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RE: [learningfromeachother] RE: Funding for travel to Nairobi conference?

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  • asif.daya@trainerspod.com
    Samnwel: By e-medicine I mean the use of solar power to power a camera/video system that broadcasts images and sound to the main hub - Nairobi, here a Dr. can
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      By e-medicine I mean the use of solar power to power a camera/video system that broadcasts images and sound to the main hub – Nairobi , here a Dr. can help with the diagnoses. We plan to have courses in Public Health via CAWDNET that works in Nigeria – they have partnered with us. Hence, having local villages with someone educated in Public Health will be of great benefit in dealing with the main Physician at the hub. We will also look for grants that will help getting generators. We are also looking into Wi-Max which has a broader spectrum than Wi-Fi. If there is an expert out there in Wi-Max, please let me know. There is a satellite dish located at the rift valley that I want to see if we can tap into that. All these are possibilities that need to be looked into seriously. I can only attend if I find funding – hence my commitment for this year is tentative.




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      Hello Asif,


      Your standing and acting on behalf of MS at the Nairobi Conference is well thought of. Which conference will you be attending? I am figuring out what you mean by e-medicine!, great thoughts, I am also lover of technology and how we can use technology in whatever way to let people get information in Agriculuture, Fishing, medicine etc. Going to Villages can add flavour to your e-medicine venture.


      I will love to meet you and learn more about your idea. you can brief me and will arrange to see what you will do with Jenny.


      asif.daya@trainersp od.com wrote:


      Yes, once in Nairobi , I will have the opportunity to collect some data for a
      grant that I am preparing. I will be working with colleagues at the
      University of Nairobi and at the Hospitals. My wife being a nurse will
      co-ordinate all the items of the grant that are related to e-medicine. Jenny
      is our technical support person and will help collect data as to how we can
      change their IT structure. This has been in the planning for many years now.
      We just need to collect data and write up the grant together. It is a
      multi-year grant. Of course, me speaking at the conference will help in
      gathering more people into our mission. That will be for the other project I
      help with, whereby we use the local train and go to the villages to provide
      medical support and education. This will be a worthwhile trip in may ways.
      My wife will help with the medical part as will I and Jenny will help with
      the e-medicine part when we attend to those in the villages. If you can help
      in any way that would be much appreciated. The conference invitation gives
      me the opportunity to go there and get some things done that are on the back
      burner for a while.

      Thank You.


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      Subject: Funding for travel to Nairobi conference?


      I share your request with our group. I encourage you to write directly.

      Congratulations on your invitation to speak in Nairobi . I don't know of
      any person or group who provides such support for such travel, but
      perhaps others do. Also, is there work that you might do or services
      that you might provide?

      Thinking out loud,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http:www.ms. lt

      asif.daya@trainersp od.com wrote:
      > Andrius:
      > I have been invited to speak at the Nairobi conference. I need 2-3
      > tickets. It is costly for me. Do you know where I can get funding on
      > such short notice. The conference is on May 28-30. But visas need to
      > be secured. Each ticket costs about 1,700 round trip. I can find my
      > own accommodations and transportation there.
      > So we are looking for about 5K.
      > Thanks.
      > Asif.
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      > *From:* asif.daya@trainersp od.com [mailto:asif.daya@trainersp od.com]
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      > *To:* Andrius Kulikauskas
      > *Cc:* 'jenny.watt@ trainerspod. com'
      > *Subject:* April 26th
      > Andrius:
      > Don't forget you are speaking on April 26^th 11 am EST. Jenny begins
      > her intro at 10:30 EST. Please send me your title and info from above.
      > If you need a practice session again, please let us know 2 weeks in
      > advance.
      > visit: http://www.timeandd ate.com/worldclo ck/meeting. html for time
      > conversion.
      > Asif.



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