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FW: [minciu_sodas_en] Organizing around Joy Tang of Accton and One Village Foundation

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    Hi everyone: I think that if we can get Wi-Max into Africa (which is measured in Km s as opposed to Wi-Fi which is measured in meters) - we can link up a lot
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      Hi everyone:

      I think that if we can get Wi-Max into Africa (which is measured in Km’s as opposed to Wi-Fi which is measured in meters) – we can link up a lot of rural neighborhoods in Africa to pipelines that go nearby the main cities. We also have satellite abilities in Kenya in the Rift Valley. There is fiber-optics at the Univ. of Nairobi , donated by the EU. But rural areas will stand a chance with Wi-Max, I believe.




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      Subject: [minciu_sodas_en] Organizing around Joy Tang of Accton and One Village Foundation


      I am very happy to invite us to consider how our Minciu Sodas laboratory
      might organize around Joy Tang to advance her work as Vice President of
      Marketing at Accton http://www.accton. com and also further her vision as
      founder of One Village Foundation http://www.onevilla gefoundation. org

      Joy Tang, Jeff Buderer and I have been communicating about the role that
      our Minciu Sodas laboratory might play in research and development,
      especially as organizers on-the-ground in Africa and online as well.
      We're considering how we might apply our organizational strategies as we
      have with MyFoodStory.

      Joy joined Accton in February, 2007. Accton is a global corporation
      with headquarters in Taiwan . It started in 1988 as a creator of
      Token-Ring and Ethernet products. It currently has 1,000 engineers and
      is a leader in the design of Application- specific integrated circuits
      (ASIC), high performance chassis switches (for telecommunications) , and
      Internet integration and applications. Accton has grown to own 2
      brandings: SMC and Edge Core to sell networking products worldwide. SMC
      is an established brand in North America focusing on Small Office Home
      Office (SOHO). Edge Core is a young brand focusing on the enterprise
      solutions and now operates in Brazil , China , India and Russia . Accton
      is beta testing a Wi-Fi phone and is active in WiMAX technologies.

      Joy is working with leaders at Accton to encourage flexible, dynamic
      thinking throughout the company. They appreciate her dedication to
      emerging markets, both as markets for community infrastructure and as
      catalysts for global innovation. They seek to link with her vision of
      unity centers as she has developed through One Village Foundation and
      its business dimension OneVillage.biz I am thinking what our approaches
      at Minciu Sodas might contribute.

      Since 2003, Joy Tang has been a great inspiration at our Minciu Sodas
      laboratory. She has:
      * challenged us to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is raging
      against children, women and men in Africa ;
      * presented this global catastrophe as an opportunity to rethink what
      villages can mean for us;
      * championed the idea of "unity centers" where education, wellness,
      governance, economy, ecology, culture are always relevant;
      * appreciated the enormous human resources that might fuel a better life
      through community-oriented business.
      Our work with Jeff Buderer, Janet Feldman, Samwel Kongere, Rick Nelson
      and Pamela McLean all grew out of Joy's impact on our concerns and the
      people she has brought together, directly or indirectly.

      Kafui Prebbie of One Village Ghana is leading the creation of their
      first Open Digital Village http://blog. onevillage. tv/wp/?p= 214 that
      provides wireless Internet access at the University of Education Winneba
      Ghana . One Village is developing a model for replication from village
      to village. Joy is also interested to foster associated business models
      http://www.onevilla ge.biz

      Joy is exploring the opportunities of empowering the social networks by
      increasing "contribution edge" to create new markets together. She is
      providing alternatives to the attitude of "competition edge" which
      defeats the logic that the marketing is "emerging".

      Minciu Sodas is able to reach out and include individuals who might
      benefit from these opportunities and share them with others. We are
      skilled at discovering and encouraging "independent thinkers" and
      learning to "meet each other halfway" in our personal projects.

      We can encourage innovation as to how the (wireless Internet) Skype
      phones might work in the widest variety of situations. We can help
      organize the associated community and business opportunities in setting
      up wireless Internet access, providing computers, assembling them,
      maintaining them, customizing them, and applying them locally, across
      Africa and around the world. We are able to bring out the relevance of
      people far away and build connections, including with the 1,000
      engineers who work at Accton. We can set up community-strengthe ning
      alternatives to traditional networks for sales and technical support.
      Also, I and others might possibly travel with Joy to Africa, India or
      Taiwan to learn from each other how we can best work together.

      I emphasize that at this point these are simply discussions. However,
      I believe that by "thinking out loud" about them we might find a way for
      them to become real. I think it also helps us learn to place ourselves
      with One Village and other networks that Joy is engaging. I am glad
      that this approach fits with her vision at Accton. I will also look for
      related opportunities.

      We invite discussion especially at Jeff Buderer's worknet Back To The
      Root ("being connected to ourselves")
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/backtother oot/ (send a blank message to
      backtotheroot- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com to subscribe). We also welcome
      our ideas at all of our groups.

      Joy is interested that we map out our network, especially in Africa , and
      how we might apply ourselves. I will be working on that and asking for
      our help. I will also write a business proposal to Accton.

      Joy, Thank you for this opportunity! and for including us in your
      progress towards your vision!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      skype: minciusodas

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