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"Seekers Can Be Finders" April 29 at Barbara's Books

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Bob, Thank you for organizing my discussion Seekers Can Be Finders . I include below your email and invite all in Chicago to come on Friday, April 29,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2011
      Bob, Thank you for organizing my discussion "Seekers Can Be Finders". I
      include below your email and invite all in Chicago to come on Friday,
      April 29, 7:00-8:45, Barbara's Bookstore, 1218 S. Halsted. If you
      can, please write and ask those who plan to come to think about the
      following four questions:
      1) Do you have a deepest value in life which includes all of your other
      values? I've collected answers, all different, from more than 500
      people. I think that those who know their deepest value "know
      themselves", as Socrates urges, and this helps us know them, too.
      2) What is a question that you don't know the answer to, but wish to
      answer? If we're willing to "seek AND find", then I think our minds are
      able to live forever.
      3) What is your dream-in-life? We can organize a down-to-earth economy
      around our efforts to support each other's dreams.
      4) In some area of life that you truly know well, how do you figure
      things out? Others may not care about our questions or about our
      answers, yet they may value the ways that we've figured things out, and
      thus such ways may be the basis for a shared culture. (See:
      http://www.selflearners.net/ways/ )

      I look forward to the evening!


      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., (773) 306-3807, http://www.selflearners.net



      I sent this e-mail about your presentation to almost
      200 interested people and professors--although very few profs
      come--last Friday. I hope you like it and my usual personal
      news included at the end. Many are looking forward to your
      talk already!

      Bob Lichtenbert

      --- On Fri, 4/15/11, Robert Lichtenbert <seekerofmeaning@...> wrote:

      Invited host Andrius Kulikauskas, Ph. D. in math (U.
      of CA, San Diego), will lead the next Seekers' Dialogue on
      the topic "Seekers Can Be Finders" Friday, April 29, 7:00-8:45,
      in the large meeting room of Barbara's Bookstore, 1218 S.
      Halsted in Chicago. (Street parking is usually easy, but mostly
      meterized. Good riddance to Mayor Daley?)

      Dr. Kullikauskas will describe his 27-year search for
      answer in his project "Living Truth." He will ask his four
      main questions of his life's search. Andrius will also show a
      ten-minute video.
      I announce with much sorrow the recent death ADOPT
      regular and former secretary, Rev. Peter Surrey of Sauk Valley
      College in Dixon, IL, at 82.

      I announce also with much sorrow the cancellation of
      ADOPT's proposed Spring Conference on "Living With or Without
      God" which was to be held the same week-end. This is the
      first time that this conference has been cancelled in the 35
      or so years that ADOPT has existed.

      Calls for abstracts were sent by e-mail and
      snail-mail to all Seekers, regular profs and about 60 new
      profs of philosophy. I invited several people who have special
      knowledge on this theme to submit an abstract.

      ADOPT received none (zero, zip, Nichts, nada). I thus did
      not invite the highly informative speaker, Prof. Ron Miller,
      Lake Forest College.

      Would not many profs want to give local talks to
      get pay raises and promotions? And would not adjuncts want to
      do the same so they may no longer be lower than students in
      the colleges' Great Chain of Being?

      LET ME KNOW.

      A final reminder that Seekers and ADOPT dues for 2011
      are now due to remain on our lists. $15.00 for full-time
      workers and $5.00 for the rest of us. Many thanks yet still
      again to the four members who mailed a grand total of $60.00
      thanks to generous donations Ed Rios and Steve Baynes.


      Beware of the ides of April!

      After tree postponements, I finally had my case that
      adjunct workers in all schools in IL (and, indeed, the U.
      S.!) are eligible for unemployment benefits. In short, da
      judge did not respond to any of my many strong moral
      arguments. Instead he sided with utterly incorrect and stupid
      legal precedents. I did not acknowledge him as a human after
      he announced his obvious verdict. I have already appealed.
      One can only hope to get a judge whose brain "has turned to
      mush," as that excellent law school movie put it.

      My theater pick for the month is "Sonnets for an
      Old Century" at the Steppenwolf Garage. This play hauntingly
      tells tales of 18 people in an anteroom to be judged for
      the after-life. I still much want to see the play in Studs
      Terkel's "Working" despite its exorbitant price.

      This month's flix pick is "Biutiful." After waiting
      several weeks to schedule it, I discovered this flick
      starring Javier Bardem, the psycho in "No Country for Old
      Men," was nowhere as compelling as Mexican filmmaker
      Inarratu's "Amores Perros" and "21 Grams."

      If you would like to see "The Fountainhead, Part I"
      adopted from Ayn Rand's massive novel now at Webster
      (formerly Wonder Bread Resale) Plaza, please let me know.

      Bob Lichtenbert
      (773) 481-0544
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