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Learning from children

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  • jinan k
    This year we are planning a `Learning from Children event/workshop from 16th May till 22nd May (Monday to Sunday). What is clear is the natural biological
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2011
      This year we are planning a `Learning from Children' event/workshop from 16th May till 22nd May (Monday to Sunday).

      What is clear is the natural biological aspect of learning is lost from the modern world. The schooling definitely kills it. So also the `educated' parents. The so called educated are the most distanced from NATURE and its ways. Children, before we condition them, offer us a possibility for learning to reconnect with nature. Or at least to witness how much children are NATURE! But there are rules to be imposed on ourselves. To allow children to teach us we need to be like them. Innocent, truthful, trusting, open. More than this we need to give up our power over them. The feeling that we know better is what prevents any learning and added to this is the physical power we use and so also the emotional black mailings. We need to learn to respect them.
      The one week event is for being with children but after learning how not to show our presence. Our self importance is what makes us to show our presence.
      We will also have time for dialogues on children, cognition, beauty, alienation, cognitive damages of schooling, reflections, personal explorations etc.
      Please register as soon as possible so that the arrangements can be made.
      I am attaching a flyer, registration form and a poster about the event.
      Kindly pass this on to any one who would be interested in attending the event.

      `Sensing nature, knowing nature' workshop is on from April 4th till May 25th- (about 50 days) as usual at Aruvacode, Nilambur, Malapuram District of Kerala. Even though it meant for children from the Aruvacode village outsiders are also welcome. The workshop starts at 10 am and goes on till 1 pm officially.
      See the link http://www.my.opera.com/jinankb to see various things done by children in the earlier workshops. The most important lesson from this workshop has been that children need to be left alone to their own ways of doing and being. Then they create absolutely beautiful and original things.

      contact me at
      jinankb at gmail dot come
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