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Kofi - from Ghana - the latest Dadamac Learner

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi Kofi Sorry you had problems sending your reply - as did David Pinto. We will need rub minds on how to make it easier for people to say they want to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8 4:13 PM
      Hi Kofi

      Sorry you had problems sending your reply - as did David Pinto.

      We will need rub minds on how to make it easier for people to say they want to be Dadamac Learners. You replied in several parts so I will link them and share them below. Then I will reply.

      Kofi wrote:
      • How very interesting! Not having any formal education to speak of,  I
      • I hit the wrong button a moment ago  - and my unfinished reply was sent. Such is life. :) I have virtually no formal education and have spent the my whole life learning. Indeed,   How very interersting
      • The struggle to complete my reply continues - yet another wrong button was hit before I could finish my reply. :) As I was saying, indeed I too see learning as a life-long process - and I am passionate about seeking information that will lead to my understanding some aspects of the many different fields of human endeavour.

        I really do think that Dadamac learning will eventually catch on - as there are so many kindred spirits: who share the "wiki-way" of working and networking online. I am all for openness - so do post my reply: in the sequence that hitting the wrong button created! :) Do I count as Dadamac Learner number 3? Peace and blessings to all Dadamac Learners!

        Best wishes,

      Pamela's reply:

      Kofi - Thanks for counting yourself in as a Dadamac Learner in reply to "Are you a Dadamac Learner"
      • I declared myself to be the first - this morning in the UK
      • Fola in rural Nigeria said in a yahoo chat that he was also a Dadamac Learner - number 2
      • When David Pinto replied (from Madeira I imagine) he only said said he "might be a Dadamac Learner" - so it would be presumptious of me to count him in yet ;-)
      • This definitely makes you Dadamac Learner number 3 - am I right in assuming that you are still in Ghana?
      A learning task

      I think one of our first tasks as Dadamac Learners might be to experiment with the comments feature at http://dadamac.posterous.com - I know this is not part of your chosen learning journey - but I need to learn something here and I hope you will help me.

      By the way I know posterous is not the ideal "place" for the Dadamac Learners to "meet". Once we get a group of Dadamac Learners then we will decide the best online meeting place for our needs. However I do want to use posterous for now for various reasons, especially for raising the profile of Dadamac learners. According to the statistics on the management page we have had 102 hits so far for the "Are you a Dadamac Learner?" post. I think that is quite good going, and so I want to keep using posterous while we are telling people about the Dadamac Learners.

      The practical follow-up - If you are willing and interested in giving it a go this is the practical follow-up I would like you to do (but only if it interests you to do it, and you have time yo spare).
      • I will post this email to you and also to Dadmac's posterous (if you "check details" when you get the email, you will see that it is also copied to posterous)
      • If you go to the home page link ( http://dadamac.posterous.com ) soon after I send this post to you, you will find this page displayed there.
      • If you go to the home page link after some delay then I may have done addtional posts and you will need look for this one
      • There are two possible ways to find it.
      • One way is to scroll down through the subsequent posts until you find it.
      • The other way is to use the search box (you can cut and paste the name of this post to use in the search box)
      • Once you have found this post on posterous you can type your reply in the comments box
      • I don't know what you will think of the comment box - if you will find it easy to use or not - I would appreciate your feedback on any difficulties.
      I know that looking for my post at Dadamac's posterous and then commenting there is a bit cumbersome compared to just sending me an email. However, it could be useful for you to know how to do it. It means that your reply is shared immediatley.  Also, I do need to develop some simple explanations and instructions. I need to develop them for other situations - not just Dadamac Learners. If you could help me to develop some understandable explanation and instructions I would much appreciate it. It is part of my "learning journey" and is something I cannot learn without help.

      Of course, if there is anything you are trying to learn at present - something that Fola or I might be able to help you with - you are welcome to ask us too. We don't have any Dadamac Teachers - we are simply helping each other to learn.


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