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Re: [learningfromeachother] Assembling computers in Africa

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  • kayiwa fred
    Its good idear to aseeble computers in Africa and acording to me here in uganda we have got many computer shops in the capital city and when you look aroud
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 21, 2007
      Its good idear to aseeble computers in Africa
      and acording to me here in uganda
      we have got many computer shops in the capital city
      and when you look aroud most of them sale new
      computers and others sale used computers
      we have got few laptops sold here and those sold are
      too expensive so
      isuggest that afull set of computer is fine to be sold
      and now the market is mainly on flat screen and
      pentium iii,pentiumivand above that are on high market
      but it needs when you have afull set computer if ot
      then you have hard disk
      although used laptops and new ones may be on market
      will try to find out more

      --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      > Kennedy, Thank you for your great letter! I have
      > not been able to
      > respond in time.
      > I did find an online store that sells 20 flash
      > drives (125 MB) for a
      > total of 150 USD. I will see if they deliver to
      > Africa. Perhaps you
      > and others could shop and see what makes best sense?
      > Also, could you, Fred and others study the online
      > stores to see what
      > kinds of parts we might buy for you to assemble.
      > Perhaps we can use our
      > wiki pages to collect this information. What is the
      > best kind of
      > computer to try to build for the money?
      > My plan would be to pay for the flash drives and
      > computer parts and then
      > in exchange I would receive your work part-time at a
      > rate of 1 month of
      > part-time work for every 50 dollars that I spend.
      > The work would be
      > done at my request for those months in which I find
      > relevant projects.
      > It would also assume that you are steadily working
      > on your own
      > investigatory questions as you find time and sharing
      > your progress.
      > Also, you would be able to sell the parts or
      > computers and keep any
      > profits that you make. That way we're all benefiting
      > from our
      > relationship. I don't need your profits, I need
      > your genuine
      > participation, that is my real profit. Does that
      > make sense? Can that
      > work? What would be best for you?
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > Kennedy Owino wrote:
      > > Andrius thanks for the flash drive you have just
      > sent me i hope that
      > > this is a great step for me towards having more
      > time to work from
      > > home and contribute much towards this social
      > forum.
      > >
      > > I have been striving to purchase a personal desk
      > top because visiting
      > > the cyber now and again is quite cumbersome
      > especially with the
      > > programme we are running(Nafsi Africa street
      > children rehabilitation
      > > Programme)
      > > Our Programme requires a Computer for
      > archiving/documenting and also
      > > correspondence.
      > > A friend/partner from the U.S.A (New York)-Paige
      > Elenson- who came to
      > > give yoga workshops to street children at our
      > invitation promised to
      > > solicit for office equipments for Nafsi.
      > > Now, i make a response reagarding the mail you
      > just wrote.
      > > I would be glad if you could get us the
      > motherboard and the hard
      > > drives and we can look into assembling the
      > remaining parts locally.
      > > Used monitors and cases are relatively cheap and
      > we can also get
      > > willing friends to donate these pieces to us.
      > > I know it's quite expensive shipping a complete
      > set.
      > > Fortunately enough Paige Elenson is coming back to
      > Kenya on 20th
      > > March 2007 and perhaps if it may be possible you
      > could get in touch
      > > with her [...]
      > > Andrius, is it possible to send the pieces through
      > Paige?
      > >
      > > best regards,
      > >
      > > Ken Owino,
      > > Nafsi Afrika Acrobats.
      > >

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