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You are invited to join me on the First Thursday - August 4th

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  • Pamela McLean
    Dear David Mutua, Samwel Kongere, Ramadhan Chatta, Steve Bosserman, Paul Horan, Graham Knight, Tim Davies, Kayiwa Fred, Kelechi Micheals, Folabi (* Fola*)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2011
      Dear David Mutua, Samwel Kongere, Ramadhan Chatta, Steve Bosserman, Paul Horan, Graham Knight, Tim Davies, Kayiwa Fred, Kelechi Micheals, Folabi (Fola) Sunday, Florence Bukola Bale, Andrius Kulikauskas, Dan Otedo, Ken Owino, Franz Nahrada, Mark Petz, Tobias Eigen, Gerry Gleason, Lagun Akinloye, Marcus Simmons, Bidi Bala, Mark Jagdev, Anna Betz , George Por, Michel Bauwens, Dougald Hine, Fred Garnett, David Pinto, Elaine Hickey,  and other friends in Collaborators Connect and LearningFromEachOther.

      I'm including you in this email because this evening, when I started to think of people I would like to spend some time with online, your names came to mind first. Either I owe you an email (and would like to explore some of the issues in it in more detail), or I often think of you and we have not been in touch for a while, or we have some kind of ongoing conversation.

      I'm emailing you to let you know that I'm getting back into the habit of being "at home" online on the First Thursday of the month  - so if you want to drop by for a typed chat that would be lovely.  I'll be around for an hour - but if you just want to drop by briefly - just for five minutes or so, that will be fine. If only two of us are there then we will focus in depth on our particular overlapping interests. If someone else turns up then we'll do some introductions and refocus the conversation. I know that some of you already know each other - and you all know me. I believe that "we are stronger together than apart" and by getting together we can encourage each other, catch up on our various projects, and see where our current overlapping interests lie. 

      I realise the chance of anyone being free to join me at that time is fairly small - so if no-one turns up I'll just keep working at other things - and I'll keep checking every five minutes or so to see if anyone has arrived.

      People invited
      These are some of the people I've sent the invitation to directly. I intended including introduction links to everyone here - but I've discovered that finding the links is taking me too long. You can find more introductions by going to http://www.dadamac.net/Community/Network (Please let me know any that are missing or in need of updating) , I'll explain what topics we might be covering below the list of names:
      Topics - depending on who turns up.
      • How we can best help each other - given that in almost any situation we are stronger together than alone - and given we all have things we need to learn and things we can teach each other..
      • Teachers Talking in Kenya - possible continuation
      • Kenya and drought - updates
      • Irrigation, Kenya, Tanzania, elsewhere - needs and strategies - wider permaculture issues and interests
      • Technology preferences - why am I getting so many invitations to new social networking and photo-sharing sites. Why are people moving away from   Facebook, and flickr etc. What is the attraction of tripit and Netlog?
      • School of commoning - interesting stuff it is doing, regarding content and delivery/use of technology and face-to-face 
      • Global villages - interesting overlap with School of commoning regarding content and delivery/use of technology and face-to-face
      • Two way information flows - various updates and overlaps regarding  West Africa, East Africa, and connections with people in UK - Think Afica Press and Practical Participation
      • Relevance in the UK of various lessons I'm learning through Dadamac online and in Africa, Collaborators Connect, LearningFromEachOther  etc - regarding non-formal education, community development, Global-local issues, Communities of practice etc.
      • Lessons from webinar tonight - http://www.meetup.com/21stCenturyNetwork/events/23942351/#initialized
      • Various ongoing conversations with various people
      When and where

      This is the link to click to join us -  http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/August-First-Thursday

      13.00 GMT 14.00 Nigerian and London time,  16.00 East Africa Time,
      New York 09.00

      For your local time see The World Clock – Time Zone Converter        http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

      I realise it's short notice and that not many (if any) people will be able to join me - but I hope you have liked getting the invitation, and I look forward to welcoming whoever is able to join me on Thursday, to having a useful and interesting discussion together and perhaps to introducing people to each other.


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