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Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: Invitation to "First Thursday" on May 5th

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  • Dan Otedo
    Ken, Am enviuos about etherpadĀ  and cannot wait to give it a try. Edwin and I visited Raila Education Centre where we will have the videoconference . The lab
    Message 1 of 3 , May 6, 2011
    Am enviuos about etherpad  and cannot wait to give it a try.
    Edwin and I visited Raila Education Centre where we will have the videoconference . The lab is such a scene!
    We prevailed on the cooperating teacher to remove the pywood blocks dividing  the workstations .He was amazed just how much space he created doing this.And he could now clean the computers!prevously he coudnt manage to move his hand freely between the CRT monitors  and the dividing blocks. Now  the place , though a narrow room with 20 or so working  computers is much cleaner  and user friendly.There was a power blackout, so we coulnt test the computers.
    Raila education centre is one of the schools that is benefitting from the Economic Stimulus program to purchase  computers.About 1050 schools(five in every  coonstituency) will purchase 20 computers and one teacher laptop.I have invited  the principal to one of our trainings due for Nairobi from the 17th - 19th April(see attahed Mail).We hope to have a good working relationship with the school so that teachers can get to not only learn how to use computers(DigitalLiteracy skills ), but also use computers to learn(Integrate ICT's in Teaching and Learning).It has been a sad story of a CISCO centre running down.
    The Centre  has no more than 20 regular clients in right at the heart of the Slum,yet my house is such a bee hive of activity,having converted my sitting room and bedroom into Kibera Smart School as Kids now call it.Infact i have temporarily stopped activities with children due to the caacity building workshops am holding for government schools,but will resume during school holidays after moving out  and getting someone topartner with in this cause.Edwin and I will be engaging in the next few weeks to see what we can make out of it
    Dan OTEDO
    Kenya ICT Trust Fund. P.O box 8475-00100 Nairobi.
    Tel: +254203745911 .Mobile:+254720366094
    Email: dotedo@... 

    From: Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...>
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    Sent: Wednesday, 4 May 2011, 10:33
    Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Re: Invitation to "First Thursday" on May 5th

    Dear Pam,

    It was great to meet and chat at etherpad yesterday.

    I learned some basic steps into using it even though i could not keep myself steady through the chat.
    My phone batteries finally died on me and i was cut from the chat.
    It is a great online space i must agree.
    It is so simple to use and have good tools to make a more organised and productive online meeting.
    I need to learn more of etherpad and how more it is useful.
    I hope to join in the chat tommorow at the scheduled time if i get access to internet that is.
    Have you by any chance confirmed the time?
    What time zone does Holland fall in?

    Otherwise we could chat more on Tuesday next week.
    I am thinking if etherpad would be the best space for the Kenya/Denmark teachers meeting that my group Nafsi Acrobats are organising on 13th May.
    Well, i guess it would, then we would have a space for more "grashoppers with tuned antennas" perched on our meeting wall.
    Pam, you and Dan offered to be "grasshoppers" but well there will be enough seats and space for you to participate.

    I am inviting you to our test run on 10th May, i will confirm to you the time later.
    I have already created a public pad for the meeting and named it Teachers Talking Meeting (Denmark/ Kenya)
    You can go in http:// etherpad.com/sjEqdCNx14  if you please.
    You are welcome to help us organise the pad.

    I hope to see you around tomorrow or Tuesday next week.


    Ken Owino
    Nafsi Africa Acrobats

    On Mon May 2nd, 2011 4:09 PM AKDT Pamela McLean wrote:

    >You are invited to join me for a *"First Thursday" open meeting on May 5th*at
    >*Time to be agreed* - probably 13.00 GMT 14.00 Nigerian and London time,
    >16.00 E African time, Let me know if that is too late for you. I want to
    >make it that late so that people in America have a better chance to join us.
    >But if it is difficult for some other people we can think again.
    >Some of you will remember the old "First Thursday" meetings that we used to
    >hold in the worknets chatroom. Now I have discovered etherpads and I think
    >they could provide ideal places for us to meet. You can access an etherpad
    >fom a cybercafe - *all you need is the url - **
    >http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/0w8jG05iwR *- for this month. Ther si no
    >need to download any additional software.
    >There are two spaces on an etherpad:
    >Chat - *There is a chat box on the right hand side, with different colours
    >for different people. (I don't know how many different colours there are -
    >we will find out)
    >*Main panel for agenda* - There is also a main panel, where we can put a
    >list of things that people want to discuss. Perhaps this time we will need
    >to spend a bit of time simply getting used to using the etherpad - but soon
    >I hope we will be using it according to an agenda so we can have productive
    >and focussed discussions (we will put time aside before and after the main
    >meeting so people can have a chance to chat informally together.)
    >Even if you can't come to the actual meeting you can click on the link and
    >have a look at the Etherpad. If you do call in , please leave a greeting in
    >the chat box ready for the next person who arrives.
    >*I hope to see you there. *

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