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Dan Otedo on Maranye Agro Processing

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  • Pamela McLean
    Forwarded message from Dan Otedo - with reference to Green revolution as Maria
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2011
      Forwarded message from Dan Otedo  - with reference to Green revolution as Maria Commomeration and Collaborators Connect - Maranye Agro Processing and Social Business Limited, CotW, water security.

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      From: Dan Otedo Date: 28 March 2011 08:08
      All this is very True.
      I have been too distraught at Maria's demise to contribute.
      Last year,I visited the farm,stayed at Ramadhan's House on invitation from the Late Maria  and Ramadhan and helped Maranye AgroProcessing to sort out some legal and administrative issues.
      Maria  and Ramadhan had a solid vision,strong focus and a wonderful sense of  commitment to their cause.I will be visiting Tanzania the 23rd-26th  for the elearning Africa Conference  and will call by Ramadhans House again, this time to eat some pinneaples.
      The plan was to add value to the farm produce before selling .The villagers will be taught how to make pinneaple and passion fruit juice  and wines from  the harvest .I know Ramadhan is having a difficulty in purchasing the required stuff to do this, as well as some capacity building.Moreover ,since there is no electricity at the farm,he has to think of some mechanical way of extracting the pinneaple juice .But Ramadhan loves Challenge... and he will manage.
      Perhaps  there is an expert on this out there who would be willing to help Maranye Agro processing on this

      Dan OTEDO


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