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Andrius and Jeff chat about 1800 MyFoodStory entries

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  • ms@auste.elnet.lt
    I share my chat with Jeff Buderer about our work on MyFoodStory http://www.myfoodstory.info to collect 1800 entries about farmers and other people working in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2007
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      I share my chat with Jeff Buderer about our work on MyFoodStory
      http://www.myfoodstory.info to collect 1800 entries about farmers and other
      people working in the world's food supply chain. We have to do this by March
      31, 2007 to get our bonuses! That is about 35 per week for each of our 6
      teams. I ask each of our team leaders to think and write how we will
      accomplish this. Special thanks to Awne AboZant and his team in Nablus,
      Israeli-occupied Palestine, for especially good work and great photos, too.
      Pamela, how is your team? Andrius Kulikauskas, http://www.ms.lt

      Andrius: Hi Jeff, How are you?
      … I wanted to check in regarding your travel plans.
      … Also, I plan to visit Tianadara Ranch in Missouri
      … in March some 100 miles from Kansas City
      … I was wondering, where are you in Missouri?
      Jeff: when will you be there?
      Andrius: I plan to go in March
      … to visit Chris Langan
      Jeff: when wil be in SF area?
      Andrius: he is a thinker who is working on conceptual ideas similar
      to my philosophy.
      … I will be in SF area in February.
      … I am trying to set my dates now for my trip to Mexico
      … it looks good that I will go to Oaxaca.
      … How is your and Joy's Africa trip?
      Jeff: well we can meet then
      … we may postpone the trip until april
      … Joys parents are ill
      Andrius: ok
      … oh
      Jeff: so she wants to spend soem time with them
      Andrius: yes
      … hi to Joy and her parents
      … where are you now?
      Jeff: and she is pursuing some important leads in taiwan
      Andrius: oh, great
      Jeff: Springfield MO
      … and you are in Chicago?
      Andrius: yes for another week
      Jeff: have you met with Steve yet?
      Andrius: Thank you for your work on MyFoodStory
      … Steve and Linda and I meet on Friday
      … Jeff, I need help to meet our bonuses
      … to collect the stories
      … Do you have a plan for that?
      … I need 300 entries from each team and 10 stories.
      … The stories we seem to be doing well with
      … but the directory entries are more of a challenge.
      Jeff: explain
      Andrius: My agreement with Greg Wolff
      … is that he will pay our lab $12,000 which he has
      … and also we will get $12,000 bonus
      … if we meet his targets:
      Jeff: right
      Andrius: 60 stories
      Jeff: so what aout the entries
      Andrius: 1800 directory entries.
      Jeff: so you have template right
      Andrius: I have set it up at http://www.myfoodstory.info
      … See "Add a new storyteller"
      … it leads you to:
      Jeff: i am checking now
      … what is the deadline date
      Andrius: March 31
      Jeff: ok
      Andrius: It's doable but I need help
      Jeff: i am adding to my caledar now
      … i understand
      Andrius: because it doesn't make sense for me to do it myself
      … the value for Greg is if it's a team effort.
      Jeff: sure
      Andrius: And what makes it "organic" is if we optimize this work so
      … we all benefit as much as we can from it.
      … The directory entries can be quite short.
      … Just a bit of information on why a person is interesting and how to reach
      … It could just be one sentence.
      Jeff: i dont think this will be a problem
      Andrius: Or for example you can focus on "aquaculture"
      … for example look up "aquaculture" on Google News

      … and there are many news stories.
      … If you can help and if you can involve others, that would be great!
      … Thank you.
      … And please let me know if you run into any difficulties with the
      Jeff: you know my focus is on integrated farming
      … ok
      Andrius: yes
      … and so this can be a directory of people you'd like us to reach out to in
      integrating farming
      … and so that might be useful for you
      … Which might include people in traditional aquaculture
      Jeff: why did greg specify a certain quantity
      … was there some logic to that
      Andrius: who haven't heard of integrated farming but would appreciate
      … I don't know for sure but I imagine that he wanted to make it "real"
      … and he wanted to challenge us
      … and I think he wants "critical mass".
      … So there's certain advantages to quantity
      … rather than quality.
      Jeff: well some may say so
      Andrius: Because quantity is easier for people to see
      Jeff: :)
      Andrius: and so can be quite convincing
      … and also more engageable.
      Jeff: i like the targetted approach
      Andrius: So yes I want to achieve what he's challenged us to do
      Jeff: so that you specifically identify the quantity
      Andrius: and also make that worthwhile to us.
      … Yes.
      Jeff: in relation to a specific deliverable
      … like say we need 1800
      … to develop enough of a database for moving forward to the next phase which
      … I am just trying to say that when you do a prposal it is most ideal
      … when you outcomes are linked to improving the quality of something
      Andrius: He is treating us very well and so I want to do likewise so
      that he is happy with what we have achieved and feels confident regarding
      it's future prospects.
      Jeff: Sure
      Andrius: Jeff, I know that you are working on many things... but is
      there a short term goal regarding the directory entries that you might commit
      Jeff: I am saying to look at the sustainability of the work
      being done
      … there are about 8 weeks left before the deadline?
      Andrius: Yes 9 or 10 weeks.
      Jeff: so that means 35 of these need to be done a week to meet
      the goal
      Andrius: yes
      Jeff: i set will set as a goal
      … from now on
      … can you count the process for each contributor
      Andrius: When they put their name as one of the Editors
      … then it will be clear that they have contributed
      … and I will make a page to show who has done how many.
      Jeff: that is good idea
      … then we can measure specific progress and make sure we are moving along at
      a pace to meet the goals.
      Andrius: Yes and the gradual approach is very good for us because
      … it let's people (and Greg) see how we are progressing
      … and builds momentum.
      Jeff: ok
      Andrius: Also, as you include people in the directory
      … we can simplify outreach to them
      … as you like.
      … I'm trying to show that this directory is useful for outreach
      Jeff: i could make my case stronger if I knew what specifically
      we were planning on doing with this information
      Andrius: and also for investigation as I wrote to Tom.
      Jeff: it is just for linking various agricultural projects
      … ?
      Andrius: For outreach, if we have a list of people then you and/or I
      can write a standard letter
      Jeff: wil it divided into categories
      Andrius: for example, explaining how we found them and that they
      might be interested in George Chan's methods
      Jeff: so i need to be mindful of the tags
      Andrius: and where they might join to pursue that further, for
      example, at Back To The Root.
      Jeff: Urls where we can find more information about the
      storyteller and the excerpt above.
      Andrius: You can use any tag, for example "integrated":
      Jeff: so I put the URL of the project there
      Andrius: pulls up the story we have on Integrated
      … Or "integrated farming"
      Jeff: I will have ten done by the end of the day
      Andrius: Fantastic!
      … Thank you very much.
      … I will share our chat.
      … Please let me know if you run into any obstacles.
      … I will keep improving our interface.
      Jeff: ok
      … bye
      … wait
      … is there a word count limit on the story?
      … Andrius?
      … is this long enough?
      … Margaret Tagwira has used her expertise as a Virologist to create a
      innovative sustainable development approach from her base at the United
      Methodist-supported Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Inspired by the
      ZERI methodology and George Chan’s work, she has pioneered a new type of
      mushroom farming that has been showcased by Web of Hope and is truly an
      inspiration to many of us.
      Andrius: yes that's perfect
      Jeff: or can I make it longer?
      Andrius: you can make it longer if you are writing it yourself
      … if you are copying from others than we want to keep it short so that we can
      stay in "fair use" regarding copyright
      Jeff: no i compiled that my research
      Andrius: if you wrote it, then it can be as long as you like
      Jeff: ok
      … does it matter if use caps on the key words or not
      … this are keywords i added: fish, integrated farming, george chan,
      sustainable agriculture, Margaret Tagwira, Mushrooms, AIDS, ZERI , Zimbabwe
      Andrius: It's not crucial
      Jeff: thanks
      Andrius: I may write a program to sort that out later
      Jeff: i thought it would be good to add the country
      Andrius: yes
      Jeff: so i am both storyteller and editor?
      Andrius: no, Margaret is the storyteller
      … and you are the editor
      … it is her story
      Jeff: ok
      … can I add more than one url?
      … and if so how do i separate them?
      … thanks for helping me with this
      Andrius: yes just separate them by a space
      Jeff: Yes if you received their permission or if it is published
      under a license that allows other to share, otherwsie No
      … I have not recieved permission from her but gathered it from information on
      the web
      Andrius: I think it would be: No
      … but it's Public Domain
      … because you wrote it
      Jeff: ok
      … Project?
      Andrius: just leave as is

      Andrius: leave as is
      Jeff: please complete this password?
      Andrius: guess...
      Jeff: jeff?
      Andrius: Minciu Sodas
      Jeff: ok
      … hehe
      Andrius: that's for spammers ;)
      Jeff: ok
      … Ok so she be one of the ten stories
      … ill wrote and ill contact her in person for that ok?
      Andrius: you don't have to contact for permission
      … but instead you can contact to engage her
      … for example, to invite her to your group
      Jeff: ok
      Andrius: and also to say that if she gives permission
      … then we can feature her stories
      Jeff: actually she is already in a group I am in
      Andrius: Maybe let me wok on that
      Jeff: ZERI US
      Andrius: ok
      … what is the URL for that group?
      Jeff: but she only posted when George was sick
      Andrius: ok
      Jeff: www.zeri.us
      … 9 more to go
      Andrius: Looks good!
      Jeff: thanks
      Andrius: Where it says PublicDomainExceptAsNoted you left the
      statement there - it should be blank.
      … Somebody else can clean that up later
      Jeff: ok
      Andrius: or you can do it by "edit this page"
      … which brings you here:
      … But that's not important.
      Jeff: i know that
      … i saw the edit link
      Andrius: I'm very glad for your help!
      Jeff: thats good to have there
      Andrius: Very much needed at this time and I think it will encourage
      Jeff: i will mention it to our group
      Andrius: great
      Jeff: to add any interesting stories
      Andrius: they can also send them by email
      … and then we can process them
      … we can think how best to do that
      Jeff: ok
      … i will tell them to send them to me if they dont have time to go through
      the process
      Andrius: yes
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