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Re: ml4d workshop in Nairobi: May 24th-Connie,David,Ken,Yishay.

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi David Thanks for the suggestion - and hello Connie. David - I copied the original invitation to Evelyn (at her yahoo address) but it bounced. Maybe it was
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2010
      Hi David

      Thanks for the suggestion - and hello Connie.

      David - I copied the original invitation to Evelyn (at her yahoo address) but it bounced. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch - but if you have an alternative address please will you forward the invitation details to her (and give me her new address)  I will be so sorry if I lose contact with her - especially as I haven't replied to her last email and it needs a reply.  She was such a star at Teachers Talking Kenya and I continue to hope that some time we will find a way to build on that work, and include her in whatever we are able to do.

      On 5 May 2010 23:34, David Mutua  wrote:
      Dear Pam,Yishay, Naill and all my friends,
      Please accept my apologies for the late response, thanks Pam for sharing this activity with us, i am glad to see more contacts from London Knowledge Lab willing to share with our networks.
      Unfortunatly i can't make it from the US BUT would like to recommend Connie Kisuke, she might want to attend or recommend someone from the Kangundo Pasha centre (Digital Village).
      With kind regards,
      David Mutua
      Centre for African Learning and Development - Kenya
      Returned VSO Volunteer
      Independent ICT for Development and Education Researcher and Practitioner

      On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Yishay Mor wrote:
      (Pam - feel free to forward this where you see fit.)


      I'm truely sorry you can't make it. I'm not sure about the video conferencing capacity at the iHub, and also - the participatory nature of the event will make it quite challenging for remote attendance. We are planning a similar event later this summer in London. Unfortunatly, we will have to charge for that one.

      Alternatively, if you can find a host, we could try to arrange another workshop together.

      The mLearning project you describe sounds very interesting - perhaps you could invite the people involved to submit a design narrative to our collection, so that we can refer to it in our workshops? As for pyramid of peace - did you use mobile technology there? Would you be willing to share your experience?

       Yishay Mor, London Knowledge Lab

      On 4 May 2010 20:52, Kennedy Owino wrote:
      Dear Pam,

      This sounds really great,
      Pam, thanks for availing such opportunities .

      Mobile phones are increasingly playing a key role in learning and development.
      I have seen how m-learning and e-learning are significantly employed here.
      I would really want to attend this workshop.
      An mlearning project has just been introduced to foreingner students in the language school i am attending here in Denmark.
      The focuss is on user-generated content and open knowledge exchange educational resources.
      Using the IPhones we research, store,create, share, discuss and edit information, we also receive and deliver assingments via the phone.
      The project has so far resulted to impressive, improved and positive results.
      The potential of mlearning is perhaps greatest in Africa, where the mobile phone rather than the desktop computer is the dominant technology.
      This was proved by our past endeavours as Pyramid of Peace .

      It is quite unfortunately, that i will miss this, however i hope those who will participate will learn more approaches to addressing social challenges using mphones. 
      I have further c.c'd James (see email above), Nafsi members and more who may probably have the interest to benefit from this.
      I would be glad to participate virtually if there would be a video bridge provision.
      I hope we would be able to set days for chatting more on this related topic in the M.S.L Forum.

      Thank you Yishay for sacrificing time to stop by in Nairobi and freely offer this workshop that would help support Kenyan mobile learners in their own socio-cultural contexts.


      Ken Owino

      Nafsi Africa Acrobats


      P.S; Please also note Yishay's request for advice on cheap, decent accommodation in Nairobi. Any suggestions?

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