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@selfleaners: How I use Twitter

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Pamela, Franz and all, I wrote this for another list. I m @selflearners on Twitter. Andrius ... I m just starting to use Twitter and have a lot to learn.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2011
      Hi Pamela, Franz and all, I wrote this for another list. I'm
      @selflearners on Twitter. Andrius

      I'm just starting to use Twitter and have a lot to learn. I'm finding
      it very useful.

      This week I engaged @DaveGray who's a perfect example of an innovator
      I'd like to work for or be supported by to create my catalog of "ways of
      figuring things out".

      On Twitter, I:
      * learned of his free web seminar on "Gamestorming"
      * showed him my notes, which he liked and retweeted
      * then showed him my list of their 80+ games with my summaries of their
      "object of play"
      * he liked that, called it a Gamestorming cheat sheet, which had been
      requested in London, and retweeted
      * then I made a visual diagram and theory of how the games fit together
      * he retweeted that "Awesome!" and "Brilliant!" and asked me to blog it
      at the Gamestorming site, and here it is:
      * I also got to know Sunni Brown and others

      Now I can build bridges from my Gamestorming work to other
      methodologies, such as John Caswell's http://www.grouppartners.net or
      Dave Snowden http://www.cognitive-edge.com or others you may think of.

      Hopefully, I can get paid as a "social hacker" as my lab did for Leon
      Benjamin and the Mornflake Video Contest:

      I "follow" people who speak to "ways of figuring things out", which is
      to say, have posts that I would retweet for that. I don't follow those
      who write about their day, so instead I keep lists:
      * "keep in heart" for people I've met and know
      * "keep in mind" for people who I met through Twitter and would like to
      remember at some point
      * "innovators" for people who might fund my work or find somebody who would

      The lists are useful, I think. I'm learning.

      I really appreciate how Twitter is different than Facebook, not a walled
      garden, open and, for practical purposes, because of the brevity and
      culture, Public Domain. In 140 characters you don't have room to fiddle
      with licenses.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      +1 (773) 306-3807
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