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URGENT: Appeal to endorseTeachers Talking Continuation at Africa Rural Connect

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  • david
    Dear Friends and All, Its been a while!!!! Isn t? Happy new year and many many season greetings. Hope you, your families and friends are doing ok. First, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2010
      Dear Friends and All,
      Its been a while!!!! Isn't? Happy new year and many many season greetings. Hope you, your families and friends are doing ok.

      First, I appreaciate to Pam, Krishna Alluri(COL), John Dada(FF), Ricardo the list is long..all those supported us to replicate Teachers Talking in Kenya and subsequent efforts.

      I appeal to you all to endorse or pledge$ or your time in support to revive and continue Teachers Talking in Kenya, we've had been in talks and activities with other partners in Kangundo, Kenya to overcome the past obstacles.

      Teachers Talking project is an appreciation for what our teachers (Our Heros) have been to our lives, its an Information and Communication Technologies training or training teachers the use of computers and other ICT to become the advocators of ICT's in rural areas after they realise the importance. Remember the difference in our lives is the access of information/Knowledge. This project aims to develop their skills further in the use of ICT's to source relevant and timely information for education and development be part of the global village and pass that to our future generations in schools and outside.

      We all understand what role teachers play in our lives, lives of our children and the community. We spent the first quater of our lives with teachers than our parents, our children and theirs might even spent lesser time with the parents due to economic demands. Out of school, teachers are considered as the opinion leaders, participate in community development activities, suppliment their incomes with farming/agribusiness activities, they pass information on basic health, are patrons in our youth group activities, get involved in civic education and sustainable energy/climate change activities.

      Therefore informing a teacher is informing the community. Please click the link Teacher Talking / Africa Rural Connect- http://arc.peacecorpsconnect.org/view/1712/%E2%80%9Cteachers-talking%E2%80%9D a webpage will open with full information on this project(getting edited daily to be the best) at the right side of the screen click on endorse or pledge$ or time in support of this idea.

      Remember the deadline is 15th November 2010, We count on you as friends and supporters of good ideas.

      Thanks David Mutua
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