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Priorities: Going Slowly and Thinking Deeply

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Wendi, Ken, Fred, Thank you very much for your work on My Food Story. I am very happy with your work. Please know that we have submitted our work to Greg Wolff
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2007
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      Wendi, Ken, Fred,

      Thank you very much for your work on My Food Story.
      I am very happy with your work.

      Please know that we have submitted our work to Greg Wolff for his
      review. This means that I do not expect any more work from you on My
      Food Story. You have done your work very well. You have done enough
      for this project, thank you! Wendi, Ken, Fred, you have finished your
      work for me for the money that I gave you. (I will still expect a bit
      more from Helen Mahoo and Tom Ochuka but we will pause and discuss what
      to do. When I return to Lithuania on April 14th I will sort through my
      papers and think about this.)

      Yes, I am interested that you all work further for our laboratory. We
      do have a little bit of money for work. However, we must pause now and
      think what would be most helpful. Please think deeply:

      * What do you want to personally do as an "independent thinker"? Do you
      know your deepest value in life, that includes all of your other
      values? Do you have a question that you don't know the answer to, but
      intend to answer? Do you have a plan for how you might arrive at that
      answer? Do you have an endeavor that might remake your life and reshape
      our world?
      * What are related projects in your area that you would like to pursue?
      What kind of help do you need for the project? And what kind of help do
      you want - like computers or travel - to be able to participate more in
      our network?
      * What are other projects of independent thinkers around the world that
      you would like to help with? Who do you admire at our lab who you would
      like to help?
      * How are you making a living now? How would you like to earn more?
      What skills do you offer? What skills would you like to develop?
      * What is a local group, local individuals that you are working with, or
      would like to work together with? What are they interested in? How
      might we work with them?

      Please think about these questions. You don't need to be online too
      often. You also don't need to read all of our letters. Instead, we
      need your leadership on such questions in your personal life. Then we
      can find resources to respond.

      We're scheduled to have an online meeting on April 26th. Let's check in
      after April 20th for more information about this meeting. And let's
      share our answers then to these questions above. Then we can coordinate
      our efforts in Africa.

      Ken, Thank you for alerting me regarding the slow processing of my check
      to you. I see from my credit union that the check was cashed on March
      23, 2007 and this means it was not lost. So I think the money is
      traveling to your bank and they should give it to you soon. I also see
      that my check to Tom Ochuka was cashed on April 2nd or so.

      Wendi, You do not need to send any more stories. But certainly if you
      have already collected stories it is great to get them. But there is no
      hurry right now. I want us to slow down and not to spend more money
      just yet.

      My Food Story is an important project for our lab. It will be important
      to us in the future. But now the funding has stopped. So I need to
      find new clients. Also, we need to consider our priorities. Our
      priority now is to consider our "independent thinkers". What do they
      want to do? What do you want to do?

      There is a cycle: Take a stand, follow through, reflect, and take a
      stand again... We have worked intensely on MyFoodStory for six
      months. Now is a time to reflect and then to take a stand.

      Thank you for your excellent work!
      Now for some deep thinking!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      P.S. Sorry that I wrote Cambodia instead of Cameroon. I must have been
      quite tired!

      Wendi Bernadette wrote:
      > Dear Andrius,
      > Thank you immensely. We shall be waiting and praying
      > that you get something from your budget for us.
      > Sincerely ACTWID KONGADZEM MEMBERS led by Wendi
      > --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      >> Wendi,
      >> Thank you for your team's work and for your letter.
      >> I will look over my budget this week and respond.
      >> Thank you!
      >> Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., http://www.ms.lt
      >> Wendi Bernadette wrote:
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