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Re: [learningfromeachother] Greetings!!!/Pam: some suggestions (LFEO in action :))

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Pam, Hello and sorry this is happening to you, too, as it has to HH and a few others. This is not Abinel, I don t think...it is a scammer/spammer who has
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2011

      Dear Pam,

      Hello and sorry this is happening to you, too, as it has to HH and a few others. This is not Abinel, I don't think...it is a scammer/spammer who has hijacked his name and address.

      You might want to put the forum on a fully moderated status for now, which means you will have to moderate each post. I had HH on a status that placed new members on moderation--as some people who join forums just want to post spam--but that's not working here, because email addresses of legitimate members are being hijacked and then spam is being posted.

      I'm pretty sure you would be the owner of the LFEO forum, perhaps along with Andrius. That means you are allowed to change the status of the forum to "moderated." You can access your homepage at the bottom of each post to the forum. Before you can change anything (ie exercise ownership), a box will pop up asking you to sign in to Yahoo with your username and password.

      Once signed in, click on "Manage" in the lefthand column of the homepage, then on the management page, click onto "Group Settings." You will see an "edit" function in various sections of that page, including the one that designates the status of the forum.

      Hope this is helpful! And thanks to all of our members for their understanding! All best wishes, Janet

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      From: Pamela McLean
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      Sorry everyone to see this spam here. Looks like my next learning task is to find how to block some contributors. Sorry Abinel - this is not the kind of content we want in this group.

      On 20 February 2011 18:15, Abinel Immanuel <abinelimmanuel@...> wrote:

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