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  • ms@ms.lt
    Franz, Congratulations! I know that you ve worked for many years with some of these villages. It s exciting to see them coming together in very much the way
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26 6:25 PM

      Congratulations! I know that you've worked for many years with some of
      these villages. It's exciting to see them coming together in very much
      the way you envisioned. I think it's hardest to get this core together,
      and then it will grow naturally.

      Will this be primarily in German? I will try to see who in Lithuania
      might be interested, in time.

      I share your letter at Living By Truth and also Learning From Each Other,
      where others know you from Minciu Sodas.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      (773) 306-3807

      > [ http://globalvillages.ning.com/ ]Global Villages Network
      > local community - global networking
      > Dear Members of the Global Villages Network,
      > Dear subscribers of the globalvillages yahoogroup,
      > for the first time, in the name of GVN, a major and groundbreaking
      > activity is finally taking place.
      > I have the pleasure to announce it today and I hope that most of you will
      > decide to take part passively by using the video stream we are going to
      > produce.
      > If you want to take part more actively, please send me a private message
      > at:  f.nahrada@...
      > please also help us to distribute the following press release:
      > Village Innovation Talks Begin!
      > [ http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/St_Martin
      > ]St.Martin, [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Siegendorf
      > ]Siegendorf, [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Kirchbach
      > ]Kirchbach, [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Bittelbronn
      > ]Bittelbronn, [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Odernheim
      > ]Odernheim, [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Witzenhausen
      > ]Witzenhausen -
      > On 16th of December 2011 they will start the first "Village Innovation
      > Talk": Six innovative villages from Germany and Austria are connecting via
      > Videobridging and they will openly exchange innovative approaches in
      > various domains of village life.
      > •    In a relaxed pre-Christmas mood in local meeting places groups
      > of locals with something to say will come together. By projector, screen
      > and sound, this groups will converse with each other, connected by the
      > internet in real time. The aim of the Village Innovation Talks is for
      > village innovators to dialogue, and learn from each other, to define new
      > projects, and to get peer to peer support for them. "Videobridging" as
      > distinct from Video Conferencing seeks to connect whole local learning
      > circles and foster local encounter and dialogue by bringing in "global"
      > viewpoints.
      > •    "The mayor in an Amazonian area and a mayor from this round
      > would have a lot to relate to each other. They might have to act under
      > totally different conditions, but their aims – like fighting the flight
      > to the cities, the creation of apt infrastructure, be it of energy,
      > communication or entertainment are similar," states Klaus Stoll, Managing
      > Director of GKPF (Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation), who are
      > sponsoring the first Talk partnering with Global Villages Network. The
      > GKPF seeks to explore new ways and chances for sustainable development
      > through the Village Innovation Talks.. They look to bring people from the
      > Global North and Global South to create something new together.
      > •    The participants in this first round of talks all have
      > successful experiences to present in the areas of energy, broadband,
      > culture and education.
      > •     [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Bittelbronn
      > ]Bittelbronn, with 580 villagers in Zollernalbkreis, has founded a
      > cooperative to supply the locality with heating from renewable sources.
      > •    Also in the energy sector [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Odernheim
      > ]Odernheim has plans underway for a wind turbine park. In addition, the
      > activities of the "Odernheim Future Viability Group", are targeting young
      > entrepreneurs in creativity and future oriented fields to widen the scope
      > of cultural offers.
      > •   In [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Witzenhausen
      > ]Witzenhausen in Hessen, Räderwerk e.V. is raising awareness of
      > connections between culture and work with small businesses, institutions
      > and individuals on an old industrial site.
      > •    Dream Academia on the German-Hungarian border ([
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Siegendorf
      > ]Siegendorf) is the first „center for dream development“ and invites
      > folks to implement and actualize their dreams across boundaries.
      > •    [
      > http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/St_Martin
      > ]St.Martin in Waldviertel has created really concretely a fiber optic IT
      > infrastructure that even surpasses the urban infrastructure.
      > •  [ http://www.dorfwiki.org/wiki.cgi?VillageInnovationTalk/Kirchbach ]
      > Kirchbach in Steiermark (Styria/SouthEast Austria) has brought the
      > university into the village via Videobridging.
      > Franz Nahrada, the founder of GVN (Global Villages Network), sets his
      > vision out "Villages which want to be sustainable must now proceed in many
      > directions and new ways. Years back a network was founded, which wanted to
      > use modern communication technologies, especiallyfor the purpose to let
      > creative and innovative people in rural areas exchange their ideas freely
      > . The time has come for such a dialogue!"
      > AdobeConnect will be used as a technical solution as the video bridging
      > software. In that system, only one computer connected to the Internet,
      > with a webcam and browser is required.
      > Other communication possibilities during the event (Videostream, Facebook,
      > Twitter) will be provided. We will send out the URL in a later message.
      > 16th of December 2011
      > Start time is 16.00 o'clock
      > End time is 19.30 o'clock.
      > Further Info
      > •    Germany: Dagmar Eisenbach    +49 152
      > 01587728  dagmar.eisenbach@...
      > •    Austria: Franz Nahrada             +43 676
      > 9133961    f.nahrada@...
      > Visit Global Villages Network at: [
      > http://globalvillages.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
      > ]http://globalvillages.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
      > [Image]
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