
      36458 Samwel: By giving the people knowledge they will first understand
      their situation and find a better way to cahnge
      36494 Andrius: yes and for malaria?
      36498 Andrius: malaria prevention?
      36505 Samwel: Literacy and practical knowledge are the action tools
      needed to break the cycle of neglect of education for our girl/child and
      women adults, using flash cards to carry information. The education of
      today’s youth especially the girl in the developing world will
      additionally benefit the nation
      36545 Samwel: you have train thosewho are trainable
      36590 Samwel: like the statistics put it at 66% are illiterate
      36672 Samwel: But meaning training the trainables is having semi
      literates to expand like put more efforts on adults contuing education
      36772 Andrius: So our education projects are important here, yes?
      Including the flash cards so people can teach themselves to read?
      36817 Samwel: I developed that idea for you information on Flash cards
      and still can work
      36975 Samwel: If somebody cannot understand oneself then he/she is lost
      in though but knowledge based can help improve
      37050 Andrius: So I am making a list at
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Endeavors including the following
      endeavors from you:
      37056 Samwel: If you don't train people on knowledge then the work force
      is not there
      37153 Andrius: Literacy/Learning, ICT center and network, Malaria
      prevention, African/Kenyan regional network
      37156 Andrius: anything else?
      37164 Samwel: technology cannot solve all educational problems of
      learning but what is relevant to thesis of this paper is that technology
      is vital and can achieve the following goals.Make learning more
      interactive and thus allowing for action steps to take place.Make
      learning more interactive and thus allowing for action steps to take place.
      37211 Samwel: Farming websites where to access local and international
      reading materials inform of virtual library and online aids prevention
      programmes through network laboratory and finally artsnet edulitnet
      Agrifishnet an online marketing grid for our peasant farmers and fisherman.
      37273 Samwel: so my endeavors are based on children going to school,
      adult contnuing education thro ICT and Malaria control
      37276 Samwel: no more
      37310 Andrius: How do you understand AIDS prevention, what makes sense?
      37359 Samwel: Yes of late here there is improment
      37379 Andrius: that is good
      37383 Andrius: what is working?
      37416 Samwel: The IMC international stated Door to door testing which
      enabled more to accept their status
      37452 Samwel: There is an organization taking care of patients and we
      can councel people freely
      37478 Samwel: people can only now die due to shy or want to die
      37542 Samwel: at stages, I know there are four window periods and people
      start taking ARVs at the second or third satge not fourth
      37550 Samwel: great improvement
      37595 Andrius: That is good news.
      37607 Andrius: What would you like to do with video
      37625 Samwel: So Family Aids care and Education Services ( FACES) is the
      people's hopes
      37683 Samwel: I will take more scripts from children and What they do at
      school, Home nad at leisure.
      37722 Samwel: Commercial activities f women and men, touts
      37755 Samwel: There is no restriction here you can capture anything of
      37763 Samwel: Variaty
      37846 Andrius: yes this is like our story collections?
      37867 Samwel: yes
      37991 Andrius: What is most interesting to you personally: Literacy,
      ICT, Malaria prevention, Africa regional network, Websites for farmers,
      or AIDS prevention?
      38002 Andrius: How would you rank them in terms of your personal interest?
      38109 Samwel: Literacy, ICT, Africa regional network, Malaria
      prevention, community websites
      38127 Andrius: ok so I will put them in that order
      38136 Andrius: and so we will focus with you on Literacy and Learning
      38145 Andrius: and everything will flow out of that, yes?
      38154 Samwel: ok
      38168 Andrius: and I encourage you to study all of our endeavors
      38178 Andrius: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Endeavors
      38190 Samwel: i am their
      38193 Andrius: and especially Chris Macrae's because he is many and he
      is supporting you
      38203 Andrius: and see how your endeavors can support his endeavors
      38203 Samwel: yes
      38212 Andrius: be careful I will be editing the page
      38269 Samwel: ok
      38323 Andrius: You can see there is a lot to organize but the result
      will be very impressive I think.
      38338 Samwel: wonderful
      38359 Andrius: For example, Pamela is very interested in education in
      Nigeria, and Agnese is interested in local publishing and Fred Kayiwa
      cares about education in his home village.
      38367 Andrius: So we can help each other with experiments.
      38379 Samwel: yes
      38383 Andrius: Also, we have people who want to know how we can impacdt
      people's minds
      38401 Andrius: for example, Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz want people to
      think about preparing for pandemic flu
      38425 Andrius: so we can help on this as we experiment with learning and
      literacy strategies
      38433 Andrius: how to make these things "viral"
      38440 Andrius: so they spread by themselves as much as possible.
      38634 Andrius: And please think in your area if you might collect such
      endeavors from your people, what do they want to accomplish?
      38647 Andrius: And their deepest values and investigatory questions? (We
      have some of these already).
      38655 Andrius: Then we could help your region even more I think.
      38805 Samwel: many people are letting me tired but would do this in
      another approach you remember David Orato, he is not taking much
      resposiblity after the food stories but some older men can accept but
      not youths. How can we help David he is a n active member my Malaria
      team but eak in communication
      38890 Andrius: Yes this is a good think for us to explore together is
      how to include people on the ground for whom it is harder to communicate
      but would like to participate?
      38995 Samwel: ok Andrius, I wish to leave and attend a women's meeting
      39003 Andrius: yes it was great chatting
      39036 Andrius: and let's focus your webinar on the role of Literacy on
      all of our projects
      39043 Andrius: or please think about it
      39114 Samwel: yes the overall view ends in literacy make a topic from that
      39140 Samwel: is it on July seventh?
      39362 Samwel: I am closing down anything?
      39459 Andrius: June 7th!
      39714 Samwel: oh june seventh we will be together with Maria in Tanzania
      and don't know if we can access!
      39739 Samwel: I will find the possiblity for my particpation
      39746 Andrius: ok
      39753 Andrius: that would be good to try if you can
      39758 Andrius: or otherwise I will take charge
      39906 Samwel: oh bye dear director next time or tomorrow, ok
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