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People participation in development

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  • Josephat Ndibalema
    Dear Andrius,Agnes Maria,Samuel Kongere and all, On my view development is a ventor of objectives that society seek to achieve or a process of social
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 11, 2007
      Dear Andrius,Agnes Maria,Samuel Kongere and all,
      On my view development is a ventor of objectives that society seek to achieve or a process of social transformation that seeks not only to meet the material needs of people,but to enhance their  creative faculties and their growth as human beings.In view of this,people's participation in development is essentially necessary.However, people's participation should not be an imposed exercise,but an active process whereby people take initiative and assert their autonomy to do so.
              From the point above,in our community group - Uyoga community group which is based on youth we have been facing challenges like the way to involved youth in the development process with the use of computer a new tech--information technology.Taking into consideration of historical background in terms of education,all in all the lack of willingness to learn among youngstars is also a big problem in our country.
              But despite of the challenges that we are facing we now doing to organise our team which is aware of the existing situation in our country, especially in rural areas where the majority dwells.On  the time being we have planned projects like Poultry farming this project has't started since we still on survey looking for a suitable location for the project
             Another project that we have planned is a' Tree learning project' this project is based on environmental concept, the youth especially children in primary schools in Mzimuni ward in Kinondoni district in Dar es salaam in collabolation with the local government in the area.Youth will learn on how to protect environment---the aim of this profect is to increase youth understanding on environment,this 'll go together with Trees planting compaign  next week on satarday 21th April 2007.
             We 'll have more than  60 participants in ' planting trees' compaign,where 30 'll be children from Mzimuni primary school,Mikumi primary school and Rutahinda primary school all from Kinondoni district in Dar es salaam region and we are targeting to plant 300 trees in one area.Other participants are Nature-an environmental association based in Mzimuni ward, media-The gardian  a daily news paper from the gardian ltd,Uyoga members and others.
            Uyoga community group membrs are optimistic with MS for the great job which involves independent thinkers,we appriciate for the great accomodation that you are trying to offer us.The great thing that we receive from you is education and that sort of education we are receiving is what we call accomodation-a great accomodation.
              However,honestly speaking this could'nt happen to us without two prominent figures that is our mother Maria Agnes and Samuel Kongere,we really welcome you on june-welcome in Tanzania and your coming is going to bring new vision to Uyoga community and 'll learn more from your experience.
      We are always  thinking,  planning and acting---its our culture.                                                          
      Josephat Ndibalema[Uyoga member]
      Uyoga community group[Chairperson-Helen Mahoo]      

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