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  • Viktoriya
    IF YOU REALLY WANNA BRING LIGHT to THE WORLD! & to YOURSELVES!!!! Read ON... Otherwise deleted lil mind but BIG HEARTS!!!! SAVE IT!!! SHARE IT!!! DISCERN IT!
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2012
      IF YOU REALLY WANNA BRING LIGHT to THE WORLD! & to YOURSELVES!!!! Read ON... Otherwise deleted lil mind but BIG HEARTS!!!! SAVE IT!!! SHARE IT!!! DISCERN IT! with your GOD! GODDESS! HEARTS!!! don't use your lil human lil mind no more!!! & so it is....

      HeY LiGhTWoRkErS! Say Cheese! :D Be Blessed! even more! by GALACTICFL (dot) COM how r u dear one? REMEMBER! U R Amazzzing! In LiGhT! & IN LoVe! Namaste. xxx World-Galactic Rich. P.S. Saint Germain ~~ About Disclosure and the Landings ~6.5.12~ Dear Ones, We come with breaking news! I, Saint Germain and the Arcturians are at liberty to inform you that some of your space brothers have landed on your planet. A few shuttles received permission to land on your soil and more specifically in Roswell (U.S.A.) and Staffordshire (England). Among the first to land were the Pleiadians and the Arcturians : the Pleiadians for their closeness to your earthly civilization and the Arcturians because of their leadership abilities to handle the procedures involved. The Arcturians are the ones who monitor everything conscientiously as regards to your spiritual evolution on one hand and the disclosure project on the other hand. We established contacts with President Obama and other authorities to figure out how to be of further assistance to you and how to announce disclosure on your world. Those with whom we have established connections are government representatives and the ground crew, connected with the Disclosure project. Obama will announce Disclosure in our presence through your television network and he will also announce the arrests of the cabal.
      More at: GALACTICFL (dot) COM

      Please HeLP US! AnGeLS! & EaRtH AnGeLs! of LIGHT! :) To MaKe FILM to AwAKeN SoULs Out of AmNeSia! from Millenia! by Sharing! or Donating! ;) * Now Offering: SpIrItUaL/DiViNe/GaLaCtIc GuIdAnCe by Phone US or WORLDWIDE!:))) Donation $50/hr in US or $70 Worldwide! After Donate at: GaLaCtIcFL (dot) com I will Contact Ya!:) *Make Some $MoNeY! & HELP Other SoULs! ALL OVER! ReFeR Me PPL! 50/50 SPLIT!:) You & I! to HeLp YoU! HeLP US! * REAL TESTIMONY: from @jesse Fry : "Thank you Rich! it was great talking with You! Human words cannot express my gratitude or excitement!!!! To Infinity and Beyond!!!!! ∞

      Self awareness and advancement: We would like to speak with you today on ways in which you can further your growth and your advancement while you are here in this physical plane. What you can be working on and focusing on is ways to better accrue knowledge, wisdom and experience throughout your day. How this can be done is through a coordinated effort to share with each other ideas, concepts and your experiences with each other. To do this, interaction is required, and this interaction can be facilitated through the means of the tools that are already at your disposal. The Internet is your source for a wealth of information, and it can be utilized in so many advantageous ways to further your growth and expand your consciousness as you do the work that you have come here to accomplish.

      We see so many of you using the Internet in many different ways, and we do see those of you who are getting the most out of this experience, though we do see a number of you not getting out of your time on the Internet what is possible for you. We would like to see improvements in this area by seeing more of you focusing on the subject matter that will bring to you knowledge and wisdom that is of greater importance to you at this time. There are so many interesting and worthwhile subjects to read about and discuss amongst one another, however, the time to indulge in many of these topics and discussions has passed. It is now a time to focus on only the subjects that will bring to you the most you can get from this experience.

      We would like to see you focusing on subjects that will expand your consciousness in the areas of spiritual evolution. We would like to see more of you focus less on topics and interests that do not have the capabilities to facilitate this kind of growth in your spiritual awareness. There is such a wide range of different topics that will work to better qualify you for advancement up through the multiple dimensions of this universe. At this time, we are taking notice of what we shall call deficiencies in fundamental spiritual understandings and awareness. We would like to see more of you focus on this and turning back a few pages to the basics of spiritual understanding and awareness, starting with the rights of others and how important these rights are to honor and respect, namely in the ways of free choice and freedom of expression.

      We see many of you at this time who are demonstrating that they have not yet reached this fundamental level of understanding, and we say to you that you are building a spiritual house on top of a faulty foundation if you do not first reach this basic understanding. We suggest to you to better strengthen your foundational structure by better understanding the sacred rights of free will and choice, and work at respecting the boundaries and rights of another. We see quite often those of you who trespass on this sacred right of another by outspokenly condemning their views and opinions. This will not do if it is spiritual ascension through this multidimensional universe that is your goal. This behavior must be corrected, and corrected before you begin to amass more advanced spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

      One cannot put the cart before the horse, as you say, and placing advanced and complex spiritual wisdom before you before you have learned one of its most basic fundamentals, which are the rights of others, is a flaw that will lead to problems up ahead and a stunting of your spiritual growth. We suggest to you today to forgo all the advanced concepts, meditations and breathing exercises, yoga, Zen, and all other advanced concepts and focus on one thing and one thing only, and that is when another speaks or posts throughout your online social networks, stop for just a moment and take a long deep breath, and while you exhale think to yourself `Will I honor this soul's sacred right of free will and choice, or will I choose to trespass against my brother or sister and condemn him or her for their choice and right to exercise their right of expression. If you could do this each and every time you are poised to offer reply to what another has just expressed, you would be doing yourself and this other soul a great service.

      We are all here, in part, for spiritual growth and advancement along our journey, and to judge another and condemn their thoughts and freedom of expression is not assisting them on their journey in any way and is also not assisting you on your journey. Instead, this can be likened to a head on train wreck when two locomotives meet on the same track. This is certainly not conducive to either locomotive, and this is certainly not what will lead to a positive outcome for two souls who are also traveling upon their journey. We thank you for your efforts in this regard, and we will be looking for improvements in this area immediately starting today. What we would like to see more of are those of you who outwardly express that you honor and respect the views of others at all times and welcome always their views and opinions on any subject they would like to discuss. This is the way of the higher dimensions of this universe, where all beings respect the sacred rights of another and their choice of expression, no matter what that expression may be and whether you agree with this point of view or not.

      No one is asking you to ever take on the perspective of another. You are only being asked to honor another's right to choose their own perspective and express this choice in any way that they see fit, as long as it does not intrude upon the rights of another. This very basic and fundamental right is the cornerstone of the foundation of this entire multidimensional universe, and it is here at this very first block that we want you to focus your attention today and as you move forward, and we would like you not to forget our discussion today and this lesson on this extremely important spiritual virtue. Thank you, and bless you all.

      We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

      As channeled through Greg Giles
      http://ascensionearth2012.blogspot.com/- English
      http://spanishgreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Spanish
      http://brazilgreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Brazil
      http://bulgariangg.blogspot.com/ - Bulgarian
      http://coratiangreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Croatian
      http://dutchgreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Dutch
      http://germangreggiles.blogspot.com/ -German
      http://greekgreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Greek
      http://hebrewgreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Hebrew
      http://polishgreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Polish
      http://japanesegreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Japanese
      http://portugalgg.blogspot.com/- Portugal
      http://romaniangreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Romanian
      http://russiangreggilles.blogspot.com/ - Russian
      http://sloveniangreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Slovenian
      http://swedishgreggiles.blogspot.com/ -Swedish
      http://chinesegreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Traditional Chinese
      http://hungariangreggiles.blogspot.com/ - Hungarian
      http://frenchgreggiles.blogspot.com/- French
      http://turkishgreggiles.blogspot.com/2012/03/02032 Turkish

      Enjoy this day to its fullest – Michael channeled by Ron Head
      June 5,2012

      And so, it is upon you, dear friends. The unmistakable rise in the energies of light and love has begun. In addition, your biggest worries are beginning to prove unfounded. There is still, in your world, enough fear and worry to manifest these catastrophes. However we are delighted to see that the love and light you are bringing to bear is daily winning out over the fear, even though the numbers of you would not appear to be large enough.

      Light is always ascendant, dear ones. And your numbers are far, far greater than you imagine. You are a part of a universal host of uncountable number. As you join your meditations and visualizations this day, feel the power you have brought to bear. Feel us holding you in loving embrace. See all you have dreamed and longed for these many thousands of your years coming to pass before your mind's eye. See all resistance melting away as divine love replaces it in your entire solar system; for you have enabled far reaching changes that have hardly crossed your minds, my friends.

      When you change yourselves, you change your world, and when you change your world, you change the universe. This ascension, as you term it, reaches beyond your ability to comprehend, at least with the intellect. Soon you will be seeing things with a mind that will not have such restrictions. In that regard, we would now offer a tiny piece of advice, if we may. We see so many of you dreaming of what you will become, and that is a marvelous thing. We have indeed encouraged it. But we would point out that you are, in your true selves, already these wondrous beings. Achieving these things is not something you need try for. You are now as you are because it is necessary to what you have come to accomplish. We say to you that, if you simply relax into the flow of what you are becoming, it will come to you easily and painlessly in divine timing. Wonder at what you see happening to and around you, however, is fun. Is it not? That we highly recommend.

      Love, enjoy yourselves, and let that flow from you to all you meet. If you stub your toe, come quickly to your centers and ask for our help if you need it. We have told you that we walk by your side. In truth, we are always within, waiting for your call. We urge you also to think of today as the beginning of a huge and constant increase in the inflow of unconditional love to your world. It is an event, surely, but it will not end when you leave your meditations. It will be constant and constantly increasing in strength throughout these next months. We would like for you to give the intent that you continue to increase in your abilities to absorb and utilize these frequencies and this power in the transformation of yourselves and all around you. In this way smooth and peaceful change which hardly seems possible can occur.

      Those who do not know of, or refuse to believe, what is happening will hardly be able to understand. You, however, are now beginning to feel changes happening to yourselves which amaze you. The same changes are happening to many, many of those sleeping ones. They do not yet `get it', as you would say. When they get so confused that they ask you, please comfort them and let them learn at their own speed. They will surprise you.

      Enjoy this day to its fullest, my dear friends. We will speak again tomorrow.

      Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

      a message from Sarah-Jane Grace

      Tuesday, 5 June, 2012

      As we continue our grand and mysterious tale of cosmic twists and turns, this epic looks set to turn into an adventure of legend as the unconscious continues to become conscious, and sleepwalkers stir and awaken seeking meaning and purpose, love and unity. Each of us is a Divine spark, and we are stepping forth into the full blazing glory of love of the most incredible kind.

      As Venus dances across the Sun, we are being asked to fully open up our hearts, minds and souls to love in the truest sense of the word. Love is a word often used but it is the true power of love that is important now; when we feel the energy of love, the word becomes so much more, as we realise that love is an amazing and inspirational force.

      Love is often dismissed as `fluffy' or `over-rated', for in the `real-world' love cannot solve problems or put food on the table, but this misses the point! Love is not about paying bills or fixing life's problems; love is a state of being, and when in this state, everything changes. Love is not something to `get' or `attain', love just is. It is when we open ourselves up to the full power of this realisation that we step beyond limitations and connect with the expansive and infinite essence of the Universe that is within each and every one of us.

      Whilst being human can make life complicated, love brings us back to the simplicity and to the joy that is present in the magnificence of life. As we prepare to open up our hearts and souls to the full and incredible force that is love, we connect with the synergy of Self as hearts, minds and souls become One.

      Love begins and ends within; if we cannot truly love ourselves, then how can we love another? If we do not love our lives, then how can we love life? These are basic and fundamental building blocks in the Universe, and whilst they are simple, they should not be overlooked.

      As we connect to the outpouring of love on all levels of our consciousness, we take a bold step forward, for we move beyond fear, lack and doubt to a place of openness, One-ness and wholeness. Love transcends barriers and it breaks down walls, both within and without, and the time has come to find unity, both within our Selves and with one another, to create a new chapter of hope, love and harmony.

      With a true sense of love in our hearts, this outpouring of love flows freely within enabling us to be the very best that we can be; for we are Whole. We can then unify and send this flow inwards, outwards, earthwards and skywards and watch it ripple out touching the hearts and souls of so many.

      This may sound a little `gushy', but Venus is opening up our hearts to the full power of love. There are many thoughts about the impact of the Venus Transit, and these words are simple in comparison, but life is simple, we no longer need to complicate it.

      It is now time to live whole-heartedly and consciously, awakened and inspired in the present moment; it is time to be love and to live love. We are now ready to open up to nirvana both within and without, for there is room for all of us to live under the pink leaves of the lotus flower...

      You are encouraged to share articles as long as copyright and contact information are always included. Thank you for your courtesy. Sarah-Jane Grace www.theplanetwhisperer.co.uk

      Copyright © 2006-2012 Sarah-Jane Grace. All Rights Reserved

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      > Hi All
      > I've been busy and have only just noticed this thread.
      > It's not really appropriate for LFEO so I'll try to find time soon to
      > remove it from the archives.
      > Pam
      > On 22 May 2012 22:57, Viktoriya <Editor@...> wrote:
      > > **
      > >
      > >
      > > Greetings BeLoVeD ONe! :D I'm sending ya! LiGhT! & Infinite! LoVE!!!!
      > > ArChAnGeL
      > > Rick GaLaCtiC
      > >
      > > The true Journey of Discovery consists not in seeking new
      > > landscapes, but in having New Eyes!
      > > ~~~marcel proust
      > >
      > > Ascension.
      > >
      > > This word means so many different things to so many individuals. We are
      > > here to
      > > properly clarify the true meaning of the word ascension.
      > >
      > > Ascension is not a process to be feared, it is a natural occurrence, that
      > > the
      > > planet Gaia has been undertaking for the past 5 of your years, without
      > > many of
      > > you even knowing about it. The attention of many of you is now being
      > > brought to
      > > the ascension process, as the timing now has become crucial.
      > >
      > > The planet Earth is on her ascension course, with or without its
      > > inhabitants.
      > >
      > > So many of you are still yet to realize the importance of your role here on
      > > planet Earth. Yes, the planet is ascending, with or without your
      > > assistance, but
      > > the reason so many of you have been chosen to assist with the ascension
      > > process
      > > is not what you can do for Gaia, but what you can do for your fellow man.
      > >
      > > There are still so many unawakened, unaware souls out there - it is your
      > > role to
      > > assist these individuals in their awakening process, Earth will not, in
      > > fact,
      > > cannot stop her ascension process to wait for everyone to awaken, so it is
      > > up to
      > > you to enlighten your fellow man.
      > >
      > > You know that you were sent here for a reason, and there are still so many
      > > of
      > > you that have not yet awakened to that reason. We are here to tell you
      > > that this
      > > reason is to alert mankind to the fact that the ascension process is
      > > happening
      > > and to at least trigger some sort of recognition and awareness within them.
      > >
      > > That is all that is required of you at this time - it is not your role to
      > > force
      > > the issue of ascension onto your fellow man, merely to make as many of
      > > them as
      > > possible aware of the fact that the Earth is on an unstoppable ascension
      > > course
      > > and that all they need to do is look within - their spirit guides and
      > > mentors
      > > are there waiting, all you need to do is release the trigger of awareness
      > > within
      > > them.
      > >
      > > So many new souls are awakening on a daily basis now that the veils of
      > > forgetfulness have been lifted, and it is a wonderous sight for us all to
      > > behold.
      > >
      > > For those of you who have not yet experienced the direct contact or
      > > disclosure
      > > with us - know that the time is almost upon you. The cabal have been
      > > removed
      > > from your societies, and already you will have seen on your news programs
      > > that
      > > the wealth has already begun to be redistributed. However, this is not your
      > > concern, this issue has already been dealt with. The only foreseeable
      > > concern we
      > > have is the notification of the planets ascension to as many of your
      > > fellow man
      > > as possible - this is of the utmost priority at the moment, as many of the
      > > jobs
      > > that we have in store for you will be worthless, unless the ascension
      > > process is
      > > a success.
      > >
      > > Many of you will have noticed an increase in sightings. This is our
      > > intent, as
      > > the time is drawing ever near, and the sightings will become so
      > > commonplace that
      > > when we deem the time is right for complete disclosure, very few of the
      > > Earths
      > > inhabitants will be surprised by our landings. This is the role that we
      > > have
      > > bestowed on many of you at this time, purely to make our landings a
      > > success, not
      > > a fear based failure.
      > >
      > > If you have not yet tuned into your higher self, your spirit, the Angels
      > > or your
      > > Galactic family from the Stars, now is the time to do so. There can be no
      > > more
      > > excuses and no more delays. You all know that you volunteered to be here
      > > for
      > > this mission. The time for denial has long gone. The time to embrace and
      > > acknowledge who you all are and where you are from is now.
      > >
      > > As always, we offer you our unwavering support. We know that the questions
      > > will
      > > continue until the ascension is so far gone that there will be a time that
      > > the
      > > questions will cease - and your inner knowing will take over. It is
      > > contained
      > > within you all, you just need to dig deep, and give your permission for the
      > > relevant information to be revealed to you, as we cannot volunteer
      > > information
      > > to you without your prior consent.
      > >
      > > Why hold back any longer? Your fellow mankind need you now.
      > >
      > > We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
      > >
      > > More at: @ http://GALACTICFL.COM
      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > MSG from *ARCHANGEL MICHAEL* on May 21st, 2012.
      > >
      > > Each advance builds upon the last. ¨C ArchangeL Michael channeled by Ron
      > > Head
      > > May 21,2012
      > >
      > > We offer our sincere congratulations for your magnificent success in your
      > > meditations and visionings during yesterday¡¯s event. We urge you to make
      > > special efforts to remain grounded now as this wonderful energy continues
      > > to
      > > make itself felt.
      > >
      > > Allow your new consciousness to bring concepts of yourselves to your
      > > awareness
      > > that you have not allowed to surface for many lifetimes. Allow also the
      > > energy
      > > and light to penetrate deeply into your dear mother Gaia and to spill out
      > > into
      > > the space around you, reaching out to unite with each other everywhere on
      > > this
      > > planet. Allow your minds to understand that there is truly no limit to the
      > > extent of your energetic fields. Understand the instantaneous connections
      > > you
      > > have with all whom you resonate with.
      > >
      > > Draw in this light and use it to build a strong and unbreakable link
      > > between
      > > yourselves. We offer you an image. You and ourselves, you and Gaia, you
      > > and each
      > > other, we are one. We are one. Each of you contribute all you are and ever
      > > have
      > > been to the expanding consciousness we are. The power of the light, peace,
      > > and
      > > love of this oneness cannot and will not be stopped until it manifests the
      > > world
      > > you have imagined.
      > >
      > > Live in this new world as often as you desire each day. Breathe it, walk
      > > in it,
      > > play in it, love it into being. Speak about it to each other. Focus upon
      > > it with
      > > feeling. As things around you begin to happen now, you will be distracted
      > > at
      > > times, for they are what you have desired for so long. Take the time often
      > > to
      > > return to your centers and ground yourselves. Return also to your image of
      > > the
      > > new world you desire. Allow the events around you to transpire in the most
      > > peaceful, safest, and smoothest way possible. Bring as much light to bear
      > > on
      > > these events as you can muster. This is the function now of the light
      > > warrior.
      > >
      > > Find within you the reality of unconditional love. You may be challenged to
      > > maintain this as the truth of the past is exposed. We urge you to keep your
      > > focus on your new world as much as you are able, and to allow the old to
      > > pass
      > > away in peace. Your old world television, radio, and print media will
      > > offer up a
      > > great deal of noise at first. They are not yet free to do otherwise. Many
      > > of you
      > > have completely unplugged from that influence. More of you may want to do
      > > the
      > > same, for now. For the time being, they are completely under control and
      > > are
      > > being used to control you. Soon enough they will be free to return to the
      > > reporting of truth. Some small efforts are already being seen. In the
      > > meantime,
      > > you are all finding information that you resonate with, and interpreting
      > > it for
      > > yourselves. This is by design, dear friends.
      > >
      > > Watch closely now for small changes that will explode into huge long-term
      > > benefits to your world. It took decades for the benefit of the airplane to
      > > affect your world. It will take far, far less time for the new
      > > technologies to
      > > reach all of you. Communication and travel are many times faster now. Each
      > > advance builds upon the last. So has it ever been. And, as we have pointed
      > > out
      > > to you, your inner world operates in exactly the same manner as your
      > > outer. Each
      > > change builds upon the last. You are beginning to amaze yourselves.
      > >
      > > We in our multitudes stand on all sides of you and ensure your success
      > > now. We
      > > will speak again tomorrow. Good day. Archangel Michael
      > >
      > > More at: @ http://GALACTICFL.COM
      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > May 14, 2012
      > >
      > > Dear Ones, the time has come in your lives to let go of anything that is
      > > keeping
      > > you back from living life in its highest expression. Many of you put off
      > > living
      > > fully with your self talk. "I'll be happy when I lose 10 lbs." "I'll live
      > > my
      > > life for myself once the kids are grown." "I'll start taking care of myself
      > > first tomorrow." "If only I could find the right partner..." Every time you
      > > procrastinate in such a way you are making a conscious decision to keep
      > > yourself
      > > small and have a 'less than' experience. Hear us when we say you can start
      > > living a life that is fulfilling right now, even if the conditions are
      > > less than
      > > perfect. And the true miracle in that, is that once you do, the things
      > > that are
      > > less than your ideal will sort themselves out. Your life expression,
      > > particularly in these amazing and unprecedented times, is an incredible
      > > gift.
      > > Cherish it and live it to the fullest, every single second. ~Archangel
      > > Gabriel
      > >
      > > May 15, 2012
      > >
      > > What is the one area that you consider most problematic in your life? Why
      > > not,
      > > in a moment of silence and sincerity, take that one thing and surrender it
      > > to
      > > God? Then go about your business, secure that it is being taken care of to
      > > bring
      > > the highest outcome for all. How much lighter do you feel? How shifted are
      > > you
      > > from letting go of that weight? How much extra time do you have now to
      > > create
      > > more of what you do want? You see, the act of surrender is the most
      > > powerful
      > > thing a human can do whether it is a generalized surrender, or specific to
      > > one
      > > area of life. It is the energetic antidote to being stuck and a profound
      > > decision to move forward again. It is the act of an empowered human being.
      > > ~Archangel Gabriel
      > >
      > > May 16, 2012
      > >
      > > Many of the human condition have a tendency to remember and apply their
      > > spiritual teachings when times are good, yet the moment times get hard they
      > > revert right back to their old ways. Conversely, many turn to spirituality
      > > when
      > > their times are hard and forget all about it once things settle down. Your
      > > spirituality is designed to allow you to navigate all of what your life
      > > expression contains and will help you flow through the good times and what
      > > you
      > > consider bad in the most empowered way possible. Sporadic spirituality,
      > > while
      > > common in the initiate, is a beginner trait. Applying what you know and
      > > believe
      > > at all times is mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel
      > >
      > > May 17, 2012
      > >
      > > It is time for the wounded healers to start to address their own healing,
      > > for
      > > the teachers to apply and live by their own lessons, for the givers to
      > > start
      > > receiving. That is the balance that is required to move forward in earnest
      > > into
      > > the energies of the New Earth. Balance and boundaries have been major
      > > challenges
      > > for many helper souls. The time is now to honour yourselves and to share
      > > the
      > > gifts you so lovingly and willingly share with others with yourselves.
      > > ~Archangel Gabriel
      > >
      > > May 18, 2012
      > >
      > > When energetic elements are happening in quick succession, much like they
      > > are
      > > this month (and year), it is so important to keep your balance. Be kind and
      > > gentle to yourself. Listen to what your body and spirit needs. Stay in the
      > > now.
      > > Practice gratitude. Go with the flow. Keep a positive attitude. Apply what
      > > you
      > > know. It is an incredibly exciting time, Dear Ones! Take a moment to truly
      > > cherish how profound it is that you are here assisting, honouring your
      > > souls
      > > desire to experience this amazing and unprecedented time. Keeping your
      > > balance
      > > and anchoring a calm and peaceful presence will help you enjoy these times
      > > and
      > > will certainly be of service to yourself, others and Gaia. ~Archangel
      > > Gabriel
      > >
      > > May 19, 2012
      > >
      > > Many of you practice self-protection as a daily practice. We understand
      > > your
      > > intent as you do this, but we would like to point out that what you are
      > > really
      > > seeking is energetic clarity. The act of self-protection can separate and
      > > divide, while choosing energetic clarity allows you to stand in your
      > > authentic
      > > power and allow your light to shine, which supports the whole. While the
      > > steps
      > > may be identical for both, the intention makes all the difference in the
      > > world.
      > > ~Archangel Gabriel
      > >
      > > May 20, 2012
      > >
      > > Many humans have a fear of stepping into their authentic power and
      > > embracing
      > > themselves as creators. Dear Ones, there is nothing to fear! You have all
      > > had
      > > many life expressions experiencing power to define what it is, and what it
      > > is
      > > not. That was in preparation for the times you are in now. The fact that
      > > you are
      > > treating power with such respect shows you are more than ready. Do not be
      > > afraid
      > > of the responsibility you feel. In reality, you are already creating, so
      > > you may
      > > as well fully commit to using your wisdom and mindfulness to create the
      > > life and
      > > world of your dreams. You are so ready. We would like to add that you
      > > cannot
      > > make a mistake. If you were heading in a direction that didn't honour you,
      > > you
      > > would get uncomfortable and would naturally redirect. It is time to fully
      > > embrace what you are here to do and feel the excitement and joy of
      > > stepping into
      > > that sacred purpose you have prepared so very long for. ~Archangel Gabriel
      > >
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      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > Beloveds ~
      > >
      > > Keep steadfast on your path - many distractions are offered to test your
      > > resolve.
      > >
      > > Some souls are struggling to let go of the old fear-based ways - let them
      > > be.
      > >
      > > Only You can spiritually enlighten yourself - some choose to live in
      > > realities
      > > where the lights are very dim;
      > >
      > > This is a personal choice - the Light is there for every-One.
      > >
      > > Do not look back - the Light is getting brighter - it is necessary to lift
      > > mankind out of the dark ages of
      > > living in fear, unaware of their true identity as divine sparks of God.
      > >
      > > Fear is a lack of Love - a lack of Trust - a severe lack of Faith in the
      > > power
      > > of Love within their own
      > > heart-space.
      > >
      > > The gigantic leap forward into an enlightened, illuminated spiritual way of
      > > life on Mother Gaia is well
      > > underway. If the path gets too rocky, too dense for you to see clearly,
      > > take my
      > > hand and I will lead you.
      > >
      > > I will walk with you and we will rejoice and sing and clear away the thick
      > > forest of your mind -
      > >
      > > I live within you ~ I have Loved and nurtured you from the very beginning
      > > of
      > > your existence.
      > >
      > > I am the bright Light that you are beginning to see - keep walking toward
      > > me as
      > > I beckon you.
      > >
      > > I AM the One True Love of your Life - I AM your Higher-Self - I will never
      > > let
      > > you down.
      > >
      > > Come closer ~ just a few more steps ~ and you will be HOME.
      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* )O( * )O( * )O( *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
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      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > Message from P'taah
      > >
      > > May 2012 - No More Struggle
      > >
      > > So, my beloved ones, how is it going, the enlightenment stakes? Struggling
      > > along? You know, the wonderful news is that you do not need to struggle any
      > > longer. This timing - this impeccable timing that you have all created
      > > yourselves in - is for one reason only and that is to come into the
      > > knowing of
      > > the God-Goddessness of you. There is no other reason - just to come to
      > > know and
      > > love who you truly are.
      > >
      > > You do not come into that knowing, however, by struggling to practice what
      > > are
      > > called grand disciplines or by reading massive tomes or even by listening
      > > to
      > > 'old spooks' like that which be I! All of that is absolutely valid and it
      > > great
      > > fun, but it is not necessary. All that is necessary is that is you will
      > > come
      > > into the knowing of who you are.
      > >
      > > It's simple, indeed. No more struggle. Who you are, indeed, is grand and
      > > wondrous. Who you are is a facet of the God/Goddess, All-That-Is, else you
      > > would
      > > not be here. That which is called the universe is part of who you are. You
      > > are
      > > the God-Goddessness. You are the universe. Nothing else really exists
      > > outside of
      > > you, save to show you who you are - a grand mirror, a reflection to show
      > > you how
      > > wonderful and how magnificent you are.
      > >
      > > Within you, absolutely, is all knowledge - all knowledge. Whatever you
      > > read,
      > > whatever you hear, is merely a shadowy fragment, a reflection of what is
      > > called
      > > the true knowing and it is here. There is nothing else.
      > >
      > > As you are part of the universe, indeed as you are truly a wonderful
      > > multidimensional reflection of that God-Goddessness, so the universe
      > > supports
      > > you absolutely in the expression of who you really are. So it is that when
      > > you
      > > really start to know who you are, when you can take all of those parts of
      > > you -
      > > you know, the ones that you hide because they are not good enough and not
      > > acceptable - when you can take them, examine them and love them
      > > absolutely, you
      > > automatically open the channel to your own Godhood.
      > >
      > > It's really quite simple. Nothing to do except to embrace the totality of
      > > you.
      > > Instead there you are, chasing enlightenment, struggling along, exploring
      > > whatever is the newest thing - and all of the time the answers are within
      > > you.
      > >
      > > You see, beloved peoples, that which is called your belief structure and
      > > that
      > > which is called your fears are absolutely what create your reality. You are
      > > driven by that fear!
      > >
      > > Most of the time you live your lives in re-action. You are not in what is
      > > called
      > > loving action, not in what is called the vulnerability. You are simply in
      > > reaction to what is occurring about you. And remember that what is
      > > occurring
      > > around you, you have created because you create your own reality
      > > absolutely!
      > >
      > > So if you do not like what you are creating, you may change it. As you
      > > create
      > > the change, the universe will support you absolutely.
      > >
      > > You know, the universe does support all of your fears - all of that energy
      > > you
      > > put into the fears, all of the energy that you put into hiding what you do
      > > not
      > > like. The universe will support you absolutely and give you more. Whatever
      > > you
      > > are putting energy into, the universe helps you.
      > >
      > > So you may see in your life a certain patterning. That which has not been
      > > resolved, you will create and re-create and re-create all of the days of
      > > your
      > > life until you resolve it. How do you do that? Look at what it is in your
      > > life
      > > that you do not desire, the beliefs about yourself that created it, and the
      > > fear. When you embrace it all, you may change it absolutely.
      > >
      > > We will talk more about embracement next month. So, my beloved ones, until
      > > then,
      > > we love you grandly and issue forth to each and every one of you,
      > >
      > > Namaste.
      > >
      > > P'taah
      > >
      > > More at: @ http://GALACTICFL.COM
      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > Lao Tzu on the Transition, Life with the Emperor, and the Way of Life
      > > 2012 May 21
      > > Posted by Steve Beckow
      > >
      > > The following is an excerpt from Heavenly Blessings, May 17, 2012, with
      > > Lao Tzu.
      > > Lao Tzu is the author of the Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching. His simple,
      > > unfrilled explication of ¡°the Way¡± has proven itself a classic of
      > > spirituality
      > > and won him countless adherents over centuries, well beyond the boundaries
      > > of
      > > what might be considered Taoism.
      > >
      > > The reference to the stick alludes to Lao Tzu¡¯s first appearance to Linda
      > > in
      > > which he showed her a gnarled upright stick in perfect balance on his hand.
      > > Linda discussed the incident in the preamble. The sage is that gnarled
      > > stick in
      > > perfect balance.
      > >
      > > My favorite image of Lao Tzu is one that he gave of himself sitting at the
      > > roadside, across from a popular noodle stand. The hot steam is rising from
      > > the
      > > noodle pots across the way and travellers gather to eat and trade animated
      > > gossip. Meanwhile, no one comes to partake of the weak meat soup that Lao
      > > Tzu
      > > has prepared in silence and dispenses from a pot by his side. To the
      > > worldly
      > > what Lao Tzu purveys is ¡°weak meat soup.¡±
      > >
      > > One of the surprising admissions he makes is that it was he who incarnated
      > > as
      > > Djwhal Khul. Thanks to Mary for the transcript.
      > > Heavenly Blessings, May 17, 2012, with Lao Tzu
      > >
      > > Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon
      > > and the
      > > Council of Love, I¡¯m Graham Dewyea. Our guest today is Lao Tzu.
      > >
      > > Lao Tzu: Greetings I am Lao Tzu.
      > >
      > > GD: Welcome.
      > >
      > > LT: And welcome to you and do not worry, you are in the stillness and you
      > > are
      > > balancing on the stick and you are balancing within and without. There are
      > > many
      > > challenges upon your planet at this time and the key is to stay within the
      > > stillness and the balance of your heart and in that to stay in the balance
      > > and
      > > the stillness of your mind and your emotion. When you are in this place,
      > > you are
      > > also in the place of receptivity and you are able to bring forward what you
      > > need, what you desire, what you anticipate and what you are here to do.
      > > So, yes,
      > > I have asked this channel for the opportunity to speak to all of you and I
      > > welcome you.
      > >
      > > We have traveled together for a long time and we do so yet again. I have
      > > taken
      > > many forms in many incarnations but I wish to come to you this way as
      > > ancient
      > > teacher and ancient friend. I always am willing to give you my stick, that
      > > you
      > > may carry it with you, that you may treasure it and you say to me ¡°But
      > > Master,
      > > what is so special about an old gnarled stick that is crooked and bent?¡±
      > > Well,
      > > first of all it teaches you, reminds you to honor the wisdom of the
      > > elders, the
      > > wisdom that has been gathered and that I come to share with you.
      > >
      > > But it is also a symbol of your life; it is a symbol of what each of you go
      > > through in your journey. There are very few beings and particularly on
      > > earth,
      > > whose life is straightforward. There are always bends in the road. There
      > > are
      > > always unexpected detours. There are always bumps and perhaps gnarls. I
      > > ask you
      > > to take this stick and carry it and to practice balancing it that you may
      > > honor
      > > your journey. Do not strip it down, do not take the bark off it, do not
      > > polish
      > > it. Look at it in its perfect, natural form and appreciate it and then
      > > appreciate your life.
      > >
      > > It is a time when many of you are going through a period of reflection, of
      > > life
      > > review, of examination of what you have done and not done, accomplished
      > > and for
      > > many of you this is tinged a little with judgment and sometimes
      > > disappointment,
      > > feelings of what might have been. My friends, this is not the purpose of
      > > this
      > > examination and reflection, quite the contrary. The purpose is to see and
      > > to
      > > exclaim and to claim everything you have done, everything you have come to
      > > know,
      > > everything that you have experienced. Not judging it as good, bad, or
      > > indifferent but simply embracing it for the journey it has been.
      > >
      > > When I have walked the world as teacher and healer I would travel to the
      > > villages and I would share the secrets of the healing and the chi, for it
      > > was
      > > really no secret at all. But when I would travel to the poorest village and
      > > still I would be honored to share a rice bowl and people would say to me
      > > ¡°Master, what is it like in the palace of the emperor? Is it not grand?
      > > Do you
      > > not wish you were there? I wish I could go.¡± And I would look at these
      > > beings,
      > > my fellow villagers, my fellow travelers and I would say to them ¡°Look at
      > > the
      > > riches that surround you, for your feet are on the ground, they are in the
      > > soil
      > > all day long. You feel the heartbeat of the Mother, you awaken to the song
      > > of
      > > the birds as the sun rises in the sky, you feel the warmth of the day and
      > > the
      > > gifts of the breeze, you drink the fresh water with your hands, your
      > > children
      > > surround you, your grandchildren honor you. These are the riches.¡±
      > >
      > > For the emperor was always sick. He was always out of balance. And so,
      > > yes, he
      > > would beckon to me and like any who would beckon to me I would respond and
      > > go,
      > > often with some of you in tow for you are my students, my friends, my
      > > followers,
      > > my journeyers. And we would work our healing and restore the balance and
      > > chi
      > > flow within those of the palace walls and the emperor himself. And he
      > > would say
      > > to me ¡°What must I do to maintain this balance, to maintain my flow and
      > > why can
      > > you not simply stay here and tend to me?¡± And I would always just smile
      > > and
      > > look at him and I would say to him ¡°What you must do is put your feet on
      > > the
      > > earth and raise your face to the sun and give thanks for the riches, for
      > > you are
      > > the son of heaven and this is much to be grateful for.¡±
      > >
      > > And so I say to you, my dear friends, my children, be grateful for your
      > > stick;
      > > be grateful for what you have, for even the hardships. The hardships have
      > > come
      > > to you because you are strong enough to walk through them, to reveal the
      > > inner
      > > meaning, to share with others. When you do not know sorrow, when you have
      > > not
      > > experienced any of the old realm, then how do you know how others feel,
      > > what
      > > they experience and challenge. So bless the hardships that you have faced
      > > and
      > > the victories both large and small, for there are times in each of your
      > > lives
      > > when simply opening your eyes and choosing to go forward another day is a
      > > victory.
      > >
      > > But I do not simply leave you with empty reassurances. I have brought the
      > > LaHoChi back that you would have the tools to restore, not only your
      > > sacred self
      > > but all of humanity and all of Gaia; that you would have in your hands, at
      > > your
      > > fingertips what is necessary to obtain, maintain and retain the balance in
      > > all
      > > things for this healing is not simply for the body, the mind, the spirit,
      > > the
      > > soul, it is also for situations, environments, and for the planet we love,
      > > sweet
      > > Gaia.
      > >
      > > But I have other gifts that I also wish to gift to you this day and I know
      > > that
      > > you have been gifted and blessed with the Silver Flame of Archangel Uriel.
      > > Is he
      > > not magnificent? My gift to you is more humble than that, it is my cup, my
      > > small
      > > oil cup, my light, for we simply place a wick as you would think of it in
      > > some
      > > oil and I give you this, I give you my light that burns deep orange, that
      > > it
      > > will light your way. You are courageous; you are the adventurers, that is
      > > why
      > > St. Germaine and I have called to you.
      > >
      > > But I want you to have this light as you travel into unknown territory so
      > > that
      > > you may feel reassured, that you may see into situations that seem to be
      > > unclear
      > > or that you are uncertain of. You are breaking new ground, you are
      > > ascending
      > > into new territory, you are receiving the qualities of your
      > > inter-dimensional
      > > self during this time of transition.
      > >
      > > But I am not a foolish old man; I know there will be moments when you will
      > > feel
      > > a little nervous. And so I ask for you to use this light that you will see
      > > your
      > > way and if you are still nervous, if you are still anxious as many of you
      > > are,
      > > ¡®will this happen? will I make it?¡¯, then turn to me. There is nothing
      > > frail
      > > about me; I am very strong and I will offer you my arm or my shoulder to
      > > lean
      > > upon for I want you to find your way. And if you need guidance I will help
      > > you.
      > > I do not run ahead of you. No, I want you to be able to find your way for
      > > that
      > > is your joy and your journey but any assistance you need I am right there.
      > >
      > > I also gift to you, my beloved friends, fellow journeyers, I give to you a
      > > ball
      > > of twine. Yes, it is the old fashioned twine that you have not seen in a
      > > long
      > > time. But I always carry this with me, I travel very light and my sack
      > > holds
      > > very little, but these are essential tools and it is what I have to share
      > > with
      > > you and so I do so joyfully; I do so in gratitude that you will accept
      > > these
      > > humble gifts from me. ¡°Why the twine?¡± you say. It is very useful, it is
      > > useful in a number of ways; first of all if you think you are running out
      > > of
      > > wicks for the oil simply cut a piece, it will burn brightly and show the
      > > way.
      > > But primarily I give it to you that you may lay it down around you and form
      > > boundaries.
      > >
      > > It is a time of unity and this has been always what I have taught. I have
      > > taught
      > > it in ancient China, I have taught it in Atlantis, I have taught it in
      > > Tibet as
      > > my incarnation as Djwhal Khul, I have taught the importance of unity. But
      > > the
      > > comfort level of unity, for you see that I tend to your comfort this
      > > night, is
      > > knowing your boundaries. If you do not feel safe and secure and if you do
      > > not
      > > feel within your safety and secure your sacred space which grows daily, my
      > > dear
      > > hearts, if you do not feel this sense of boundary, of the wonder, the
      > > beauty,
      > > the magnificence of your sacred self, the divine expression of who you are
      > > in
      > > every dimension, in every reality, then it becomes frightening for you
      > > when we
      > > say to you, ¡°Join as one, acknowledge that you are one heart, part of one
      > > mind,
      > > one energy.¡± The fear will rise up because you think ¡°I will lose myself
      > > in
      > > this sea¡±.
      > >
      > > And of course ultimately that is the goal, but not at this stage, not at
      > > this
      > > stage of your journey. And so I give you this twine that you may lay down a
      > > border, a boundary to define your beautiful self my sweet child and
      > > healer, my
      > > teachers, my gatekeepers, my showers of the way. So use this twine to
      > > outline
      > > what defines you and that you may feel safe in inviting people in or
      > > opening the
      > > door.
      > >
      > > And if you feel that you are going in this journey from the 3rd to the 5th
      > > dimension, to the 7th, to the 9th, and you are afraid that you will not
      > > know
      > > your way back home, that you will somehow lose your way, then simply
      > > unravel the
      > > twine, anchor it, anchor it to your alter, to your bed, to your chair,
      > > anchor it
      > > within your home. And as you travel simply allow the ball of twine, it is
      > > much
      > > better than bird crumbs for our experience is the birds are a hungry group
      > > and
      > > they believe that you do this for them not for you, so use the twine in
      > > this way
      > > that you may always find your way home.
      > >
      > > And it does not matter whether it is home to your own home where you think
      > > your
      > > family lives, where your children reside and love you, or home to the 5th
      > > dimension, or home to the 7th, or home to the heart of One. So I give this
      > > to
      > > you in this way that you may keep it with you always; my gifts are always
      > > multi-purpose and then you may also use it however you wish. But I want
      > > you to
      > > know, although I am silent, I am always present. I am the observer, I am
      > > the
      > > watcher, I am the teacher as well.
      > >
      > > Now before we go any further, dear Graham of the inter-dimensional
      > > reality, do
      > > you have any questions of me?
      > >
      > > GD: Well firstly, thank you for your wisdom and your gifts and your
      > > peaceful
      > > messages. Can you hear me ok?
      > >
      > > LT: Yes, I can. And I think everybody else can as well. And I am not just
      > > speaking about the radio.
      > >
      > > GD: Well, your message and your visit with us today is so timely and one
      > > of the
      > > things that strike me¡­[at this point he was having technical difficulties
      > > again
      > > and I could not piece together his questions]¡­
      > >
      > > LT: I believe you have some further technical difficulties, but I want to
      > > talk,
      > > and that is why today I chose to speak of these messages of comfort. Like
      > > you I
      > > have lived as a human being and my journey has been long and there have
      > > been
      > > times of ups and downs. Many of you are feeling the penetration of the
      > > energy
      > > directly from the heart of Mother/Father/One and it is bringing up for you
      > > all
      > > kind of things including what I have called ¡®insecurities¡¯. And you can
      > > also
      > > use this ball of twine you know as a buoy, it will float even in the
      > > roughest
      > > seas.
      > >
      > > But how do you navigate, how do you navigate first of all when you know
      > > that you
      > > are walking in areas that have not been walked by the general population of
      > > earth, by humanity, ever? And how do you deal with the peaks, the troughs,
      > > the
      > > waves, the emotional challenges?, and I would be remiss, it is also one of
      > > the
      > > reasons I asked to speak to you because I have wandered the village, I have
      > > wandered the rice fields, I have seen children die of hunger, I know what
      > > it is
      > > to be in poverty, and I have seen the riches of those who rule, let us say
      > > through arrogance, believing it is divine right; the only divine right is
      > > unity
      > > and equality and freedom.
      > >
      > > That is why I chose to go from village to village to heal my people, to
      > > allow
      > > the force of love and light to move through them rapidly; not that it
      > > would take
      > > years to heal, but moments, it is instantaneous. And I ask each of you to
      > > remember and to learn if you cannot remember, learn my LaHoChi because it
      > > is
      > > important especially now we have amplified it. And if you say ¡°Lord, I
      > > don¡¯t
      > > know what to do with this¡±, I say ¡°Take your hands and put them on your
      > > heart
      > > and stay still.¡± Too many of you so often you are running, you are leaning
      > > right, you are leaning left, you are leaning forward, you are leaning
      > > back, and
      > > you are not learning to stay still, in balance. And once you have this,
      > > yes what
      > > the channel has called ¡®stillpoint¡¯ when you have the balance, when you
      > > can be
      > > the stick in perfect balance, then you can move.
      > >
      > > It would be absurd, ridiculous and a form of denial for us to say to you
      > > ¡°Everything is fine.¡± Everything is fine in divine timing and right and
      > > process and what you are being gifted with, but we do not pretend that
      > > there is
      > > not inner turmoil. That is why I speak to you of ¡®choice¡¯ and sometimes
      > > the
      > > choice, the decision, the biggest decision is just to keep going, to get
      > > out of
      > > bed. Sometimes the biggest choice and the wisest course of action is to
      > > sit, to
      > > be still, to simply be and know that you will be nudged by appropriate
      > > action,
      > > by appropriate inspiration. When it is time to move you will jump as if
      > > your
      > > feet are on fire and you are filled with the spirit of action. But the
      > > balance
      > > is the movement and the stillness.
      > >
      > > But when you are feeling tossed by the waves, by the trough, by your
      > > emotions,
      > > by what you think and let go of judgment please, it is very old 3rd
      > > dimension,
      > > it has no place in your life, it never has. It is judgment that has gotten
      > > you,
      > > the collective of humanity, into this mess so let it go and when you feel
      > > that
      > > you are indecisive then be still. Your reaction and your reaction
      > > particularly
      > > in the west is ¡°Oh I have to do something.¡± And I ask of you ¡°Why?¡±
      > > Sometimes the wisest action is no action; it is tending to your self.
      > >
      > > We bring this healing forward now because it can work the miracles of
      > > clearing,
      > > of uniting, of honoring your boundaries and helping you feel safe of
      > > letting
      > > them go. We bring this forward to you, and I do not do so alone, I do so
      > > with my
      > > beloved St. Germaine and Archangel Raphael, Metatron, Jesus Sananda, the
      > > Mother,
      > > the Divine Mother and yes as Mary, as Quan Yin, El Morya, Serapis Bey,
      > > Sanat
      > > Kumara. All of these beings join with me in this healing that I offer you,
      > > not
      > > at some future date but right now.
      > >
      > > We are also joined by my dear friend and ally Grener of Ashira of Neptune.
      > > (1)
      > > Yes, your star brothers and sisters have brought this healing to you in the
      > > first place. They have not forgotten it and so they bring it to you once
      > > again.
      > > We all do, not on a golden platter but in our hands and in the activation
      > > of
      > > your hands, of your light, of your God force divinity, of Love. So often I
      > > hear
      > > you say ¡°Master, how can we heal the world? How can we do this when time
      > > is
      > > running short?¡± And this is how you may do it.
      > >
      > > What this chi, the LaHoChi, does for you is also allows you to direct and
      > > to
      > > work more clearly with this energy that is this love, the laser beam of
      > > light
      > > that is being sent to you directly from the heart of the Source One. It
      > > helps
      > > you to direct it into yourself, into others, into your political
      > > situations,
      > > your financial situations, into the environment where many are still
      > > living in
      > > the 3rd dimensional reality, so that they may be penetrated and wake up in
      > > time
      > > to claim their sovereignty. Yes, this journey of Ascension is about Gaia
      > > and her
      > > reclaiming her rightful place, her journey of light and love. But dear
      > > friends,
      > > make no mistake it is also about each of you claiming and reclaiming your
      > > rightful place as well. The great awakening is upon you, it is not coming
      > > in
      > > future times. It is here and it is yours and I am here to help. I will
      > > share my
      > > rice bowl, I will share my twine, I will share my light. I will share my
      > > wisdom
      > > and I will give you my stick.
      > >
      > > I ask of you not to doubt yourself. I know what doubt is. There were times
      > > that
      > > I would go to the palace and I would worry. I would worry not because I
      > > couldn¡¯t heal the emperor but because I would doubt and worry about
      > > whether he
      > > would accept the healing. But that was futile and of course that was part
      > > of my
      > > learning, my journey in that lifetime. It was part of finding the middle
      > > way and
      > > staying in the middle way, the Tao. It is none of my business whether the
      > > emperor wishes to accept healing. If it is requested it is given. And so
      > > it is
      > > with you. If people request your help, do not wait one moment to judge or
      > > to
      > > think ¡®will it work?¡¯ Simply proceed. Proceed from balance and stillness
      > > into
      > > the action, into the flow of love through you to them and I guarantee you,
      > > my
      > > dear hearts, it will work each and every time. So acknowledge your doubt,
      > > acknowledge the worry and then let it be gone. Do not carry it with you.
      > > Make
      > > sure your sack is as light as mine. Go with peace and go with my love.
      > >
      > > GD: Thank you.
      > >
      > > More at: @ http://GALACTICFL.COM
      > >
      > > (1) The ¡°Neptune¡± that Grener is from is not our planet Neptune. There
      > > are
      > > apparently many Neptunes around the cosmos.
      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > 20-May-2012
      > >
      > > Hello Son,
      > >
      > > Children Need to Know
      > >
      > > The Creator has already activated their DNA to accept the energies of this
      > > year.
      > > However, this will work if they are facing the correct way, and that is
      > > towards
      > > ascension.
      > >
      > > We remind you what happens to stagnant water, it becomes stale and
      > > undrinkable.
      > > The properties of the water change and loose their nutrients. Same happens
      > > to
      > > energy when it is not utilised.
      > >
      > > For younger children, tell them a bright future is beckoning for everyone
      > > who
      > > believes in God.
      > >
      > > We remind you of an earlier channelling and we say the same to children.
      > >
      > > Tell them; that the planet is changing into the most beautiful garden
      > > imaginable. This garden is going to have wonderful waterfalls, flowers,
      > > bushes
      > > and trees. It is giving off beautiful smells every where you go. Did you
      > > know
      > > that the planet too is alive, when you go to any plant or tree, it can
      > > read your
      > > thoughts. If you talk to a flower and say that it looks beautiful; the
      > > flower
      > > understands what you are saying and will be pleased. Try to touch and say
      > > hello
      > > to all the plants in the garden. Because they are alive; but we have lost
      > > the
      > > language to understand them. But you can learn very quickly, if we silence
      > > the
      > > mind and start listening.
      > >
      > > Bring a plant for your children and let them make their own choice. Then
      > > let
      > > them look after it, even talk to it. It is important to respect nature and
      > > all
      > > its surroundings and show the children the beauty of the world of nature.
      > >
      > > Tell him that the world is linked with families who care for each other.
      > >
      > > Children are naturally inquisitive and trust their parents, so teach them
      > > what
      > > you know in stages.
      > >
      > > The older ones can easily access the internet and research on their own;
      > > but
      > > guide them to your own favourite sites, it is vital to save time that they
      > > are
      > > directed.
      > >
      > > Share openly in your circles of trust the messages of this year and let the
      > > belief inside of you grow stronger each day.
      > >
      > > Your mother; children carry immense energies that light rooms that have
      > > remained
      > > dark for years. They believe in lore more than you think.
      > >
      > > Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
      > >
      > > More at: @ http://GALACTICFL.COM
      > >
      > > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > >
      > > The Week Ahead: 05/21/2012
      > > ~Angela Peregoff
      > >
      > > As we sit basking in the dynamic presence of yesterday¡¯s solar eclipse
      > > New Moon
      > > there is no longer any question that a cosmic acceleration is influencing
      > > our
      > > times, as we seem to be in the midst of a new level of amplify. For the
      > > next
      > > couple of weeks our sun is resting in perfect alignment with the central
      > > sun
      > > Alcyone in the celestial Pleiadian system. This group of stars represents
      > > the
      > > seven sisters or seven Goddesses in our galaxy. We also stand at the
      > > culmination
      > > of Wesak, a festival celebration of enlightenment.
      > >
      > > Typically May is a mystical rebirthing time when we can relax, merge with
      > > Spirit, the higher planes, and drink in the elixirs of expanded
      > > consciousness.
      > > We relax and smell the roses (the scent of the Divine); we feel like
      > > focusing on
      > > comfort, beauty, security, and harmony within all our resources. However
      > > the
      > > particular stellar waves that will be pouring in from the galaxies above
      > > will be
      > > providing the signals and frequencies to anchor newer levels of awareness
      > > that
      > > include sacred respect for the value of life and consciousness.
      > >
      > > Energy vibrations from the Galactic Center will be transmitted across the
      > > parsecs of space in a language of Light, a form of intelligent
      > > communication
      > > that affect and support all forms of consciousness. The Pleiades, Alycone,
      > > Maia,
      > > Electra, Merope and the rest of the cluster of stars from that region of
      > > the
      > > galaxy will be transducing transmissions and relaying them onward. Our Sun
      > > will
      > > catch the cosmic communications and distribute them to the rest of the
      > > solar
      > > system.
      > >
      > > Each wave of particular frequency will be carrying a specific resonance of
      > > higher frequency and Divinity sent directly to your cells, where the
      > > spirals of
      > > your DNA are in harmonic resonance with the spirals of the galaxy. You
      > > will not
      > > see or feel the vibrations with you physical senses however your cells will
      > > catch the signals loud and clear. Your biology will know it is being
      > > called upon
      > > to tune itself to meet and match the new harmonics and entrain with the
      > > escalating waves of resonant energy.
      > >
      > > Imagine as we progresses towards the Memorial Day weekend in the US the
      > > kingdom
      > > of humanity will be breathing a New set of encodements that will usher in
      > > the
      > > experience of Life, physical immortality, and being our body of Light fully
      > > present in a cellular biology. The transmissions are very strong and
      > > nothing can
      > > dispel them. All life on planet Earth, as well as the entire solar system,
      > > must
      > > adjust to this energy. The Sun¡¯s role is to maintain balance by
      > > supporting and
      > > sustaining the evolution of consciousness in this galactic realm.
      > >
      > > If the resonance is not matched, then dissonance and discord occur, which
      > > is
      > > what you usually see unfolding as scandals, dishonesty, bickering,
      > > warmongering
      > > and new levels of madness. All manner of havoc is created by those who feel
      > > frantic because they cannot match the cosmic attunement. If you lose
      > > contact
      > > with your heart center, then you will not be able to fully occupy your
      > > body or
      > > use your mind to its greatest capabilities during this time.
      > >
      > > So if you have, or still are feeling as though the universe is giving you
      > > a run
      > > for your money by having you stand in chaos, emotional upheaval, physical
      > > ¡°jumpiness,¡± fatigue, phases of confusion, listlessness, sensing
      > > compression
      > > or its opposite, lightness of being it is because as a committed vessel of
      > > Spirit you are holding the newest frequencies and assisting in raising the
      > > vibration of the planet through your physical being. It may help to
      > > remember
      > > that cosmic energies are always absorbed by the earth, so to remain calm
      > > and
      > > centered, do as the rest of Nature¡¯s creatures and stay in touch with the
      > > ground.
      > >
      > > As an emissary of Divinity upon Gaia during this time many are acting as
      > > grounding points of the deeper commitment of spirituality and
      > > consciousness that
      > > is surfacing. As an entity understanding, ¡°one with all¡± your karmic
      > > ethics
      > > has you devoted to the purpose of Ascension. As a straight shot of Source
      > > dimensional equipment you are a very important component for the New Living
      > > Field of embodiment. This knowledge may, or may not, make up for all that
      > > you
      > > are processing physically and emotionally, however, know that if you are
      > > building, claiming, and anchoring what is necessary to advance there are
      > > celestial elders watching over you. If the need is there, ask for their
      > > assistance when the merger of energies becomes too much. They will help,
      > > and at
      > > the same time make sure that you continue to grow.
      > >
      > > With so many scrambling changes occurring at once many are feeling as
      > > though
      > > they exist in a house of mirrors. Possessing a keen awareness of the
      > > invisible
      > > happenings can be distracting and confusing for the human living in
      > > accelerated
      > > times. We all need to schedule time for pampering when we are feeling ill
      > > at
      > > ease. For those that perform reality checks and find they are frenzied by
      > > energies that are somewhat difficult to handle, you need to formulate clear
      > > plans for balance and clarity by consulting your own internal pillar of
      > > wisdom
      > > and commonsense. The message here is not to beat yourself up for feeling
      > > bewildered and out of rhythm. Everyone is involved in this intensive
      > > interchange; some are just aware that they are rendezvousing with sacred
      > > agreements and contracts. Brainstorm ways that will support the times of
      > > disenfranchised spiritual jolts. Visit a health practitioner, make sure
      > > your
      > > diet is sound, avoid taking big risks, join a metaphysical group, get lost
      > > in
      > > the arms of nature, etc. You are the only one who can muster the
      > > blockbuster
      > > remedies for amplified waves of Light running through the human collective
      > > with
      > > a vengeance during these times.
      > >
      > > As the month comes to a close there will be a definite steadying effect
      > > that
      > > should be felt by all. But before jumping for joy and high-fiving everyone
      > > in
      > > your <br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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