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  • Dan Otedo
        Pamela this is great! By the way Happy New Year Everyone An envious just how you at Dadamac are organized. Not many organizations manage to stay true to
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    Pamela this is great!

    By the way Happy New Year Everyone

    An envious just how you at Dadamac are organized. Not many organizations manage to stay true to their cause and course as Dadamac has done over the years.


    I must be one of the laziest people on earth in giving out information. It is a shame I work in the ICT space. If you ask me, it is about planning more than anything.....and staying true to it! Many a times I have been caught in the planning trap. Reading Nick Pagan has very much opened my eyes and removed the wax from my ears    http://www.nickpagan.com/blog/106/the-planning-trap 


    Andrius has countless times asked us about our values. What is most important to us. Sometimes conflicting value systems put good plans in jeopardy, especially when mistrust creeps in. Trust is hard to build, easy to break and like a broken pot, almost impossible to rebuild, especially when those who break it are not remorseful and change their ways (by action).


    Looking at what I value most... (Love conquers all) and my desire to have those at the bottom of the pyramid use ICT’s to have meaningful change in their lives, I cannot but help wonder how hard but refreshing some sacrifices I have made has edified the lives of many, me included. I am divorced after a five year separation, undergone a traumatic experience, yet I have this BIG family that crowds my life thus filling up for the lonely times. May be it is a defense mechanism!


    Attached here is a very interesting bit of my life. Please do not send any help to this cause .I think I the project will have sufficient goodwill outside M/s lab

    Thank you all


    Dan OTEDO

    Kenya ICT Trust Fund. P.O box 8475-00100 Nairobi.

    Tel: +254203745911 .Mobile:+254720366094

    Email: dotedo@... 

    http:/com/profile/DanAndrewOtedo /twbcanada.ning.


    --- On Wed, 5/1/11, Pamela McLean <pam54321@...> wrote:

    From: Pamela McLean <pam54321@...>
    Subject: [learningfromeachother] Climate Change - a hot world issue for 2011- item 2 on Dadamac's agenda today
    To: post@..., "learningfromeachother" <learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com>
    Date: Wednesday, 5 January, 2011, 14:12


    Most of this post comes from discussions during the Dadamac UK-Nigeria team meeting today. It is relevant to people for a variety of reasons  - some to do with the information content and some for the socio-technical aspects of sharing that information.

    Information content

    Regarding the information content it is relevant for people interested in:

    • climate change
    • the impact of climate change in sub-saharan Africa,
    • permaculture
    • appropriate technology
    • irrigation
    • ponds
    • pumps


    Regarding ICT it is relevant for people interested in:

    Regarding social aspects of ICT it is relevant for people interested in
    • Online communities of interest - such as the Dadamac team based in UK and Nigeria
    • Digital inclusion
    • Usability/inclusion note - some of the links in this post have been copied in full to make them easier to share when cut and posted to Skype, or for forwarding to someone who uses emails without html.
    Information content - Climate change

    The context for our interest in climate change:
    • Of local significance at Fantsuam because of high involvement of local people is farming (many subsistence farmers locally)
    • Of individual and local community concern to all of us no matter where we live.
    • Our connection with Coalition of the Willing - an online community concerned with Global Warming issues. http://www.dadamac.net/network/coalition-willing

    • Our involvement with ICTD2010 http://www.dadamac.net/network/ictd2010. Climate change had a whole-day session devoted to it at ICTD2010, led by Richard Heeks - there was also a film - which was shown repeatedly for several days.
    Content and Socio-tech - Climate Change - a hot world issue for 2011
    "Climate Change - a hot world issue for 2011"This was our agenda item 2 for the UK Dadamac team meeting today. This link explains about the team and its meetings - relevant for people interested in socio-tech http://www.dadamac.net/network/uk-nigeria-dadamac-team
    We noted that key people from Coalition of the Willing had already connected with us (see "Dadamac Day - These messages of support received with thanks"  http://dadamac.posterous.com/dadamac-day-these-messages-of-support-receive ).
    John Dada made comments about climate change in general, implications for local farmers, the recent failed bean crop, the experimental irrigation work that is being done at Attachab and the Knowledge Resource Centre, the problems of teaching local farmers, and practical problems faced by the team. His comments are put together below (with some additional information, in brackets, that I added for this post):
    • Yes, this issue is bound to grow...  KRC and Attachab as our focus for climate change.
    • Raising awareness at grassroot level is an issue no one is looking at yet here
    • Monitoring the impact of climate change, antcipating its effects and disseminating such information
    • May be even rudimentary documentation of changes / impacts observed/ older folks recollection of how the weather used to be, the effect on crops etc
    • This year, there is failure of bacl-eyed (typo for black-eyed?) beans because of the excessive rains
    • I think the key thing as N (Nikki) said is identifying what "practical and cheap and easy ways FF Fantsuam Foundation) can" use for this purpose
    • Yes N, this is a new and additional job, and we will need to add it to people's bursting trays. But it is so relevant and almost urgent, that we must look for cheap and easier ways to document and report the observed changes
    • The loss of beans means loss of income, loss of cheap source of protein, and ultimately poorer nutrition
    More content and socio-tech - Permaculture, appropriate technology, and ways of sharing information with local farmers.

    Agenda item
    3. Permaculture and Attachab ( http://www.dadamac.net/projects/ecology-and-appropriate-technology/attachab )

    For content this 
    was also relevant for dealing with climate change - as it relates to agricultural practices and sharing new ideas and information. Reference socio-tech it is also relevant to people who care how information gets shared with groups who are most distanced from the Internet.

    More of John's comments:
    • Jim has just another 17days to go at Attachab. ( http://www.dadamac.net/network/jim-guy )
    • The tree planting has been very good with 95% survival. (This probably refers to Jatropha seedlings - at a February 2010 Dadamac meeting we were told that "we are raising a nursery of 2000 jatropha plants we intend to transplant when the rains begin". They were for various locations, and so it is possible that some went to Attachab.)
    • the surrounding farmers are still curious about the new irrigation methods we are introducing: less labour intensive, cheaper etc. But it takes a successful crop to convince them
    • Construction work will start shortly of a wooden house: another new technology wich can be shared with farmers/ students visiting Attachab
    • Attachab intends to provide hands-on learning experiences on modern affordable green farming and building technology
    • We have visited and are being visited by neighboring farmers, as the work progresses we will continue to report it here at DMC (Dadamac meetings)
    • Graham ( http://www.dadamac.net/network/graham-knight ) suggested the use of clay pots for irrigation and we have bought 8 such pots and will be using them at Attachab. It turns out to be an age-old method of irrigation which is n longer practices
    • Hopefully, Attachab will resurrect more of such viable, cheap technologies and encourage their adoption
    • We are still challenged with the high leakage from the earth ponds; if we could get pond liners, it would be great
    • But we've heard of a local clay, mostly used in the oli producing industry, whicjh may help reduce the leakage in the ponds
    • As the dry season comes up, the pond walls shrinks and crack leading to loss of water
    • ATCB (Attachab) is all about learning
    • We are now in the dry season
    • In terms of coping with climate change, dry season farming may actually turn out to be more predictable and amenable to control than the rainfed farming
    • If you are near a stream, like we are in ATCB, your water supply is assured and you can use drip irrigantion to water the crops
    • You have no problems of the deluge and erosion of the torrential rains
    • Yes we are now using drip irrigation for the vegetable beds
    • We realise we need more water hoses, more reservoirs uphill and a bigger water pump
    • Yes, its Jim thats supervising the FF staff on the ATCB
    • He listens to how the folks have been doing it and sees how things may be improved.
    • We have one plastic 5,000L reservoir, one pump and 2 water hoses.
    • (The hoses are not like garden hoses) more like what the Water goddesses use for fire control in UK
    • The interaction with the local farmers is one of the key achievement at ATCB: they make suggestions on what they think we should be doing, they are skeptical about our drip irrigation.
    • We use a petrol (driven) pump at moment.
    • Drip irrigation appears too slow to them (local farmers), the finer points of controlling how much water and how quickly water reaches the plants are lessons that are not easily passed on
    • our present pump is 5Hp, we could do with a 20HP pump
    • We pump into reservoir located uphill, and distribute the water using gravity

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