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Re: [learningfromeachother] Fred Kayiwa will represent us at Omidyar conference

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  • kayiwa fred
    to be honest adrius am not shy though imay look young in the confrence but ibelieve they will listen to me and though its my first confrence in my life iknow
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2007
      to be honest adrius am not shy
      though imay look young in the confrence but ibelieve
      they will listen to me and though its my first
      confrence in my life iknow GOD will help be perfect
      ihave to print
      am aready regersterd and ihave to travel with the rest
      of the group on 19th
      see u with other guide lines
      --- ms@... wrote:

      > Please let's think what Fred Kayiwa might accomplish
      > for us at the Omidyar
      > network conference in Gulu, Uganda. The more that
      > he can do for us, the
      > better for our work together! Also, please know
      > that Mark Grimes will be
      > there and he is familiar with our Minciu Sodas lab.
      > http://www.omidyar.net/user/u746967553/
      > Thank you, Andrius Kulikauskas
      > ---------------------------------------
      > hi adrius
      > its great that ihave now seen my doctor and can be
      > able attend the confrence
      > can you educate me more on how to represent the
      > group
      > because they may not give me chance to talk in
      > public but imay talk to people
      > individually?
      > ----------------------------
      > Fred,
      > Thank you for agreeing to represent us at the
      > Omidyar Network Conference in
      > Gulu, Uganda on February 19-21.
      > I am glad that you have received the 200 USD which I
      > sent. I am glad that
      > you have seen your doctor! and that you can work for
      > us.
      > At the Omidyar conference, our main hope is that you
      > get permission from
      > people to sign up for our working groups. At the
      > bottom of this page:
      > http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?WorkingGroups
      > You will find links to our flyer:
      > That is a PDF file ready for printing. If you need
      > to change it, use this:
      > The flyer lists all of our working groups. Tell
      > people that this is how we
      > stay together so that we can help each other on the
      > projects that we care
      > about. Tell them that we want to know what they
      > really care about - what
      > their deepest values are, what questions they ask
      > themselves - so that we can
      > meet each other half way. We ask people to "work
      > for free" on their own
      > projects and share that publicly. Then we know that
      > such people will be
      > self-directed when we have the opportunity to "work
      > for pay". You can give
      > them examples how we are working on MyFoodStory, how
      > we have sent Samwel to
      > the World Social Forum, and so on.
      > If people can write in the flyer about themselves,
      > then we can find a group
      > for them. Otherwise, just ask for their permission:
      > Yes or No, may you sign
      > them up for a group? Tell them that they can always
      > quit, for example, by
      > writing to the leader of the group.
      > Please print out 100 flyers to hand out to people
      > and collect from them.
      > Also, make sure that you are signed up here:
      > under "Will be there".
      > I will write more about how you might help. But
      > please think about our
      > working groups and see how they relate to the
      > conference discussions:
      > And also, don't be shy! I think you will have one
      > or more opportunities to
      > talk about our laboratory and about MyFoodStory
      > because I think it will have
      > an open agenda, "open space". Please know that you
      > are representing more
      > than 100 active and 1,000 supportive participants
      > and that this money is very
      > dear to us. We are doing very important work, we
      > respond to people who need
      > help or support, and we want to be heard and to
      > reach out.
      > I will write more about directions to think about,
      > but I ask our participants
      > to speak up!
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
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