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An older letter from Pamela

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Pamela, What a wonderful welcome letter you wrote! I hope that somebody might respond, but especially from Italy. We spoke about your continuing interest
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2006
      Hi Pamela,

      What a wonderful welcome letter you wrote! I hope that somebody might
      respond, but especially from Italy.

      We spoke about your continuing interest in the ginger project.
      You received a request from school teacher Veronica Bahago in Nigeria
      for information about processing ginger. Her crop is due this month.
      You give this as a good example of a need that we want to be able to
      respond promptly and usefully to.

      I share your letter that you wrote before your trip to Zambia. Pamela,
      I checked and you do have moderator privileges so please keep me posted
      if there are any problems.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      Pamela McLean wrote:

      > Hi Andrius
      > Good to be in contact again
      > This is the Email lurking in my drafts folder from July 15th
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > Andrius, Janet and recent new members of [learningfromeachother]
      > Andrius - Thank you for including [learningfromeachother] in your
      > rich email - which I have printed out to read - life is keeping me
      > away from the Internet a lot recently - but with more time on trains
      > to catch up with reading.
      > I feel I should update you and others on my recent silence, and look
      > forward with you.
      > # Techi glitch
      > One difficulty is a "techi glitch" - I don't know if anyone can shed
      > light on it. I wanted to visit [learningfromeachother] in moderator
      > role to check for recent memers and to welcome them. I wanted to
      > discover their intersts before writing more about my own. . I also
      > wanted to give permission for Janet's letter to be published. The
      > problem is that when I access the home page I am told that I do not
      > have moderator privilages. I could understand that happening if I had
      > come in using a different email address to my registered one - but
      > that does not seem to be the answer. It is very confusing. I was sent
      > a notice abour Janet's recent letter asking if, as moderator, I would
      > give permission for its publication - I clicked the link to
      > [learningfromeachother] from that letter - only to be told that I do
      > not have moderator privelages. So..
      > # New members of the groups. During Andrius' travels he mentioned
      > bringing some new people to this tiny fledgeling group - So - if you
      > have really arrived - hello - and welcome to you. Please introduce
      > yourselves and how you are interested in learning from each other.
      > # Janet's letter
      > Janet - sorry I have not been able to publish your letter yet - but
      > thank you for sending it and for your offer to help me to network
      > while I am in Zambia. I regret it is unlikely that I would be able to
      > follow up any introductions with F2F meetings as it will be a very
      > brief visit. It is less than a week and only in Lusaka - very
      > different to my Nigerian trips. I don't know when (or if) there is any
      > "personal time" while I am there to arrange any meetings.
      > # Learning from each other in Zambia
      > I have been invited to a trainers workshop - an opportunity to work
      > together with other ICT4D trainers working in various other African
      > countries, and to learn from each other (expenses paid). The
      > information we have had so far about the workshop suggests that an
      > online Community of Practice will be set up at the end of the workshop
      > and it will be open to any trainers with an ICT4D interest. If that
      > includes anyone here - or anyone you know - please ask me about it
      > when I get back.
      > # Learning about, and with, Elluminate
      > I recently had a great opportunity to experiment with Elluminate. To
      > imagine Elluminate think of yahoo chat - type and talk - then add an
      > interactive whiteboard section for powerpoint presentations and
      > webpages and so on - and other inteactive features and you will begin
      > to get the picture.) It is a very odd idea, and interesting
      > challenge, to give a presentation to people about your work - but
      > without being able to see them - almost like a radio broadcast - with
      > breaks for questions. I had been able to attend two previous
      > Elluminate presetations so I had some idea of the dynamics, and how it
      > felt to be on the receiving end. I was intrigued by the way that
      > people could have written "conversations" at the same time that the
      > speaker was talking. It reminded me of children passing notes (polite
      > ones only) during ordinary lessons - but the benefit is that the
      > teacher can "look over their shoulders" and feed in the comments,
      > questions, and conversations-on-the side at appropriate times, #
      > Neglecting [learningfromeachother]
      > Preparations for the Elluminate presentation and Zambia (plus some
      > unusual family pressures) has taken my attention from involvement in
      > online discussion groups.I appreciate the way that Andrius set this
      > one up for me - and do look forward to gradually nurturing it.
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