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Oops - belated April 8th twitter report

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  • Pamela McLean
    Sorry folks I just realised I didn t tell you where to find the archive for the chat we had on April 8th about
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2010
      Sorry folks

      I just realised I didn't tell you where to find the archive for the chat we had on April 8th about twitter which was a follow-up to conversations previously on Skype (and touched on during the April First Thursday chat). Andy and Kezia (from UK) were at April 8th chat  with Vijay (from India). Sasha (from Serbia) dropped by briefly to join us (having seen a tweet someone had sent during the chat). I was there too, delighted by the quality of information that was being exchanged.

      It is not easy to learn through typed chats - sometimes it is very difficult to find the right "connecting point" to start asking and answering questions. Face to Face is easier. When distances prevent F2F then video can make a point in a fraction of the time that it takes by typing . However - we live in the real world where we are separated by distance, and where bandwidth constraints mean that typing is the only communication channel available to all the dadamac community.  I delight in the way that we can learn from each other online, and, despite the limitations of typed chat, it can be much so much easier than learning alone.

      (While I'm writing this I may as well point you to a report of the follow up dadamac tweeters session on April 15th too)

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