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More background to the (alternative) University Project and unconference 14-16 October.

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  • Pamela McLean
    I think this is interesting so I m blind copying it to some of my personal contacts as well as posting it to posterous and LFEO It s the latest on the
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      I think this is interesting so I'm blind copying it to some of my personal contacts as well as posting it to posterous and LFEO

      It's the latest on the (alternative) University Project that Dougald Hine is launching:

      Dougald's TEDx talk

      Learn about it through slides and notes - excellent - much faster than watching a TEDx presentation and more accessible to people with bandwidth issues. I wanted to respond to almost every slide - there's so much good stuff there - but for now I'm just passing on the details instead - http://dougald.posterous.com/the-university-pEroject-my-tedx-london-talk

      Dougald's blog post September 25th The University Project: Five Reasons

      I wanted to respond to all the five reasons Dougald gives  - http://dougald.posterous.com/the-university-project-five-elements. There's so much overlap with other things that I have linked with. I think for instance of Minciu Sodas where Andrius Kulikauskas encouraged us all to pursue investigations into our personal questions - http://www.dadamac.net/network/minciu-sodas.  As a non-formal learner I see Minciu Sodas as the intellectual home of my online non-accredited post-grad work (with field studies in rural Africa and at various locations in "the cloud"). 

      The University Project wiki

      For full details and how to register for the unconference weekend on 14-16 October see - http://univproject.pbworks.com/w/page/45692087/The%20University%20Project. That is something I have managed to respond to - I've cleared my diary and registered - so I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and experience without having put it all in writing.

      Please alert anyone you think should come to the unconference weekend.

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