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Re: [learningfromeachother] Kickstarter for Worknets Archive

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  • ritah beat
    Good to be here and great to read a bout this vision Andrius i think its perfect one i need to read more and i understand it Rhona Uganda ... From: Andrius
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2010
      Good to be here and great to read a bout this vision Andrius
      i think its perfect one
      i need to read more and i understand it

      --- On Tue, 11/23/10, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      From: Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>
      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Kickstarter for Worknets Archive
      To: livingbytruth@yahoogroups.com, "learningfromeachother" <learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com>, globalvillages@yahoogroups.com, mendenyo@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 10:40 PM


      Dear Kennedy Owino, Franz Nahrada, Pamela McLean,

      I'm encouraged by your response to my proposal
      to pool funds through Kickstarter to set up a Minciu Sodas / Worknets
      archive so that we can build on our content in the Public Domain,
      reflect on our experience, and point to our latest endeavors. Thank you!

      Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" funding platform.
      http://www.kickstarter.com I will propose a project there along with a
      minimum budget and rewards for funders. People will then have 90 days
      to commit funds. If they pool together the minimum budget, then all of
      their credit cards are charged accordingly and I will receive the funds
      and do the project. If the minimum budget is not pooled together, then
      nobody will be charged and I will not do the project. Here is more
      about how it works: http://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq

      I'm impressed by Tom Henderson's success in funding his "Punk Math"
      book. He sought 2,400 USD and collected 28,701 USD from 1,022 backers.
      He offered rewards of many sizes: $2 for an index card from the rough
      draft; $9 for access to the online community where he'll write the book;
      $20 for a printed copy of the book, as well; $29 an invitation the
      release party, as well; $42 access to the Math Emergency Hotline; $64 a
      handmade color mindmap; $256 custom research-interview-mindmap; $400
      live performance. Note also his short video about his project:
      http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1541803748/punk-mathematics the
      podcast "Math for Primates" which he co-hosts
      http://www.mathforprimates.com and the interview which led to his

      I ask for our thoughts:
      * What should be the minimum project?
      * What rewards do we want?
      * What should be the minimum budget?

      Here's what I want to do, as a minimum. I want to set up
      http://www.worknets.org as an archive, in the Public Domain, of all of
      our work together from 1998 to 2010 at Minciu Sodas, Worknets, Pyramid
      of Peace and related venues.
      * I have software for downloading our letters from our Yahoo! groups. I
      want to download them all (more than 35,000) and make them available at
      * I want to put up a read-only copy of the Worknets wiki at
      * I want to put up our chat archive at http://www.worknets.org/chat/
      * I want to put up related video - we have just a few
      * I want to put up the Pyramid of Peace story at
      * I want to put up and organize the most important papers, writings
      * I want to set up a simple search engine/system so that we can find
      information across the archive, in particular, by author, date and key word
      * I want to have a page for each author that shows their participation,
      what they are doing now, and what thoughts they have, if any, about
      their experience
      * I want to have a way for people to add their reflections (or links to
      their reflections) into the future
      * I want to have a way for people to note or add "kind words" that they
      have said about each other, this would be a useful reference
      * I want to set up links from the many archive pages to our existing
      projects, communities, ventures, services
      * I want to upload a copy of the entire site to archive.org
      * I want to pay for the worknets.org domains and server for at least the
      next five years
      What else is a "must have" for the core features of the Worknets Archive?

      What rewards do we want? Here are some ideas. I (or our team):
      * include links from archive pages to your current projects
      * send you the archive on CDs or a flash drive
      * record and post an interview with you by video or audio (via Skype)
      about your experiences, reflections and current activities; publish a
      transcript of part or all of the interview; edit and post the interview
      for You Tube
      * interview you regarding your answers to the "12 questions"
      * draw your portrait or create artwork about your dream-in-life
      * research the archives for answers to questions you may have
      * publish an electronic book (PDF or other format) of your selected writings
      * publish an electronic journal that includes some of your writings
      * submit for publication an article that includes some of your writings,
      past and current
      * interview a participant (of your choice) of the Pyramid of Peace about
      their experiences
      * a Minciu Sodas or Pyramid of Peace shirt, mug, etc.
      * have your face, symbol, picture, logo, etc. be included in such a shirt
      * collect "kind words" that people had for you and you for others
      * do custom programming to support our current venues, for example, set
      up a chat room for Pamela at dadamac.com or fix up Pro Wiki for Franz at
      http://www.globalvillages.info, I could do such work at a rate of $20
      per hour, and of course, be sure to link prominently to the new venues
      * do projects in Kenya, for example, interview participants of Pyramid
      of Peace, or make better known our achievements (Samwel Kongere, Peter
      Ongele and Tom Ochuka owe me money and they or others might do such work
      for me)
      * transfer ownership of worknets.info, worknets.biz or other such extra
      * do personal introductions as requested
      * invite you and your friends to an "online party" (by Video Skype)
      * promote your old and new work by linking to it from all manner of
      online venues
      * create a mindmap of your activity or of a topic that interests you
      * publish a photo album of our participants and get included along with
      a few people you choose
      * it may be possible to host your websites for free on our server - I
      have to look into the details - there are no limitations on disk space
      or bandwidth or number of domains, but there may be limitations on
      "resale" - but alternatively, we can likely find somebody to host your
      domain for you inexpensively
      * we can provide virtual assistants for your current projects

      What do we actually want?

      The minimum budget should include at least 1,000 USD for me so that I
      can afford to do this. There should also be about 500 USD to pay for
      the domains and server for 5 years. Each reward has to pay for itself
      and also contribute to the minimum budget, so we have to think that
      through as well.

      I look forward to our thoughts and giving this shape in the next few
      weeks. Then I'll make a video and submit my proposal at Kickstarter.

      Samwel, thank you for your thoughts on my new venture, Gospel Math

      Thank you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Hi Andrius

      I add my voice to those of my Minciu Sodas friends Kennedy Owino, Samwel
      Kongere, and Franz Nahrada, who have already replied to your email
      about doing an archiving project and funding it through Kickstarter (I
      have copied a shortened version of your email below and highlighted it).

      I would support the creation of the archive for various reasons.

      Not philanthropy

      My contribution to the archive project will not be a part of my normal
      charitable giving.

      In some ways it is hard for me to say openly, in front of so many of our
      friends in Africa, that I will respond to your request, when I do not
      normally respond to direct individual requests for financial help made
      through Minciu Sodas. People often ask for individual help with all
      kinds of urgent family and community expenses. Perhaps they will wonder
      how can I support you if I have not supported all of them? It is not
      something I can easily explain. Will people understand if I say it is
      partly because I am not in Minciu Sodas as a philanthropist? (What if I
      try to explain that there are some places, and people, in Nigeria that I
      simply do not want to go back to because of the mismatch between who I
      am and who people expect me to be in terms of deep pockets, and
      responding to immediate needs? Will they understand then? Perhaps only
      those who know both cultures can understand.)

      Even if I was a philanthropist and I had the deep pockets necessary to
      respond to repeated requests for financial help through Minciu Sodas
      would I do so? Would I respond to all requests? How would I judge
      between them? Would Minciu Sodas be the best channel to direct my
      charitable giving? I don't know.

      Minciu Sodas was home to me, for my non-formal post-graduate studies

      I came to Minciu Sodas for the opportunity to think. In some ways there
      was huge overlap, between your views of Mincius Sodas, Andrius, and
      mine, but in other ways we had differences, which we sometimes
      discussed. You (its founder) saw it as a laboratory and a potential
      business, while I (a participant) saw it as a kind of non-formal
      university. For me it was an online home and study centre for
      self-directed learners - place where I was encouraged to "think out
      loud". Other people in Minciu Sodas found other things there.

      I found it to be true to the name you gave to it "Minciu Sodas" -
      Orchard of Thoughts. I wrote some of my thoughts while I was there,
      but, more importantly to me, I participated in and observed the amazing,
      groundbreaking, global, online community that you created and nurtured -
      like a farmer creating and tending an orchard. I believe you will see
      it bearing fruit, but perhaps not in the ways that you originally
      expected and hoped.

      Support from alumni

      It is perfectly normal for universities to approach alumni for financial
      support (especially when the university is building a new library, or
      buying some precious archive, or setting up some new research facility).
      Given I see myself in that relationship to Minciu Sodas I am happy to be
      approached to contribute to your work on the archive (which I see as a
      combination of library, archive, and innovative research tool).

      I will contribute to the archive fund in appreciation of what Minciu
      Sodas has given me, and because I believe it will be a unique and
      valuable resource, both to those who were part of it, and also as a mine
      of information for researchers who come later - especially if they are
      interested in socio-technology and the development of successful online

      Additional information

      You have also asked for additional information from us about the value
      of Minciu Sodas. I cannot begin to do justice to that here. Maybe we can
      have a separate conversation (or series of conversations) about it. I
      would also welcome the chance to explore ways in which things that I am
      doing, planning, and thinking about now may complement things you are
      doing, planning, and thinking about.




      Hi Andrius,

      I think its a good and worthwhile thing to support a documentation of
      the Minciu Sodas Story, which was at the same time a great inspiring
      idea and a failure. I would ask people to give comments what was
      inspiring for them and what they think caused the failure or was the

      I try to keep part of what was created in this time alive, namely the
      Globalvillages mailing list and the globalvillages.info wiki. I am
      looking for people who support the continuation and further development
      of the Open Source Version of ProWiki, trying to convince Helmut Leitner
      - the original developer who declared it Free Software in 2006 but
      furthe on changed his mind and kept the subsequent versions private -
      its a worthwile approach.

      I see that Helmut Leitner failed to create a roadmap for development -
      it was even counterproductive to have the two of yuo cooperate because
      while you wanted a system where thoughts can freely move Helmut and I
      wanted a system where thoughts are primarily embedded in fractal
      structure, creating the equivalent of a book. Maybe that was adding to
      eventual failure, although lots of energy were put into this work from
      both of you.

      Helmut wanted to seed a community of providers, not primarily a
      community of developers. He was never clear enough on that. He wanted a
      support base that would allow him fo focus on development work (create
      some voluntary support and some paid services ), and if this support
      base was there - letting go of his code ownership was a logical
      implication. If not - not.

      I think and I feel that ProWiki is a genious tool, providing exactly the
      mental structure in which at least I can abide well. It has coherence
      and the tools for flexibility at the same time, it is opening a space
      that can be fractally structured into smaller spaces and allow all of
      them to grow by their own pace. I did my best to convince Helmut that I
      have not the intention to leave him out of the picture.

      Currently, Ralf and I have set up a ProWiki server - even with our
      limited knowledge of Perl we made them operational, and one of the three
      hosted wikis is globalvillages.info which will be a "living piece" of
      the Minciu Sodas - Worknets legacy.

      I would appreciate if we found people who helped us understand the
      structure and the options of configuration better. Although we are
      hesitant to create a real fork out of the reasons given, we want to see
      what we can do to make it run smoother and better.

      So I would welcome if you could raise some money for yourself under the
      title of a Minciu Sodas Archive and help us improve the technical
      documentation. I also think that the idea of a "HyperWiki shell" for
      Prowiki makes a lot of sense, so that we could leave the basic
      functionality intact and yet add modern features. But that would the
      require effort of additional people. Maybe it could be combined if there
      is a good Wiki project that we could host, having a technical person to
      work along with us.

      One of the additional Wikis we created ourselves is "Theory Culture"
      (but in German), a place where independent thinkers have an opportunity
      to develop their system of thoughts embedded in a community. We welcome
      ideas, abstracts and projects in German.

      So yes: lot of people are asking about the Minciu Sodas Ecosystems,
      where are the lists and the people. We need that. maybe you could start
      putting a "state of things" map out where at least it will become clear
      which venues existed. In addition to fundraising on Kickstarter I
      encourage you to open a facebook group, simply to raise support and to
      show the shere number of people in favor of the idea and inspired by
      what they got out of you.



      Hi Andrius,

      I am happy to read your posting again after such a long time i would say.
      You always inspire me with your profound ideas, determination and the
      positive energy.
      Gospel and maths, i have never imagined about that.
      It sounds really great.
      I wish to encourage you and support you the much i can.
      And i will always appreciate Minciu Sodas as a platform and school that
      helped me a great deal to capture my dreams and aspiration, and
      demystify some negative perceptions and convictions i once held
      regarding life, love, boundaries and our dear planet.

      How can i make my contribution to the worknet archive?
      Should i remit my contribution through the kickstart project?
      Great projects and ideas were discussed and done, for me it would be a
      great reward if there is an archive i can reffer back to for motivation,
      and to help me in the meantime project or Journey.


      Ken owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

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