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Dadamac's First Thursday online meeting summary

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  • Pamela McLean
    This is what happened at the Dadamac First Thursday online meeting today. These notes are taken from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2012
      This is what happened at the Dadamac First Thursday online meeting today.
      These notes are taken from http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/Jan-2012-First-Thursday
      Introducing ourselves -
      • fola the teacher in ago are Nigeria, he has interest in web designing and ICT development
      • Steve Bosserman, USA, interests include sustainable agriculture and business ecosystems development
      • Doug Morrison, UK. Main interest at the moment is setting up Mardi, a new organisation for university alumni and students who want to make the world a better place.
        • I have just updated the Why Join? page a few seconds ago and would welcome feedback (in due course). The link is http://mardinet.org/main/whyjoin.html and I am happy to answer questions.
      • Graham K - UK - main interest at moment is developing use of TECs to produce small amounts of electricity for those without light using waste heat of wood stoves.
        • Need to find practical helpers to assemble units
      • Pamela McLean UK,  main interest at moment is exploring collaboration - face to face in UK and online elsewhere
      • Nikki Fishman UK
      • Sasha - Serbia -  came to test the link before the start but was not able to return

      Main items that were discussed (This is cut and pasted from the chat. I haven't included any of our greetings, social chat, expressions of interest, etc)

      Steve B.: One  of my distractions is a call with a key person in the seed tape  venture.  This has been MUCH slower to develop than I first thought  during December's First Thursday.  As a result, I have not been able to  send useful information to John D about it

      Graham: I'm hoping to interest people in using TECs to make electricity
      Graham: I  have shown chez moi that it is quite easy to use cheap Chinse  thermoelectruic modules to produce a little power using stove heat
      Graham: I've got one or two people interested but know from experience just how difficult it can be to find the right ones
      Graham: I need people in Africa who are interested and can use a drill/saw etc to make simple assemblies

      Nikki F: I have just finished working alongside Pam and as I was leaving her internet connection seemed to be failing

      Nikki F: Message for Fola: Many thanks for your wonderful photos on Dadamac Flickr much appreciated

      Pamela: look like I missed all the meeting because of my bad connection
      Graham: My EOP connection has broken several times

      Pamela: I wonder how we can best progress your project.by Doug

      Graham: Any ideas who to approach? It is difficult to find practical people these days - DIY is out of fashion most places

      Doug: There is a growing range of expertise available.

      Graham: Many university efforts are too expensive to become general. Have you seen SCORE?

      15:16 Graham: This is about a conference on this interesting solution
      Graham: If this proves of interest you could ring me?

      fola: my network was bad
      fola: thanks to Nikki for acknowledging my pix

      There was also some discussion about connections, and ongoing conversations, and the best way to hold them beyond this meeting.
      Because of the problems with connections less was covered than usual.

      Previous two meetings

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