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URGENT - "Fast tractor" - race against the clock to help our friends in Nigeria. Please read and share with your networks

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hello All ( Please forgive me sending this to you in a group email - it is to people who I believe share my concerns) I need to help my friend John Dada of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2012
      Hello All ( Please forgive me sending this to you in a group email - it is to people who I believe share my concerns)

      I need to help my friend John Dada of Fantsuam Foundation - and I need your help to do it. Details have gone live in the past 24hours at  http://fasttractor.net/

      Please do all you can to get the word out. We are working against the clock and need to get as many people as possible interested and sharing the news.

      Anything you can do to "create the buzz" will be much appreciated. Donations welcome too of course - but sharing the word is what we need to do as quickly as we can. 

      What is it about?

      Over two years ago there was the promise of government subsidised tractors and related equipment. This scheme is supposed to benefit genuine grass roots organsisations in Nigiera, such as Fantsuam Foundation. John Dada (who I know well and respect greatly) managed to scrape together the deposit of £2000 so Fantsuam Foundation would qualify. After many false rumours over the years the tractors suddenly appeared at Kaduna. On Tuesday May 15th  John was called to the delivery point and told to pay the remaining money - approximately £7,200  - within 21 days or forfeit the tractor. He had no hope of doing so. Fantsuam Foundation doesn't sit on reserves of money. It responds to urgent and important local needs, and is always squeezing all it can from its limited resources. There is never anything much in hand. John didn't have the money, he couldn't even borrow so much money in the time needed. He only needed a loan. He has a business plan for paying for the tractor over time.

      Coming to the rescue

      John told me. I told a friend, who told a couple of his friends, and they came up with an ambitious project called "Fast Tractor" to help John and the people he helps. It is ridiculously against the clock - but we are giving it our best shot and relying on the power of social media to get this tractor to where it ought to be.  Please help us. Share this as far and as fast as you can. I know this is genuine. I know the people and places involved. I admire and value the work that they do. I have done so ever since my first visit to Fantsuam Foundation in 2004. Together we can make his happen.

      You can make the difference

      Please help me to help my friends before they lose this chance. Don't let them lose "their" subsidised tractor to some profiteering person with money to spare who can resell it at a normal commercial price. If they can't hand over £7,200 they won't just loose the chance of the tractor - they will struggle to get their deposit back.

      We need this story to go far and fast. The deadline is even shorter than we realised. We hadn't allowed for the bank holiday this weekend  We have raised over £1000 since we started less than 24 hours ago. We need the rest before the banks close on Friday.  

      It's a crazy ask - but we're going for it. You can be the one that makes the difference between us hitting the target or just missing it.  Please pass this on. Help to create the buzz before you do anything else - and if you can afford it - please donate - every little helps.

      Many thanks.

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