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First Thursday update and invitation

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi everyone This month seems to have raced by, so it will soon be time for our next First Thursday . *Moving to our new home * Some of you will remember with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2011
      Hi everyone

      This month seems to have raced by, so it will soon be time for our next "First Thursday".

      Moving to our "new home"

      Some of you will remember with affection the "old days" when we met for "First Thursdays" in the worknets chat room. When that closed we were "homeless" for a while. I had to experiment with other locations. I managed to continue holding some kind of  "First Thursday" each month but, for reasons beyond my control, they were not so easy to hold in a way that was open to everyone. (I could only invite people who had told me beforehand that they wanted to attend and had sent me other details as well.) For a long  time I could not find a location that was as welcoming and accessible as the chat room. Now we have discovered and tested "etherpads" as a new location - and I think that is where we will stay.


      My thanks to "the pioneers" who have helped with my experiments in using "etherpads" as our new meeting place. I look forward to more people joining in, now we have tried a few things out and have some examples of how it is working.

      Next First Thursday

      Date;  July 7th. Time
      13.00 GMT 14.00 Nigerian and London time, (16.00 E African time I think - can someone check and confirm?). The agenda will be developed as we approach July 7th. Location and more details here - http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/July-First-Thursday

      Join in before, during, or after the scheduled meeting

      One of the big benefits of holding First Thursday through an etherpad  is the way we can open up the space long before the meeting and keep it open afterwards. This means that if you want to suggest things for the agenda you can go to the meeting place before hand and make your suggestions. If you miss the meeting it is not a problem, you can call in afterwards and read what happened.

      To catch up on the June meetings click these links

      To preview the next meeting, to read some FAQs, or to make suggestions for the agenda see
      I look forward to meeting you over on the etherpad.


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