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Webinar dates for speakers

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  • asif.daya@trainerspod.com
    Hi everyone: Webinar dates: The 7th of June is now taken..Andrius/Samwel? Asif. _____ From: minciu_sodas_en@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2007

      Hi everyone:

      Webinar dates:

      The 7th of June is now taken….Andrius/Samwel?




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      Subject: [minciu_sodas_en] Webinar dates for speakers


      Hi Everyone:

      Here are some dates that are taken – so you can mark your calendars for those Webinars – and dates that are available, if you would like to speak at a Webinar:


      The dates that are taken for sure are:

      May 3rd and May 24th

      Sept 20th

      Oct 11th



      Dates that are available -


      JUNE: June 7th or 28th? (7th and 28th is taken??)[AD]  both not confirmed;

      JULY 19th [AD]  available

      AUG 9th[AD]  available   - Aug 30th ([AD]  30th is NOT yet confirmed)

      NOV 1st - [AD]  22nd available

      DEC 13th [AD]  available



      So, please let me know the dates you are interested in. And please mark your calendars for the ones that are confirmed – they are very interesting topics.


      We will train you on how to use Elluminate.




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