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First Thursday July 3rd - conflict resolution, TT follow up in Kenya, GlobalNet21, or whatever else interests you.

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  • Pamela McLean
    You are invited to join the First Thursday Group - *Date - July 3rd * - *Go to - * http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/p/July-2014-First-Thursday - *No need
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      You are invited to join the First Thursday Group

      What we'll talk about depends on who turns up

      If Gbade Adejumo and John Dada are able to join us then I know conflict resolution would be a pressing issue, as John is doing some practical work on that locally, regarding conflict over grazing rights, and Gbade has just finished his research on the same issue in Ago-Are.

      If people turn up either from Kenya, or from Teachers Talking then I'd like to explore shared interests related to a new online UK-Kenya teachers group.

      I'd also be interested in sharing with you what is happening in London in the GlobalNet21 group this month, and in future. I want to see how that group is relevant to people in the First Thursday Group. 

      We may discuss very different topics (and all or none of the above). It all depends who tuns up and what is of shared interest.



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      I'm Pamela McLean - my surname gives the "mac" in "Dadamac"
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