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Re: [learningfromeachother] Re:my food story about banana

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  • David mutua
    Hi Fred, Great, this is some quit piece of work.. well coordinated and clear, you deserve a certificate in research work. Remember, Information is expensive
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 7, 2007
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      Hi Fred,
      Great, this is some quit piece of work.. well coordinated and clear,  you deserve a certificate in research work.
      Remember, Information is expensive though we like telling stories voluntary, how can you develop this skill that can pay to achieve your goals or vision that you shared with me and the group?
      Well done.

      kayiwa fred <fdkayiwa@...> wrote:
      -hi adrius and all
      ihope you will like my food story
      however am still going to travel to the rural area for
      meeting more farmers and ask them some questions then
      ihave to wrire what they have said
      and soon iwill be wrting another foord story
      > it soon
      > thansk for the advise
      > hope will look forwad for new development
      > iwant to wish cruz asfe joney and let his trip be
      > fruitfull
      > adruis iknow we are going to have success full
      > stories
      > and this weekend amm travelling some 70km o get some
      > infomation from
      > one farmer
      > ------------ --------- --------- --------- -
      > Fred, I am glad that you are empowered!
      > As you work, please keep thinking about your value
      > "always thinking of being
      > a helpful person to the needy and we make a better
      > future and better world".
      > And also your question: "How one can get success in
      > life and get rid of
      > problems that makes him have no god future both on
      > earth and heaven?"
      > Ask the farmers questions such as:
      > What are their needs?
      > What are their problems?
      > What are their successes?
      > What is helpful to them?
      > How do they help others?
      > How does God help them?
      > How do they help God?
      > What is their future?
      > What are they doing about it?
      > Or any questions that you think are best. And ask
      > for their permission so
      > that you may post their answers on the Internet.
      > You can record a few long
      > stories and many short stories but most important
      > for us is that it be the
      > farmer's personal story.
      > I plan to send out the flash sticks next week when I
      > am in Chicago so it will
      > take a few weeks for you to get them.
      > Fred, Samwel and all, please do not write me but
      > write to the group! We want
      > to let everybody get involved. And we don't want me
      > to become a "bottleneck"
      > that stops or slows our work. Samwel, please
      > rewrite your latest letter to me
      > and send it to the group. Then I will respond.
      > Thank you!
      > Andrius
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