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Re: Another Pyramid of Peace

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Pamela McLean, Thank you for your intiative http://www.dadamac.net/initiative/another-pyramid-peace that we prepare and make sure that the March 2013
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2012
      Pamela McLean,

      Thank you for your intiative
      that we prepare and make sure that the March 2013 presidential elections
      in Kenya are peaceful, without the violence that shocked us in 2008.

      I expect that 2013 will be peaceful. Many Kenyans care about peace and
      many have experience in peaceful intervention from 2008.

      Pamela, I appreciate all the more your concern that we prepare now for
      peace. We should not be complacent. I imagine others are preparing for

      Pamela, I appreciate your leadership and I wish to encourage you. In
      2008, I showed all the leadership I was able. I took and gave all the
      authority I could.

      Pamela, you value what we achieved together with the Pyramid of Peace.
      I'm glad that you're considering what we might take from that.

      In response to your initiative, I apply my authority as Commander-in-Chief
      of the Pyramid of Peace, as follows:
      * Upon your consideration and acceptance, I appoint you
      Commander-of-Operations through July, August, September 2012, or as I
      decree otherwise, that you might boldly lead all who wish for a Pyramid of
      Peace, as we had in 2008.
      * Please choose a title (such as Convener, etc.) as you like best.
      * I look to you to engage Kenyans and all who care, what may we do for
      peace in Kenya in 2013? to reach out and include peacemakers of all
      tribes, to analyze the potential for violence, to consider promising
      solutions, to discuss what structures for coordination are most relevant
      for 2013, to appreciate which individuals and what organizations we can
      turn to for leadership.
      * Please keep us informed if you see any need, any role in 2013 for a
      command structure to support independent peacemakers, as I led in 2008.
      * In general, do we need new groups, organizations or institutions? and
      should they be related in any way to the Pyramid of Peace of 2008?
      * Please consult especially with Janet Feldman as to how we can help
      Kenyans, especially in reaching out across divisions.
      * Please consult with Denis Kimambo, Kennedy Owino, Rachel Wambui Kungu
      and Lawrence Achami, our Commanders, as to what Pyramid of Peace and other
      groups might achieve for peace in Kenya in 2013. I will consult with them
      * Please work publicly, as you do.
      * I have redone our website http://www.pyramidofpeace.net to point to a
      wiki http://www.pyramidofpeace.net/wiki/ for linking to relevant pages,
      which may be at your website http://www.dadamac.net or as you think best.
      Please know we can develop the website http://www.pyramidofpeace.net to
      include a chat room and other functionality you think we'll need.

      In this way, I offer you my authority that you might draw on it as much as
      you like, if at all. In that you do, please know that I judge you
      competent, and I expect that you absorb and project that, as you serve, so
      that others might likewise. Embolden us!

      I am very busy this July, August and September, and so I personally
      appreciate your initiative. I will have some free time in October,
      November and December. I may be completely free in the first half of 2013.
      Thank you for valuing my participation!

      Pamela, I think it's especially valuable at this time that you are based
      in the UK, outside of Kenya. We're showing that ethnic violence is not a
      local concern, but a global concern. You know and love people of many
      tribes throughout Africa, and are not partial. That's a great help!

      Pamela, thank you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Pyramid of Peace


      > Regarding Responses to Kenya: Saitoti's death and the coming battle -
      > Chilling analysis by Richard Dowden - Director,
      > RAS<http://dadamac.posterous.com/responses-to-kenya-saitotis-death-and-the-com>and
      > the email below I have set up an initiative on
      > dadamac.net called Another Pyramid of Peace
      > <http://www.dadamac.net/initiative/another-pyramid-peace>
      > This is not something that I have the competence to lead in any way. I am
      > just providing a focal point where people might come together, in
      > preparation.
      > @Andrius - I'm aware I have not included a reference to the Pyramid of
      > Peace Archive. Please would you send me the link.
      > Pameal
      > On 26 June 2012 08:01, Kenneth Chelimo <kennethchelimo@...> wrote:
      >> **
      >> Ken Owino,
      >> I appreciate your efforts in peace building among the youth in slum
      >> areas. The documentary you have attached is indeed a good example of
      >> how
      >> Kenyans from different communities should co-exist and live together in
      >> harmony. More of these activities by the acrobats should go to rural
      >> areas
      >> where we witnessed tribal tension during the 2007/2008 post-election
      >> violence. Cheers Ken for your great work.
      >> Ken Chelimo
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      >> the coming battle - Chilling analysis by Richard Dowden - Director, RAS
      >> Pamela, Ken, Dan, I appreciate and share your concern about preparing
      >> for
      >> the upcoming elections in Kenya. Andrius Kulikauskas,
      >> mailto:ms%40ms.lt<ms%40ms.lt>
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