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Pam/Ken Chat

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  • Kennedy Owino
    Share http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/August-2012-First-Thursday 15:07Pamela: Hi ken 15:07Ken Owino: Hi Pam 15:08Pamela: pls put in your intro on line 6
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2012


      15:07Pamela: Hi ken
      15:07Ken Owino: Hi Pam
      15:08Pamela: pls put in your intro on line 6
      15:09Pamela: It migth be interestin go to add how we are meeting in our intos as well as teh countires
      15:09Ken Owino: Should the agenda include Nafsi online visibilty also?
      15:11Pamela: It should include all that we have on our hearts to discuss
      15:11Pamela: and then we need to order it
      15:11Pamela: but first let us meet and greet.
      15:11Pamela: How are you?
      15:12Pamela: Ah - so you are not having to use your phone today
      15:12Pamela: that should help us
      15:13Ken Owino: I am good thanks , What about you? No, I am using my wifes laptop
      15:14Ken Owino: It is so frustrating using the phone!
      15:14Pamela: I am fine personally - but many things are in a state of rapid changen
      15:15Pamela: I hve just come frome big planning and "amking sense of things" meeting wiht Nikki
      15:15Ken Owino: Did you by any chance see my mail with notes of our previous skype chat?
      15:15Pamela: and anad also today we have had UK-Nigerian dadamac meeing with huge changes going on on the Nigeria side
      15:15Ken Owino: ohh i see
      15:16Pamela: Longterm the outcomes will be good I think -
      15:16Ken Owino: you have been through so much today Pam, you must be tired!
      15:16Pamela: but transitions are not simple
      15:16Pamela: i am energised ken :-)
      15:16Pamela: this session is perfectly timed
      15:17Ken Owino: That is nice to hear
      15:17Pamela: What we decide will sit in my latest "new reality"... if you know what i mean
      15:17Pamela: yes I have read your email
      15:17Pamela: let us put it on the agenda
      15:18Ken Owino: I can imagine. And yes we can put that in the agenda
      15:20Pamela: As part of the new thinking today I am trying to put a similar structure on many thinsg that I do
      15:21Pamela: I hope that in our discussion today we can look at what we are doing - and alos tkae time to consider some of the wider questions of gettign the structure right
      15:21Ken Owino: So can we move in to some discussion or we have a random search for more ideas to include as agenda?
      15:21Ken Owino: You are right!
      15:22Pamela: For teh structure I think I would like to put that on teh agenda as Dadmacademy and ken and pam as dadamac learners and teachers of each other
      15:22Ken Owino: So what do you think of my mail? i mean the reporting?
      15:23Pamela: There are things we hope tl learn from our work on the blog
      15:23Pamela: we should not confuse the "doing" wiht the "learning"
      15:24Ken Owino: the bests lessons learnt are through doing
      15:24Pamela: exactly
      15:24Ken Owino: And real experience
      15:25Pamela: ... plear move tose point to Line 15 adn 16
      15:25Pamela: oops those points
      15:26Pamela: I will go and recheck the email
      15:26Pamela: It woudl be good to have a reference to the email
      15:27Ken Owino: Yes we can copy the link here after we start discussing through it.
      15:30Pamela: We need to discuss the content - and also some issues about who we it is sent to
      15:30Pamela: let us look at content first
      15:30Ken Owino: ok
      15:31Pamela: Hmm - shall we take it in the order of your email
      15:31Pamela: or jump about
      15:32Ken Owino: yes that sounds perfect i suppose
      15:32Pamela: let usboth go back and see the email for a moment
      15:32Ken Owino: ok
      15:32Pamela: and then decide
      15:33Pamela: I think most of teh contenct is in fact the content of your first blog
      15:33Pamela: is that correct?
      15:34Pamela: I think todya we are looking at it and seeing if it is ready for me to publish
      15:34Ken Owino: I posted it in the public forum bt also Bcc'd nafsi members and associates
      15:34Pamela: and also are there any factual issues that need to be clarified
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