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Re: Fwd: Third Thursday - April 15th - twitter in the chat room (again)

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Pamela, I m very glad that you use our chat room, that s great! Generally, it s not being used, so there shouldn t be any conflict at all, and if there ever
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14 9:30 PM
      I'm very glad that you use our chat room, that's great!
      Generally, it's not being used, so there shouldn't be any conflict at
      all, and if there ever was, I think it would be easy to resolve.
      But it's good to post notes via these web pages:
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Meet (change the line * News = ... )
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?ChatLeader (change the lines *
      ChatLeader = ... and * ChatLeaderMessage = ... )
      Yes, Sasha or Fred or others can help.
      Thank you!

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      Pamela McLean wrote:
      > Hi Andrius
      > The First Thursday chats seem to be taking on a bit of a life of their
      > own - and people are asking to meet there on other Thursdays as well.
      > You know what it is like when people are online ( how it is best to
      > just go ahead and decide something before they all scatter.)
      > I have agreed extra meetings - but I don't want to just "assume" it is
      > okay to use the chatroom on extra Thursdays without asking you. Is it
      > okay to arrange extra meetings when people ask - or would you prefer
      > we just stick to once a month? Will it continue to be okay to meet in
      > teh chat room - I know you were re-thinking various things when we
      > were in Vienna.
      > Pam
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      > From: *Pamela McLean* <pamela.mclean@...
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      > Date: 15 April 2010 00:39
      > Subject: Third Thursday - April 15th - twitter in the chat room
      > (again) <mailto:post@...>
      > Hi Vijay, Dary, Sasha, Fred, Popoola and Fola
      > Quick update ref extra twitter learners session. As you know, we had a
      > twitter learning session last Thursday but John (I) and others from
      > Nigeria were not able to attend. Today straight after the Wednesday
      > Dadamac UK-Nigeria team meeting, we had a "mini tutorial". We decided
      > to continue tomorrow in the chat room - same time and "place" as our
      > usual First Thursdays (see end of the email for details).
      > Although Andy and Kezia can't be there, I believe we have a reasonable
      > amount of experience now, between ourselves, to have a useful one-hour
      > skill-sharing session. I realise it will probably just be the people
      > who were at today's mind-tutorial who can attend - but I wanted to try
      > to give you all at least some chance of attending as well.
      > *Meet and greet times*
      > If you do come to the twitter session you will get most out of it if
      > you are there from the start. We will try to allocate an hour for
      > talking about twitter. Of course - meeting and greeting people and
      > just chatting is part of the pleasure of the chatroom, so if you want
      > to have a general chat with anyone please arrive early, or stay on
      > afterwards. We want to keep the main session for the main topic -
      > twitter.
      > *Essential information*
      > *Date:*Thursday April 15th.
      > *Time:* I have put the local start times below for the places that
      > "Thursday people" are most likely to log in from.
      > 08.00 EDT Eastern Daylight Time
      > 12.00 GMT/UTC Greenwich Mean Time/Coordinated Universal Time
      > 13.00 WAT West African Time
      > 13.00 BST British Summer Time
      > 14.00 CEST – Central European Summer Time
      > 15.00 EAT East African Time
      > 15.00 EEST East European Summer Time
      > 17.30 IST (Delhi - for Vijay)
      > 20.00 MYT (Kuala Lumpur for Dary)
      > *Logging on* - log on at http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/ If you
      > are new then this additional information on using the chatroom
      > <http://learnbydoinguk.blogspot.com/2008/12/using-worknets-chatroom.html>
      > may be helpful.
      > *Thanks again to Andrius for use of the chat room - and sorry I can't
      > remember how to update my info in the chat room to say I am leading
      > the chat. Fred or Sasha - could you help me out?
      > *Pamela
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