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Jackton Arija, Paul Were in Kenya

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    ... Malaria control,I met Maria last year when she come to Kenya.I have worked in Malaria control for more that eight years.When Maria was here she interviewed
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2007
      >Dear Andrius,
      > Greetings from Kenya,i am Jackton Arija working with community in
      Malaria control,I met Maria last year when she come to Kenya.I have worked in
      Malaria control for more that eight years.When Maria was here she interviewed
      me concerning the work we are doing in malaria control programme.I would love
      to be introduced in the forums so that we can share more with diferent people
      around the world.
      > I have a friend who is currently working with Live stock deparment his
      name is Paul Were,here is his email adress.nyorondo72@... his main work
      is concerning Rift Valley Fever which has killed many people and livestock
      here in Kenya.You may be intrested contacting him concerning this disease.
      > I hope that i will hear from you.
      > Jackton

      Dear Jackton Arija,

      Thank you for your letter which I share. I also include Samwel Kongere's
      interview of you with regard to your preparations for a possible flu pandemic
      in Rusinga Island. The current outbreak of Rift Valley Fever may also be a
      good opportunity to prepare for a flu pandemic.

      I invite you and Paul Were to join one or more of our Minciu Sodas
      laboratory's working groups:

      Send a blank message to mendenyo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join Samwel
      Kongere's working group Mendenyo = Men without food, for developing a spirit
      of local investment and entrepreneurship in Africa and around the world. (I
      also welcome all of our new participants from Chicago and hope to write more
      soon about this group.)

      Send a blank message to learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to
      join Pamela McLean's working group Learning From Each Other with special
      emphasis on Distance learning and Information and Communications Technologies

      Send a blank message to learningfromeachother-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to
      join Lucas Gonzalez Santa Cruz's working group Finding Better Ways Together,
      he is interested in creative collaboration, especially in preparing for a
      possible flu pandemic. He is a doctor and also a public administrator.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas


      Personal Information:

      Name: Jackton Amayo Arija

      Address: P.O. Box 30, Mbita 40305

      Email: jarija2000 AT yahoo DOT com


      Country: Kenya

      Occupation: Scientist and driver

      What you would do if there was bird flu? And tell me, how you would educate
      the people about the facts on bird flu preparedness.

      If there is bird flu pandemic, I must be ready to protect and give support
      the community around me. The germ causing the bird flu is very dangerous to
      both birds and other living creatures. It is known to be living in wild
      birds, especially water birds like ducks, without causing disease……..But at
      times when these birds come into contact with these domestic birds, such as
      chicken they transmit it to them. Unlike in the wild birds, the germ causes
      disease in the domestic birds, and they get very sick and most of them die.
      Almost all the domestic birds that get sick die.

      So there must be reasons for me to be responsible. Just about and during
      winter, most of the wild birds from Europe and Asia fly or migrate to Africa
      to escape the cold winter there. The birds arrive here between September and
      December each year. These are the same months our chickens die of New castle
      and other poultry diseases.

      Most of these birds fly on to southern Africa but some of them land and stay
      here for the entire period. The birds fly back between March and April. We
      need to worry because some of the birds have already passed through here;
      have come into contact with our wild birds, or may do so in the course of
      their stay here. Our wild birds and the visiting birds that stay on are
      likely to come into contact with our domestic birds, considering that we
      most of our domestic birds like chicken, out doors without any form of
      or without restriction –free range.

      The journey to south is very long, and some of the birds are reported dying
      on the way. Some of those birds that remain in Kenya may die during their
      stay here. There are cases of human getting infected from coming into
      with infected birds this means I am not spared even, I must find ways to
      protect myself and others, in the countries where the disease is currently
      occurring some of the people infected have died. There is great need to
      the community on preparedness on the possible attack.

      Would you leave the pandemic to continue?

      People must be prepared always as the pandemic will not spare anybody poor
      rich. We must come up in arms to do something to help where applicable. Tell
      the people the truth about bird flu not just announcing in media that we are
      safe…. but doing nothing, everybody is affected and there is no need to keep
      cool and wait.

      If you leave, get sick, with pandemic, who could replace you?

      I cannot say that I am serious in arms, that, I’m ready to protect myself
      from bird no!!! Anybody can die and there must be some linkage left behind
      support or there must be good governance from to me to the other people or
      younger generation to help them protect or give to others coming behind us.

      I mean I must give ground work to the younger people. This means they must
      trained for being prepared but death will one day come and life protection
      must also continue.

      What are their plans in the event of any kind of emergency (disaster)?

      I plan to make the people have the following for their own protection and
      this can be done I phases.

      Phase one.

      Community mobilization and awareness through seminars and workshops, making
      the community aware of the prevailing results of the pandemic.

      Phase Two.

      Training community mobilizers on bird flu and getting some key contact
      for the great activity in preparation. Here we can have materials for
      and other kits including brochures, posters, Plastic bags, Masks and dust

      Phase Three.

      International network and exchange for sharing the out come. Evaluate the
      outcome and continues monitoring.
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