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Re: [mendenyo] Re: [holistichelping] REBIRTH OF OUR NATION

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  • Kennedy Owino
    Hi Sam and All,   Thanks for your posting and sharing of this great moment our country-Kenya is celebrating. It has been long awaited, it has taken decades of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2010
      Hi Sam and All,
      Thanks for your posting and sharing of this great moment our country-Kenya is celebrating.
      It has been long awaited, it has taken decades of lobbying, lives sacrificed, and promises broken.
      Kenya now joins the high table of nations with progressive and democratic constitutions.
      We are all united in full harmony regardless of our political affliations, or ethnical backgrounds to celebrate this historic significance and intergrate the Nation firmly.
      I reserve great amount of respect, admiration and appreciation for you for having introduced me to the networking world.
      I have met great minds online and offline, shared and learnt alot from each other.
      I am arriving in Nairobi on Tuesday 1st September and will also take a road trip through Kisumu to Mbita to meet you, Tom Ochuka and probably more independent thinkers.
      I will be in Mbita the weekend of 4th Sept to 7th Sept.
      I have alot of catch up and idea sharing to do with you.
      I was in London a Month ago, where i met Pam, compared notes on our overlapping interests, brainstormed on ideas about grassroot projects empowerment.
      I would like to visit your projects in Mbita and share more on the same.
      I will be in Nairobi untill 31st September.
      I would love to meet Joy at some point, in Nairobi or Mbita.
      I will get intouch with you immediately i touch down to look into the possibilities.
      See you soon,
      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

      --- On Fri, 8/27/10, Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...> wrote:

      From: Samwel Kongere <jambita1@...>
      Subject: [mendenyo] Re: [holistichelping] REBIRTH OF OUR NATION
      To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Mendenyo@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, August 27, 2010, 8:17 PM

      Great moments for a new kenya as the country celebrated the ushering in of the new constitution. We are living in a world where people forget the worst past and focus the future with an ultimate postive ideas in plan.
      As a social networker i am finding ways of redrawing tangible plans for a greater improved community.
      I also wish to thank Tom Ochuka for meeting Joy Tang in Nairobi and plan our behalf . Bravo Tom and Joy for a complishing former chats, work, social virtual meeting to a serious face to face in Kenya.
      Our network is a steady board of actual i donot know if Ken Owino is already in Nairobi to meet Joy as well? I am in Mbita-Rusinga island and hoping to meet Joy and her friend Ulrike.
      Welcome Joy!

      On Fri, 27 Aug 2010 11:14 Etc/GMT+12 Joy wrote:

      >I am so fortunate to witness the celebration in Kenya. After what's been
      >transpiring after the election in 2008, this is the fruit of all the
      >struggles people have gone through together. I met w/ Tom Ochuka today face
      >to face. What a moment! We did an interview with his sharing on what had
      >happened in the post-election turmoil in 2008 and how Kenya is celebrating
      >the new constitution as 'NEW KENYA' era.
      >We are planning to take a road trip to Kisumu and Mbita areas where we had
      >communication with the networks. It is an emotional time for me to finally
      >meet those friends in person. I wish to see how we have all evolved and what
      >we could align at this point.
      >It is very different in Kenya from in Nigeria and Ghana. I am impressed by
      >what I experienced so far. I also look forward to seeing the rural sites
      >with my own eyes.
      >Greetings to the Dynamic Selves as Unity!
      >Joy Tang
      >On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 10:57 PM, ronald omondi <obobo2002@...> wrote:
      >> Kenya reborn today through the promulgation of the New Constitution We
      >> thank the almighty God and everyone who has been with us thru our darkest
      >> time.
      >> May Almighty God bless Kenya
      >> P O BOX 1 AWASI, KISUMU
      >> KENYA.
      >> TEL 254 722 480 811
      >> ------------------------------
      >> *From:* Mark Roest <marklroest@...>
      >> *To:* holistichelping@yahoogroups.com; Susan Saiyorri <
      >> SSaiyiorri@...>; Joy Tang <joy@...>; Joy Tang <
      >> unitydrum@...>; nigel.waller@...; Laura Stachel <
      >> Laura@...>; Tim Foresman <foresman@...>; Chris
      >> Richardson <rcr@...>; David Alan Foster <dalan@...
      >> >
      >> *Cc:* Kafui A. Prebbie <kafui@...>; jeff buderer <
      >> jeff@...>; Sahibou Oumarou <sahibcisse@...>
      >> *Sent:* Fri, August 27, 2010 8:41:39 AM
      >> *Subject:* Re: [holistichelping] Joy Tang in Kenya - would like to meet up
      >> w/ people from this network
      >> Hello all,
      >> I forgot to mention, one possibility I see is that besides marketing, sales
      >> and distribution, there are probably plenty of people with a talent for
      >> manufacturing in JamiiBora, as well, so it winds up being a potential
      >> large-scale pilot for a sustainable economy, with support from (and
      >> demonstrating) some of oneVillageFoundation principles and networks.
      >> It could also tap into holistichelping's network, which is receiving this
      >> as a posting.
      >> Regards,
      >> Mark
      >> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 10:34 PM, Mark Roest <marklroest@...> wrote:
      >>> Hello Joy and Susan and All,
      >>> Today I met Nigel Waller, CEO of Movirtu Limited, which has a system in
      >>> which a computer at the cell phone company operations facility is used to
      >>> create accounts for multiple users for any cell phone. The cell phone is set
      >>> up so only one function in it operates; that connects the user with the
      >>> computer 'in the cloud'. He is talking with someone from JamiiBora in London
      >>> -- maybe Susan? It would enable the JamiiBora office (or the
      >>> WinnebaOpenDigitalVillage) to serve many people with advanced services,
      >>> including the ability to make payments through their individual accounts, or
      >>> to get information on crop prices, or many other possibilities. I told Nigel
      >>> about oneVillage Foundation and JamiiBora, and about my postings this
      >>> morning, and he asked to be connected with Susan and Joy. So, please meet
      >>> Nigel.
      >>> Movirtu Limited
      >>> 2nd Floor
      >>> 145-157 St. John Street
      >>> London
      >>> ECqV 4PY, UK
      >>> Tel: +44 20 7043 1131
      >>> Fax: +44 20 3051 7313
      >>> Mob: +44 7766 463 463
      >>> Email: nigel.waller@...
      >>> Web: www.movirtu.com
      >>> I also met Laura Stachel, the gynecologist who founded WE CARE Solar, with
      >>> her husband, engineer and educator Hal Aronson, Ph.D.. They make solar
      >>> systems in a suitcase, which provide LED lighting and battery charging for
      >>> maternity wards and surgery centers, with other applications as well. I
      >>> talked about the idea of JamiiBora as a distribution channel, and she asked
      >>> to be introduced to Susan.
      >>> Laura@...
      >>> 3009 Hillegass Ave.
      >>> Berkeley, CA 94705
      >>> www.wecaresolar.org
      >>> Regards,
      >>> Mark
      >>> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 7:31 AM, Mark Roest <marklroest@...> wrote:
      >>>> Hello All,
      >>>> I forgot two more pieces of the puzzle:
      >>>> Songhai invents and manufacturers tools -- they could have a partnership
      >>>> with JamiiBora and oneVillage Foundation also, making tools for a much
      >>>> larger market base.
      >>>> Which leads to: seeing JamiiBora as a marketing, sales and distribution
      >>>> channel of 300,000 people, which can easily grow to 30 million across
      >>>> Africa, based on their success so far.
      >>>> Regards,
      >>>> Mark
      >>>> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 6:36 AM, Mark Roest <marklroest@...>wrote:
      >>>>> Hello Susan, Joy, Tim and All,
      >>>>> Susan, I just got this posting (copied below) from Joy Tang, founder of
      >>>>> oneVillage Foundation, which has its main operations in Ghana, near and at
      >>>>> the site of the University of Education, Winneba, but also had operations in
      >>>>> Nairobi and Kisumu, and partnered with three other organizations near Lake
      >>>>> Victoria in a grant with the Commonwealth Of Learning (www.col.org)
      >>>>> several years ago, to create Open and Distance Learning (ODL) modules. I
      >>>>> helped write that grant and support the participants in the grant-writing
      >>>>> and negotiating. oneVillage Foundation started as the AIDS Relief
      >>>>> Foundation, or ARF, and changed its name when the mission scope broadened.
      >>>>> Joy was also the Business Development person for all of Cisco Systems,
      >>>>> for governments and institutions in the developing world -- and created that
      >>>>> position. You both have much in common in your roles, values and
      >>>>> commitments.
      >>>>> Joy, I recently met Susan Saiyorri, the Outreach Director of JamiiBora
      >>>>> Bank, at a Collaborate Africa meeting. I want to get you together with her,
      >>>>> to see her presentation and hear her personal story, and compare her past
      >>>>> with what she is doing to realize her potential and that of many others.
      >>>>> JamiiBora started with one woman and four children, and now serves over
      >>>>> 300,000 people, who they reach as beggars and teach the path to prosperity
      >>>>> and entrepreneurship. They are also starting something in Ghana!
      >>>>> I see you as being able to bring oneVillage network resources and
      >>>>> knowledge to them, and them as providing a magnificent pilot program and
      >>>>> scaling opportunity for those aspects that they choose to adopt.
      >>>>> The closest (very!) parallel is Sarvodaya -- they are almost the same,
      >>>>> but the operate in slums, with small groups of women, rather than in
      >>>>> villages. yet, they or their parents or grandparents came from villages, so
      >>>>> your insight can provide an opportunity for them to strategize the process
      >>>>> of returning as prodigals, with knowledge, tools and investment money.
      >>>>> I have lots of ideas along this line, of course, including using
      >>>>> DesignFluence to provide systematic industrial design support services for
      >>>>> their business formation and growth. David also met Susan and wants to
      >>>>> support them in that way.
      >>>>> I would also urge you to visit Manor house, about 45 to 60 miles north
      >>>>> of Kisumu and somewhat east of the lake, if you can. That is where they have
      >>>>> taught BioIntensive Gardening to literally thousands of people over the
      >>>>> years.
      >>>>> Finally, there is a world-class geographic information systems center in
      >>>>> Kenya somewhere; I think Tim Foresman told me about it so perhaps he can set
      >>>>> up an introduction.
      >>>>> If you get a chance, could you also talk with her about Chris Richardson
      >>>>> and WorldVistA.org? The riveting background history, the technical
      >>>>> support information and the social network resources are on their Hardhats
      >>>>> page.
      >>>>> Gotta go!
      >>>>> Regards,
      >>>>> Mark
      >>>>> Here is Susan's contact information:
      >>>>> Susan Saiyorri
      >>>>> JamiiBora Bank
      >>>>> work +254 20 2034512/3/4/7/43
      >>>>> mobile +254 726 909 684
      >>>>> work fax +254 20 2034544
      >>>>> work susan.saiyorri@...
      >>>>> home ssaiyiorri@... (there is an extra i in her name
      >>>>> here)
      >>>>> home page www.jamiibora.org
      >>>>> work Funzi Road Nairobi, Kenya
      >>>>> work P.O. Box 2704, KNH 00202, Kenya
      >>>>> Note: Outreach Director
      >>>>> Met at Collaborate Africa meetup 8-12-10
      >>>>> Regards,
      >>>>> Mark
      >>>>> On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 5:39 AM, Joy <joy@...>wrote:
      >>>>>> Hello, Everyone,
      >>>>>> Long time to speak up here.
      >>>>>> I am greeting to you from Nairobi, Kenya. Arrived here this morning -
      >>>>>> Aug. 26 to attend the Maker Faire Africa event and meet w/ the Ushahidi
      >>>>>> team.
      >>>>>> I would like to meet with you on this network. I tried to call Kennedy
      >>>>>> Chelimo without success.
      >>>>>> I am staying at the Kenya Comfort Hotel.
      >>>>>> I would like to meet w/ Kennedy Odhimbo at Kisuma and our old friends
      >>>>>> from Mbita area as well. If you could contact me at the Kenya Comfort Hotel
      >>>>>> or reply me by email - that would be great.
      >>>>>> Best!
      >>>>>> Joy Tang
      >Joy Tang
      >Founder & Executive Director
      >oneVillage Foundation (OVF)

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