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Fwd: Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial

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  • Pamela McLean
    Dear Josephat, friends of Maria, and dadamac learners. I think the best way to move forward with the Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial would to bring to bring the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2011
      Dear Josephat, friends of Maria, and dadamac learners.

      I think the best way to move forward with the Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial would to bring to bring the people involved "over here" to the dadamac learners posterous, because it is a good space for working on things together.

      First to put this in context I will need to explain something about the Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial and also about the dadamac learners. Then you will understand why I have shared Josphat's email below in this space i.e. at dadamaclearnersgroup@...

      I met Maria through Minciu Sodas, and my own group there was called LearningFromEachOther. I will not go far into explaining  dadamaclearnersgroup@... at present except to say that it can be thought of as a link between LearningFromEachOther (which is not so active now) and www.dadamac.net where I do my work with John Dada and others in Africa and online.

      I need to bring all Maria's friends together if we are to move forward in doing some kind of project in her memory. At present people are writing to a number of different MInciu Sodas groups. If we are to do anything together we need to come together in one online space, and there are various good reasons to come together here.

      I will write another post later with suggestions for how we can move forward. I will need to add your name to this group as a contributor so that you can post here in reply. I will try to find the names of all the people who have posted emails to Minciu Sodas groups about Maria, and then invite those people to post here, but I may miss some people out. If you want to be included here but do not get an invitation please email me, pamela.mclean@...

      I wrote about Maria and her memorial here
      You will see that some emails have already been moved over to the memorial, but I need help to get all of them moved over there.

      Now for Josephat's message:

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      From: Josephat Ndibalema <josephat_ndibalema@...>
      Date: 9 March 2011 09:51
      Subject: Maria Agnese Giraudo Memorial
      To: pamela.mclean@...

      Dear  Pamela and all,

      I am writing to extend my deepest sympathies to you. I was  very sad to hear the sadden passing of our friend Maria Agnese Giraudo, she was such a wonderful woman. I had a great respect for her and will miss sharing knowledge with her,her generous nature and sharing her remarkable humor.

      Maria has such extraordinary ideas of making the world better,she was a mother who cared and  was helping a number of youth in Tanzania by providing support for their education.She had a dream of building her future in Tanzania,and  managed to start a social agricultural project.Maria put first a social benefit approach,she believed in equality among human being,she hated corrupt and irresponsible leaders and people.

      Many thanks to Pamela  for providing a space in your company website for Maria memorial,i think this will be a best way to honor and pay tribute to her through any useful collaborative way among friends. I have a lot to share about Maria's life,work and dreams in Tanzania.

      Josephat Thobias Ndibalema

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