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Invitation to Dadamac's First Thursday Meeting - Thursday May 3rd

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  • Pamela McLean
    **You are invited to Dadamac s First Thursday Meeting ***Thursday May 3rd 2012* ** *Time - *14.00 GMT 15.00 London time 15.00 Nigerian time,
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      You are invited to Dadamac's First Thursday Meeting

      Thursday May 3rd 2012

      Time  - 14.00  GMT     15.00 London time        15.00 Nigerian time,        17.00 East Africa Time, 

      For your local time see The World Clock – Time Zone Converter  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

      To join in go to http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/May-2012-First-Thursday - There is room for twenty people - (i.e. the first twenty people to arrive can get in - but usually we don't have that many )
      How it works

      On  the first Thursday of each month I try be online for an hour. I invite people to join me. Usually I have no idea if anyone will be willing and able to accept my invitation, but I wait online in the hope that someone will arrive - and usually the result is an  interesting  discussion of some kind

      See the previous two meetings for an idea of what happens

      We'll start with "meet and greet" and will choose our topic according to who turns up.
      If  only a couple of us turn up we can explore all our latest news,  interests and  issues in depth. If  more turn up then we'll explore the interests that  are shared by most people.


      Everyone who is getting this is an interesting person - I look forward to chatting to you - and I think you would enjoy discovering each other.and exploring shared interests,  too.

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