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12 Questions for our credibility

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Janet, Pamela, Franz, Edward, John, Kennedy, Kiyavilo, Benoit and all, I m sharing my thoughts about future steps for Minciu Sodas as a lab, network and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2010
      Hi Janet, Pamela, Franz, Edward, John, Kennedy, Kiyavilo, Benoit and all,

      I'm sharing my thoughts about future steps for Minciu Sodas as a lab,
      network and business. I wonder how this might fit with your own visions
      and dreams.

      I've been thinking about my life goals and my business direction. I
      want to organize a culture of independent thinkers, of many small leaps
      that we can verify rather than one big leap of faith. I'm realizing
      this has a lot to do with establishing our own credibility to ourselves
      and others. Instead of "Trust me!" it's the spirit of "Don't trust me.
      Verify me!"

      In my art work I'm portraying 12 questions by which I've engaged
      independent thinkers over the years to get to know them.
      The questions are relevant roughly in this order:
      1. What do you care about?
      2. Do you care about thinking?
      3. What do you value?
      4. What do you seek to know?
      5. What do you wish to achieve?
      6. Would you think out loud?
      7. Where do you think best?
      8. What is your dream in life?
      9. How can we help each other?
      10. What do you truly know about?
      11. What lessons can you share?
      12. What do you know of God?

      Unanswered questions point to weaknesses in our credibility. How can
      others find my "help" of much use if I'm a lost soul, if I'm not
      self-directed, if I don't know my own dream-in-life, I don't know what I
      want to achieve myself, I don't know what I value? What's the point of
      them debating with me if I don't care about thinking or if I won't think
      out loud? What is the credibility of my knowledge and authority if I
      don't seek to know anything and don't know where or how I think best?

      I believe the scale can work effectively as a guide to where a person's
      credibility breaks down. I think there are people who might value that
      as a foundation for a culture of self-directed people working together.

      I'm in Vienna, Austria visiting Franz Nahrada. He's very supportive of
      this approach and suggested I develop a website and brand "12
      Questions". I've just acquired the domain http://www.12questions.org

      I'm also happy that these 12 questions are very much like the questions
      in the Structured Visual Thinking (TM) Discovery Framework, as John
      Caswell has confirmed.
      Last spring in London our Minciu Sodas team visited John at his Group
      Partners offices. Their consulting approach is the most profound that
      I've ever encountered and they work intensely with executives at the top
      levels of the largest companies. We tentatively agreed that Minciu
      Sodas might phrase a related approach in the Public Domain, especially
      for individuals and noncorporate groups. I'm happy that these 12
      questions might be the core of such an approach. They also use a lot of
      visual thinking and that encourages an artistic approach.

      I'm setting up http://www.12questions.org as a place for people to post
      their answers to the questions as text but also to express themselves
      with all the creative arts. All of the site will be in the Public
      Domain. We will help each other create such works that express us and
      can be freely shared, too. The business opportunity that I see is that
      person A pays person B to help person C express themselves. I think
      this fits with my maxim that "Money brings people together, but you
      can't pay people to care." If we need help to express ourselves, then
      we ask others to help, but we don't pay them directly ourselves, because
      that would interfere with them caring about us, and then they might just
      do whatever we signal them to do.

      The result will be a Second Life type of world but with the simplest
      technology and for "real world" people. And we'll interact in simple
      ways, but especially pointing to posts such as "kind words" at other
      online venues that support our credibility with each other.

      Online venues can participate if they have clear leaders, if they are in
      the Public Domain except as noted, and if they take up the 12 questions
      as part of their activity. Typically we might discuss one question per
      week, twelve weeks in all, every year at such a venue. Does this make
      sense for your venue? This is how I imagine the Minciu Sodas network
      being reborn as a 12 Questions network. How best might this work in

      I'm thinking of starting such a series on March 1 at interested venues.
      I am doing related month long art shows in April in Vienna, Austria and
      in May in Vilnius, Lithuania and we can portray and show our
      dreams-in-life and other answers there.

      The 12 questions will help me and others know who to invest ourselves in
      when we organize global teams for paid work. They will also help in
      collecting stories and patterns about real life, which is question 11,
      "What lessons can we share?"

      I am encouraged by this direction. What do we think? Who might like to


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
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