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Topic Thursday May 20th - Biomass stoves and irons.

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  • Pamela McLean
    *Hi All **Graham*, Clement and Bala plan to continue their discussion about Bucket (biomass) stoves on Thursday May 20th - usual time (12.00 GMT 13.00
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2010
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      Hi All

      Graham, Clement and Bala plan to continue their discussion about  "Bucket (biomass) stoves" on  Thursday May 20th - usual time (12.00 GMT 13.00 British Summer Time and Nigerian Time, 15.00 East Africa Time), usual place (chat room)

      Story so far is that Clement (SW Nigeria) learned about the stoves from Graham (UK) and tried them out. Then Graham and Clement shared their knowledge with Bala (North Central Nigeria). The "Bucket stove" is the easiest version of the biomass stove to make if you just want a quick prototype - but for serious use Graham recommends some alterations to the bucket shape. Bala is interested, and wants to experiment with one of the better versions. He is not enthusiastic about making one from sheet steel as that is not easily available locally, but he is interested in trying to build one from bricks.

      Graham, Clement and Bala are learning from each other through a mixture of emails and Thursday chats. (search for "bucket" to find reports of earlier meetings).Bala and Graham discussed some of the practicalities of brick stoves last week, and Bala is collecting up what he need ready to build one. Clement could not get online to join the discussion last week because he was stuck in traffic in Lagos. I gather from Graham that Clement has started some new experiments using biomass - this time for heating an iron.

      I am sorry I will not be able to attend this "Topic Thursday" properly as I am due to attend a lunch time seminar at the Centre for Distance Education, University of London. (but if I do get a chance to drop in I will do so). Even if I can't make it I will look forward to reading the archive

      I think Graham. Clement and Bala know each other well enough to have a good chat without me chipping in to suggest what they might like to discuss, however if I was there I might act as usher. 

      Fred - I know you hope to attend. If you do so, please will you take the role of "usher" for me. By that I mean that if some one arrives in that chat room when Graham, Clement and Bala are busy discussing, please will you welcome the newcomer. When you greet the newcomer, please say that you greeting them on behalf of everyone. If you do that general greeting then G,C, B (and anyone else in the chat room) can continue their discussion without being rude to the newcomer.  You can also tell the newcomer the discussion topic and point the newcomer to the archive. That way newcomers  can catch up and see what has already happened without disturbing the flow of the discussion. Please, explain that when the main discussion is over there will be a chance for informal discussion and networking.

      Sasha - you are another one who is good at helping newcomers feel at home in the chat room - I don't know if you will be there this time. I need to gradually develop a "pool" of ushers so that people are always made welcome, but without disturbing the main discussion.

      Vijay - will you be there. You could join my usher pool too.

      Anyone else likely to attend? If you can let me know in advance that would be very helpful (especially if you are willing to be an usher).

      Perhaps we will not have any latecomers - but even if there are none it is good to have an usher ready.

      Pleaseforward this to anyone who might be interested.


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