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Re: [learningfromeachother] Changes at Minciu Sodas

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  • Kennedy Owino
    Hi Andrius and all, I wish to echo Pam s sentiments and also offer some response to Andrius recent posting May i use the global server? I have constantly
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 14 5:02 AM
      Hi Andrius and all,

      I wish to echo Pam's sentiments and also offer some response to Andrius' recent posting "May i use the global server?"

      I have constantly promised myself to activate myself in the forum but i would now say my promise  is long overdue.
      I have hesitated for a while and reflected on the necessity of it... but..... I find it difficult now to move forward.
      I am in a constant dilema in trying to get the answer; is it the demise of M.S.L?
      Are the curtains coming down?

      First of all, Thank you Andrius for the virtual space, it was a school for me, it empowered me intellectually and helped me make up for the knowledge that i so much desired but couldn't get in the real World.
      I have been a keen listener, curious learner and loud contributor.
      My listening, my optimism, your expectations from me have inspired me, given me strength and courage ... vindicated my convictions and gave me the patience to not give up in things i choose to do and the path i choose to journey.

      I seek Forgiveness for being out of action, for being out of communication, for falling short of your expectations, providing you opportunity to doubt, allowing anxiety and uncertainty to occupy the space and for slowing down the nourishment of the orchad of thoughts.
      Being an ordinary human being the best I could manage was 'not to give up'...have patience, offer my participation regardless of limitations and have the will to carry ahead.
      It may not be important now to  address and attempt to explain my inactivity for the last Months.
      For many people, this Year has come with alot of commitments and in the face of the crisises `life just took overĀ“.
      Virtually absorbed and rarely on the net became a norm, this may be equated to sheer excuse but very real for ordinary human beings.
      While time becomes available now, that space i have valued goes away.
      My hope is to find some way of continuing that vision you evoked on me and an alternative space of sharing and learning from each other.
      I would wish to carry ahead in some way the working group  "nafsi afrika saana", and it's  concern that you helped organise around me.
      Nafsi Afrika saana will remain a cause not a group, but a cause for actions towards positive social development.

      I fully understand the resulting loss of momentum, disappointment, accumulating expense and debts, possibility of doubt, perhaps even erosion of credibility and most certainly the anxiety about what, if anything at all, next!
      It is not easy to engage over a thousand independent thinkers, gather their thoughts and offer an highway where their thoughts are freely exchanged and mutual projects initiated.
      Thanks for not giving up in the face of 'nothing happening'... I could not be in action but I never gave up.... may be when nothing seems to be happening is the real testing time of commitment!
      I can look forward to intenser involvement in the pursuit of the cherised dreams you evoked in me, perhaps with and elevated degree of commitment !
      I thank you Andrius for having involved me, accepted my thoughts with much understanding, and embraced my thoughts.
      You helped me to build on those thoughts and gave me the courage to speak out my mind without the fear of ridicule or objection.

      I wish you all the best in the path that you have chosen to take, and promise to be always available in time of need and when my deeds are required.
      I hope we will  regenerate, and continue to uphold and bestow upon each other the same degree of Love, affection, support, confidence and listening- which I am so used to ... for being inspired and for staying committed.
      I am still in pursuit of answers to my investigatory questions.

      Thanks, Peace, Regards, Cheers, and Love!

      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

      From: Pamela McLean <pam54321@...>
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      Subject: [learningfromeachother] Changes at Minciu Sodas


      Hi Andrius and Everyone.

      I'm responding to Andrius' recent posts "May I use the Global Villages server?" (sent to learnhowtolearn and global villages) and "How are you doing" (sent to ACTWID KONGADZEM and Holistic Helping)

      Ref "I'm shutting down the Minciu Sodas server at the end of this month." Does that mean the end of the worknets chat room too? The chat room has played such an important part in my life in Minciu Sodas, so if it is closing I would like to express my appreciation and thanks for all that it has enabled me to learn and do.

      Everyone - If the chatroom does close I will be looking for a new home for First Thursdays - my regular open online meetings. Public Skype is one option but it has some limitations that the worknets chatroom overcomes. Suggestions/ discussion on this would be welcome.

      Ref "I have moved to Chicago....I am focusing on my own projects, researching what it takes to have a strong culture of investigators,

      Andrius - I do wish you well with what you are doing now and will do in the future, and I want to express my appreciation for all you have done to help so many of us through our involvement in Minciu Sodas. Although you and I never see things in quite the same way my memories of our several years of knowing each other include many happy and life-enriching memories of shared work, travel and friendship. We have found various shared concerns, overlapping vision, and complementary areas of investigation. I hope that will continue to be true.


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