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Re: Crowdfunding Andrius: "Self-portraits of self-learners"

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    Janet Feldman, Samwel Kongere, Thank you for sharing my letter! Samwel, yes, I would like to include you in my panel as an expert self-learner for grass
    Message 1 of 3 , May 9, 2011
      Janet Feldman, Samwel Kongere,

      Thank you for sharing my letter! Samwel, yes, I would like to include you
      in my panel as an expert self-learner for "grass roots community". I
      imagine this would mean, as your time and my time permits:
      * You share your knowledge of how you've figured things out regarding
      "grass roots community"
      * I send you questions or interview you and help publish your ways of
      figuring things out, your examples and stories
      * I place your knowledge within my "House of Knowledge" so that it can be
      understand within that framework and related to knowledge from other
      people and in other domains
      * I teach you about the "House of Knowledge" so that you can understand
      it, we can communicate in terms of it, and you can apply it
      * We provide feedback to each other to make sure that we understand each
      * You share your knowledge freely and publicly with people who I direct to
      you (who may be paying me)
      * I recommend your services as a consultant and worker
      * I provide you free coaching to use the "House of Knowledge" for your
      investigations, both personally and in a group through Skype conference
      calls, email groups, chats, Twitter.
      * You help coach likewise other experts or people who may be paying me
      * I provide you for free the services listed below and you do likewise
      All of the above as your time and my time permits. Samwel, is that
      attractive for you? to be on my panel of expert self-learners?

      The idea is that focusing on the "ways of figuring things out" and how
      I've fit them together into a "House of Knowledge" are a basis for a
      "universal language" that helps us understand each other and all manner of
      domains of knowledge.

      We have a culture where, for free, we build this commons, especially for
      each other's "portaits" and "domains", and as you can, you help me serve
      others who may pay me, and as I or you or others are able, we find
      customers for you to serve likewise. This knowledge base becomes an asset
      for our own projects and also for making a living.

      Janet, I welcome you to join my panel of expert self-learners, and I hope
      you do, if such an arrangement might be attractive to you. I understand
      that presently you have no time available. Yet thank you for forwarding
      my letter!

      P.S. http://www.kickstarter.com rejected my proposal below, and so I'm
      looking for other crowdfunding websites.


      Andrius Kulikauskas


      Ok Andrius,
      You think mathmatically and very knowledgeable. Think of my potrait as a
      grass root community agent whether poor or wealthy. I mastered this from
      Phillipians 4:10-12. I do support your vision/dream but my modem failed i
      have to buy another and would communicate effectively.
      I see a healther adventure!


      I've figured out what I'd like to offer to those who crowdfund me. Thank
      you to Pamela McLean, Ben de Vries and Perry Recker for helpful

      My project is: "Self-Portraits of Self-Learners".

      * I'm sharing and documenting the hundreds of ways that I've figured
      things out in my quest to know everything and in my life.
      * I'm sharing and documenting thousands of ways that others have figured
      things out in various domains such as math, science, business, law,
      medicine, agriculture, government, faith, arts, music, theater and many
      * I'm describing a "House of Knowledge" of 24 "rooms" that presents all of
      these ways and everything I know. http://www.selflearners.net/ways/
      * I'm thereby creating a self-portait of myself as a self-learner. I'm
      using diagrams, texts, anecdotes, audio, video, drawings, paintings,
      music, all stored in a database and presented through an online interface.
      * I'm working with others to portray them as self-learners. They could be
      you, your spouse, mother, father, grandmother, elder, child or friend or
      pastor, somebody who works for you, who you invest in, who you cherish or
      would vote for, who mentors you, connects you or has made a difference in
      your life.
      * I'm assembling a panel of expert self-learners who provide insight
      regarding their favorite domains.
      * I'm nurturing a community of self-learners who want to learn the "House
      of Knowledge" and its many ways of figuring things out.
      * I'm fostering a culture of self-learners who share values, questions,
      dreams and truths.

      I offer the following rewards to those who contribute. You means "you" or
      somebody you love!

      * ($1) Vote on what I should research or clarify. Support others with
      your votes. They can then use your votes towards the gifts below. You get
      1 vote for every $1 you contribute!
      * ($10) Give me a term or concept or anecdote or story. I will place it
      for you within the "House of Knowledge". In this way, you can translate
      back-and-forth between your terms, my terms and other terms.
      * ($20) Download e-book versions of the "House of Knowledge".
      * ($30) Include your profile in the "House of Knowledge", your answers to
      four questions: What is your deepest value in life? What is a question
      that you don't know the answer to, but wish to answer? What is your
      dream-in-life? What is something that you know, and how did you figure it
      * ($40) Send a CD-ROM version of the "House of Knowledge" to anywhere in
      the world.
      * ($50) Given a page from a book or scripture, I will note ways of
      figuring things out that help you understand the meaning.
      * ($60) I will write a blog post for your blog as your special guest!
      * ($80) Given a question in life, I will sketch out a practical
      investigation for you to come up with a definite answer.
      * ($100) I will coach you to use the "House of Knowledge" for your
      investigations, both personally and in a group through Skype conference
      calls, email groups, chats, Twitter.
      * ($200) I will send you my oil pastel sketch of you as a superhero based
      on your deepest value in life! See, for example:
      * ($300) Create a video Skype interview of your answers to my 12
      questions. Here's an excerpt from my interview with Jerry Michalski:
      * ($400) Lead a talk or workshop online or onsite (if you provide travel
      and accommodations).
      * ($500) Design a game with original artwork and coaching by Skype to help
      you learn what you want to learn and then teach it!
      * ($1,000) Work with you to express your dream-in-life, write it down, get
      feedback from my panel of expert self-learners, research helpful contacts,
      and visualize it with painting, music, video, poetry, drama and other
      * ($2,000) Document and share your ways of figuring things out based on
      your anecdotes, writings and video Skype interviews with you. We'll find
      ways that match every one of the 24 rooms!
      * ($3,000) Train you to document a domain with the "house of knowledge".
      * ($5,000) Document 100+ methods in a domain such as law, medicine, art,
      including an executive summary and diagram "cheat sheet".

      All of the work above will be public, in the Public Domain,
      copyright-free, for all to share freely.

      I'm seeking $15,000. I envisage this as a one-year project. The money
      will provide me with six months of income. Meanwhile, I can also do other
      work and develop this further as a business.

      I will invite church communities to do this with me as fundraisers. For
      example, a church might raise $2,000 for me to visualize somebody's
      dream-in-life, and then I would take $1,000 and the church would keep the
      other $1,000.

      My panel of expert self-learners will get, for free, the services above
      that they desire. If I am able to make this work as a business, then I
      envision that we'll refer each other to paid clients.

      How do we like this?

      Any thoughts? How might I improve this?

      Who might like to be in my panel of expert learners!?

      Pam, thank you for our conversation, which sparked the idea of me doing
      your "philosophical portrait". As you see, we could find others who might
      contribute to that, but it's most helpful that you might "sit" for me!
      Thank you to Ben for thinking up the panel of expert self-learners. Thank
      you to Perry for thinking up having me help understand passages and link
      our own terms to the House of Knowledge. This is the kind of help that's
      especially helpful!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Twitter: @selflearners
      (773) 306-3807
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