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Re: May 6th First Thursday - India, Africa, Europe and USA

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    Pamela, what a productive chat! Thank you for your update! Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@ms.lt
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2010
      Pamela, what a productive chat! Thank you for your update! Andrius
      Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      > Hi All.
      > I have published the archive of First Thursday May 6th
      > chat<http://docs.google.com/View?id=dvkjgqm_293dqd9w2fc>.
      > I will copy and paste a few quotes from the archive (marked*) so you can
      > see
      > the times when the focus of the chat changed - I have no idea what time
      > zone
      > it refers to. The time reference will help you to find any bits you want
      > to
      > read in detail.
      > We started with informal greetings, then after ten minutes or so moved to
      > a
      > slightly more formal discussion between Shubham Nagar (in Delhi), the
      > Chief
      > Executive Officer (CEO) at InfoAxon <http://www.infoaxon.com>, and Tobias
      > Eigen (in Berlin I think), the founder and director of
      > Kabissa<http://kabissa.org>
      > http://kabissa.org.
      > * [15:58] *<pam>* In fact our idea of comparing rural Nigeria and rural
      > India could be a great starting point
      > Gradually they discovered a shared interest more specific to their own
      > areas
      > of work
      > * [16:21] *<Shubham_Nagar>* Tobias , do you offer any services to Africa
      > NGOs or simply a communication platform?
      > Then John Dada <http://www.dadamac.net/about/john> arrived
      > *[16:27] *<John_Dada>* Hi folks, our apologies, Chief of Kafanchan police
      > has been visiting
      > We started to focus on some practicalities of rural Africa with John, and
      > others from our UK-Nigeria team. It is often difficult to make the time to
      > join the chat - as we heard from "the other John"
      > *[16:31] *<JOHN_I>* have i missed so much cos am a bit late due to some
      > sort
      > of stress from students
      > *[[16:33] *<pam>* we are about to let T and S learn the current realities
      > of
      > life in rural Nigeria
      > and with Zoneziwoh from Cameroon
      > * [16:33] *User Zoneziwoh enters the room English.*
      > and Clement from Lagos
      > * [16:38] *<Clement_Aigbogun>* Hello all
      > Graham Knight (UK) rejoined us while we were discussing mobile phones
      > *16:41] *<Graham>* Hi Everyone. I' interested in use of mobiles. Some of
      > you
      > will know why
      > People discovered various useful areas of overlap (which will be followed
      > up
      > later through our usual emails, Skype chats, Thursday chats, or whatever
      > suits people best).
      > Areas of shared interest included:
      > *[16:49] *<Zoneziwoh>* in this case, JD, how lasting can the lowest fone
      > qlty withstand, i mean an average of hw many calls b4 the battery runs
      > flat
      > * [16:50] *<Shubham_Nagar>* hi John, i am curious to know about how NGOs
      > (large , medium and small) solve their knowledge management needs. Yes, we
      > are curious to know more about Nigerian market in this context but dont
      > know
      > where to start
      > *[16:54] *<John_Dada>* There are NGO networks and clusters around specifc
      > issues, but wdespread internet access challenge makes networking quite a
      > challenge,
      > [16:55] *<Shubham_Nagar>* international development is an existing area of
      > interest for us to contribute as we already work with HIV AIDS communities
      > in Africa
      > *[16:55] *<Kelechi>* Am interested in what solutions you might have, am
      > very
      > much inclined toward software developent and deployment
      > By now, in theory, we were getting towards the end of our chat. Then
      > Pauline
      > arrived. It was still early morning in her time zone.
      > *[17:00] *<Pauline>* Hi everyone, my name is Pauline and I work for a US
      > NGO
      > doing development in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Togo
      > As usual there was a flurry of agreeing to send emails as the hour long
      > session drew to its expected end time.
      > *[17:04] *<Shubham_Nagar>* sure Pauline - shubham.nagar@...
      > [17:04] *<Kelechi>* We will followup on email S, nice chatting with you.
      > [17:04] *<Shubham_Nagar>* i will email John and pam
      > [17:05] *<Pauline>* Thank you, I will email you shortly
      > [17:05] *<John_Dada>* Thanks Shubham
      > And as usual there was still more waiting to be said
      > *[17:08] *<pam>* Graham at the meeting yesterday Bala was reporting on
      > what
      > he had learned about the sotoves from you and Clement
      > *[17:11] *<Bala>* Graham, I am thinking seriously of making a bucket stove
      > Most people had to leave but not everyone
      > *[17:17] *<pam>* who else is still here?
      > Clement and Pauline were able to chat longer
      > *[17:21] *<Pauline>* So I am a French Intern doing my masters in
      > International trilingual management and I am doing a final internship for
      > a
      > US NGO near Washington DC. The foundation was created several years ago by
      > Mark Noar, MD and recently evolved to enlarge its focus. We are
      > interveneing
      > in rural villages in Northern Togo for now and are focused on a
      > coordinated
      > development.
      > *[17:23] *<Clement_Aigbogun>* am the managin consultant of NiCan
      > environmental technologies. based in Lagos
      > *[17:23] *<Pauline>* we are working on empowering members of remote rural
      > communities throught education, agriculture ( the introduction of tea as a
      > cashcrop), cottage industry (the conversion of kerosene lamps into solar
      > ones, thanks Graham!), because we understood that without deveopping the
      > cottage industry aspect there will vbe a continuous loss of community
      > identty and cohesivenne.
      > *[17:23] *<Pauline>* we are looking for educational material and ways to
      > empower people through education, so we can implement improvment on the
      > long
      > run
      > As usual in Nigeria power was causing problems
      > *[17:30] *<Clement_Aigbogun>* got problems wth power
      > Graham and Bala (from Fantsuam) rejoined the chat and and various topics
      > were being raised.
      > *[17:31] *<Graham>* I wouild like people to find out about what biomass is
      > to be found locally. It seems there is MILLIONS of ton
      > *[17:34] *<Pauline>* we are in contact with another NGO which is producing
      > tea plants and would be interested in opening a nursery
      > *[17:35] *<Clement_Aigbogun>* pauline ls tell me about the tea
      > * Graham, Bala and Clement touched on their shared interest in the bucket
      > stove and decided they wanted another Topic Thursday together (and agreed
      > May 13th)
      > With that sorted, people left... except
      > *[17:57] *<Pauline>* Pam - it seems that there is only tou and me left
      > [17:58] *<pam2>* so.. wheww - hello Pauline [image: ;-)]
      > I was happy Pauline was still there so I could greet her better. She was
      > the
      > only person in the chat room that I did not already know. Obviously the
      > better I know the individual people, and their overlapping interests, the
      > easier it is to try and help everyone to get something useful from the
      > session. Kelechi was also still there. He is another of the UK-Nigeria
      > team
      > in Fantsuam (NB People seem to use the place names "Fantsuam" and
      > "Kafanchan" for more or less the same place. I was once told, by a man on
      > a
      > plane, that Kafanchan is the name in the regional language - Hausa - and
      > Fantsuam is the name in the local language, which is itself called
      > Fantsuam.
      > Sometime I must remember to check if this is true)
      > *[18:00] *<Kelechi>* yes, I'll be off now, its raining at the moment,
      > however, I have another meeting shortly with my Staff
      > Then pauline left
      > *[18:04] *<Pauline>* Pam, I am going to leave the chat - but I will wmail
      > you right after I have a look at your website
      > So - the end of another First Thursday. My phone rang, I carried it out
      > on
      > the balcony and sat in the sun for a while - enjoying relaxation of a
      > one-to-one voice chat after the concentration of typing in the chat-room.
      > Next "First Thursday" will be June 3rd. Next "Topic Thursday" is 13th for
      > "Bucket (biomass) Stoves" and whatever else Graham, Bala and Clement have
      > as
      > a shared interest.
      > - These are open sessions.
      > - You are welcome to join us.
      > - 12.00 UTC Coordinated Universal Time.
      > - In this chat room
      > http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/home.php?arsc_language=english
      > - Instructions for using the chat room <http://dadamac.net/node/243>for
      > the first time
      > Now back to local realities - and off to vote in the UK general election.
      > Pamela
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