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Re: [nafsiafrikasaana] Updates and Progress,

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  • Pamela McLean
    Hi Ken I am not reading so many posts any more , so didn t see this until today when I was looking for something else. I like your list - thoughts, talk then
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2010
      Hi Ken

      I am not reading so many posts any more , so didn't see this until today when I was looking for something else.

      I like your list - thoughts, talk then action.

      Sorry I was not around to join you in the thoughts and talk - I guess you are in the action by now - but if you need any more thoughts and talk then let me know.


      On 17 January 2010 14:50, Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...> wrote:

      Dear All Nafsi and Friends of Nafsi,

      Happy New Year to you all. I am sorry if this is coming a little bit late.
      Actually i started it well and am quite impressed by my progress.
      I hope the same applies to you.

      My next plans for this Year and beyond really reflect and hang on the journey that has taken me this far and how immensely i have gained from you- my friends.
      You have fed me with knowledge, inspired me, motivated me, encouraged me to move on and stregnthened me.
      My stay here in Denmark has been quite a challenge the first few months but now the clouds are clearing and it is no longer about "starting a new life in a new environment", but maintaining, growing and advancing in a new environment.
      I know that my absence and Simon,s absence quite shook our group (Nafsi Africa Acrobats).
      On the hand, i am happy the remaining members have been steady enough to maintain the group, fill our absence and keep the flow.
      I admire the move of recruiting new young and professional members to fill in the gap.
      In a way, i believe this has brought new young energy that will just give more life to Nafsi.

      On my side it has been great this Year; great opportunities opening up.
      I have just started working with Some Youths (www.frontloberne.dk/) who have been more unwilling and un-interested in physical activities.
      I will start this Wednesday by involving them in an interactive session, or rather workshop hoping to come up with a long term plan.
      My work is to prepare an inspirational tool that would make them develop a taste for knowledge, motivation, concentration, responsibility, teamwork, and a sense of belonging.
      I have to motivate them towards perservering in their own personal projects, building a willingness and eagerness within them to create and succeed.
      More than that, i have been invited by one of the leading Children Circuses in Europe called the flying Super Kids.
      What i have to do is a whole day´s training of handstand on a patner's hands (some common Kenyan Acrobats stunt).
      These children really admire the African performers for our rapid pyramids, astonishing hands on hands handstands and really want to learn.
      They are a really professional team and i believe they will absolutely learn the skills quickly.
      If all goes well, then am thinking of taking it further to working with Flying Super Kids (flyingsuperkids.com/) on more areas and on diverse ideas.
      I believe my association with these two different projects is a great opportunity to think of common project ideas for collaboration or creation of an exchange program.

      I really welcome your ideas that would help me develop more practical, doable works, and a recoloured reality- Thoughts-talk-then action.

      Artistic Peace,

      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

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